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Exposing the Truth

Uncovering the misdeeds of those trying to hijack the teachings and work of Reverend Sun Myung Moon.

Concerns with what Mother is saying/doing (Part 3/6)

In her public speech on November 12, 2018 she spoke only about herself as the True Parent of humankind without mentioning that Father has reached that position and that she is a True Parent together with him. Here is the official translation of that paragraph:  “Jesus Christ was supposed to become...

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Concerns with what Mother is saying/doing (Part 4/6)

Mother’s claim of being the sinless Only-Begotten Daughter, and that only she was meant to be True Mother, shows that she wants to rewrite history by erasing the memory that Father had two wives before her. She even insists that it was a mistake on the side of Father to have married before 1960,...

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Concerns with what Mother is saying/doing (Part 5/6)

The lecturer explained that after Mother had succeeded in the 14-year course, she went from the stage of younger sister to the stage of the wife, from 1977 to 1991. She married in 1960 but only 14 years later did she reach the actual position of being Father’s wife! Again, Mother denies that fact...

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Concerns with what Mother is saying/doing (Part 6/6)

On September 2, 2011 Father noted: “If you have possessions, you should feel ashamed. I do not even have a wristwatch or ring. I have nothing. Here I am, the so-called founder of a religious group, sitting with Mother. But do I have a watch? The clothes I wear are the cheapest kind, bought in a...

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