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In her public speech on November 12, 2018 she spoke only about herself as the True Parent of humankind without mentioning that Father has reached that position and that she is a True Parent together with him. Here is the official translation of that paragraph: 

“Jesus Christ was supposed to become the true parent of humankind, so what happened to the people who hung him on the cross? They stood in a position that required them to pay indemnity in the face of history. As Jesus died on the cross he said, ‘I will come again.’ He said he would return and host the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. God does not give responsibility again to those who failed to complete their responsibility. Therefore, Heaven must choose a nation that can give birth to His Only-Begotten Daughter as a bride for the returning Lord. After a long period of two-thousand years, on the foundation of the providence of indemnity, the Only-Begotten Daughter, who could become the True Parent of humankind, was born.”

Through her statement Mother has once again shown that she did not read her Bible because Jesus did not say that he will return when he was hanging on the cross. None of the leaders around her told her that it is not true what she is telling people concerning what Jesus supposedly said at the time of his crucifixion, which she had repeatedly done before! Did they also not read the Bible or are they afraid to tell Mother that she is saying things which have nothing to do with facts?

By the way, how can Mother claim that as a person with a strong Christian foundation, she knew already God’s providence without having studied the Principle, being fully aware that she was to be the bride in the marriage of the Lamb, and not even know that it was not Jesus who spoke about that future event when hanging on the cross? Through her ignorance concerning who spoke about it, that it was not Jesus but John who received a revelation from God, shows unmistakably clear that she is definitely making up all her claims without having studied the Old and New Testament!

Here is what it actually says in the last book of the Bible: Then a voice came from the throne, saying: ‘Praise our God, all you who serve Him, and those who fear Him, small and great alike!’ And I heard a sound like the roar of a great multitude, like the rushing of many waters, and like a mighty rumbling of thunder, crying out: ‘Hallelujah! For our Lord God, the Almighty, reigns. Let us rejoice and celebrate and give Him the glory. For the marriage of the Lamb has come, and His bride has made herself ready. She was given clothing of fine linen, bright and pure.’ For the fine linen she wears is the righteous acts of the saints.

Then the angel told me to write, ‘Blessed are those who are invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb.’ And he said to me, “’These are the true words of God.’” (Book of Revelations, chapter 19, verse 5 to 9)

Had Mother read the New Testament even once then she would know that it is her fantasy that Jesus said on the cross he would come again and hold the marriage of the Lamb. In reality the latter content was revealed by an angel to John! Her claims show to any serious Christians that she is a fake, that she does not know what she is talking about, even claiming that the Mother of Jesus was not present at his crucifixion when his words to her are recorded in the Bible!

“For the fine linen she wears is the righteous acts of the saints.” Where are the righteous acts of Mother, which qualify her to be a saint as the bride of the Lamb? If you ask her husband, then you get a very different picture of the real Mother. Because she does not want people to know the truth about her, she requested that Father’s speeches must be censored, all content of him criticizing her must be edited out, as if such a corrupt behavior would change the facts about what kind of person she actually represents, confirmed by her own husband!

Yes, Father has praised his wife on various occasions in order to encourage her, but in the end, he was still alone with his longed-for ideals having remained unfulfilled, so that he had to say on the last Day of Victory of Love which he celebrated on the earth: “Until now there was no family of True Parents.” (January 24, 2012) Father did not have a True Family!

Instead of investing into building a truly loving family, Mother became more and more self-centered, wanting more and more glory for herself. She could not do that while Father was alive because he has been encouraging her to live a life of self-sacrifice just as he has been doing himself as a True Parent. But now after his ascension, she feels free to change everything around. She highjacked the precious foundation which Father has established and uses it now for her own agenda, even changing his fundamental teaching so that it would fit into her narrow worldview!

In an earlier reflection you could read about Mother claiming to have made her husband to be the only-begotten son, whereby she said about the Messiah: Secondly, if he could not meet the Only-Begotten Daughter, he would not be the only begotten son. You need to know this. This is our Heavenly Parents’ providence.” In other words: She is the glorious daughter of God who made her husband into an only-begotten son and liberated him from original sin, as she also claims!

Father has been speaking out against such concepts when he told her on March 22, 2005: “Mother should not be thinking that she can do things now as she wishes. You should not be thinking, ‘Father is also incapable of achieving completion without me.’” (page 247, volume 491) At the age of 40 when Father married Mother, he had already reached perfection and did not need her in order to achieve oneness with God, but she very much needed True Father in order to learn what it means to be a True Wife and a True Mother.

The self-glorification on the side of Mother has nothing to do with God’s Will but has everything to do with the desire of fallen people who want to be the center of attention without fulfilling the internal and external qualifications to stand in such a position.

On February 16, 2009 Father explained: While I am trying to bring Satan under submission with the supremacy of the Garden of Eden, Mother is not able to. 97% is done but 3% is still remaining. While in Las Vegas, Father and Mother did not become one.”

Unfortunately, Mother is not able to bring Satan under submission. She has not been victorious in winning over the archangel so that she is still under his influence, hindering her to be one in heart with God and her husband.

Father shared with the ones who had come to listen to him on that day that Mother told him: “I won’t listen to what you say.”  Why does she have such an attitude towards him that she does not even want to hear what he is saying?!

Do such words throw a good light on Mother? Surely not. For this reason, Mother did what the first mother of humankind, Eve, has done, hiding her iniquities, her wrongdoings. In the given case Mother could not change the fact that Father had told the 120 participants from the Headquarters Church who took part in that morning’s Hoon Dok Hae at Cheon Jeong Gung about what she had said to him. But she erased these words from page 310 where they were printed in the original volume 607 with Father’s speeches. She asked that not only this, but also 21 other recent volumes with Father’s original words to be withdrawn and reprinted without such content where Father is criticizing her behavior.

Do such actions as censoring Father’s speeches change anything concerning her own reality as a person who does not believe in the Divine Principle, walking a path separate from her husband, etc.? Father shared on February 21, 2005 with brothers and sisters that his wife had told him on the previous day: “You work by the Principle, but I do not.”

A few weeks later he had to tell us: “In Adam’s family they could not stand as an ideal couple… Now Father must restore everything. And yet, does Mother know the Principle? She does not know the Principle. She doesn’t know anything.” (April 18, 2001) In this way Father confirmed what he told us on True God’s Day 1997: “Mother does not know the way of restoration.”

That is the overall situation: On one side is True Father who is totally dedicated to living absolutely aligned with the Will of God, and on the other is his wife who rejects what he is saying, as you can read on page 247, volume 491: “Mother doesn’t believe what I am saying.” (March 22, 2005) Even worse, she is telling people the opposite of what her husband has been revealing as the Word of God!

That is the difficult situation in which Father found himself in respect to his own wife rejecting fundamental points of his teaching. For example, on December 30, 2016 Mother claimed in front of 200 wives of families who received the Holy Blessing between 1960 and 1968: “Father, born with original sin, met me, the Only-Begotten Daughter who was born without original sin, and had his original sin cleansed. Therefore, Father should not have married another woman before meeting me.” That has been the attitude of Mother all along, confirming that she does not know nor believe in the Divine Principle.

Please listen to what Father said in 2009 as printed on 307-308 in volume no 611 with his sermons: “Father has nothing to do with the fallen lineage from childhood. You have to understand it. Those who thought Father was born with the fallen lineage… are crazy people. They do not know the Divine Principle.” 

Let us go back to what True Father shared about his first wife as published on page 152 to 155 in volume no 49: “It was not my choice that I married Sung-Jin’s Mother. I did so only after I understood God’s will. It was an order from God. She also met [me] according to the direction of God.” (October 9, 1971)

Here we have statement against statement: Mother says that it was not God’s Will that Father married the mother of Sung Jin Nim whereas Father explained that he did not do so out of his own desire but in obedience to God asking him to do so. And he testified that also his wife Sun-Gil Choi had received the direction from Heavenly Father to marry him.

Mother claims that God did not prepare Sun-Gil Choi to marry Father when he was in his twenties, before he reached the age of 30. She insists that he should have waited until he was 40 years old – until she was old enough and marry her. In other words, both Father and Sun-Gil Choi did not receive God’s blessing for their marriage based on His guidance in their lives.

About his first wife Father explained: “Her name is Sun-Gil Choi. The meaning of her name is: Choi (higher and grand), Sun (first, front), (good, lucky, auspicious). The meaning of such a name indicates a woman who will have a rough destiny. Such a name does not exist in the world. Is that so? However, if [she] goes beyond all reason, [she] will be cut off. As a woman she was great. Sung-Jin’s mother was a great woman. She is a woman with special characteristics that nobody has. When she thinks she is right, no one in the world could stop her.”

Now let us remember what Father said to Mother and those present for Hoondokhae in the last year of his life on earth. On January 19, 2012 he chastised Mother strongly: “Mother is Father’s platform. Just eating with and following Father around does not automatically make her True Mother. Acting separately will cause doom and death. Those who do not respond to Father and just hang around Mother are villains. Do not brag about Anju (Mother’s hometown) and the family name Han. If you do that you don’t become True Mother. Mother is going her own way like a Dokkaebi (monstrous evil spirit). She is not walking the same road as Father. Anyone who follows Mother and thinks he doesn’t need Father is a rootless Dokkaebi.”

Three days later he asked Dr. Dae Oh Son at the time of Hoondokhae: “What will you do?” When he answered, “I will follow you.” Father responded: “Don’t just say that you will follow me. You must lead Mother who is going a different way, and follow Father together.” (January 21, 2012)

Again, 3 days later he stated: “God hasn’t molded a woman yet. Rev. Moon is molding this Mother. This Mother can’t say, ‘Do this or that.’ Sung Jin’s mother and this Mother are all the same. Sung Jin’s mother and this Mother are all alike.” (January 24, 2012)

That Father repeated the statement that Ha Ja Han and Sun-Gil Choi are alike shows that he means what he says. Let us therefore look at both of them in the light of Father’s words. In the speech “The Nation and our Mission” which he gave on October 9, 1971 he shared as recorded under the theme “Understanding the Holy Marriage Providence of three Mothers” about his first wife: “There is a story like this. While she was living alone with Sung-Jin, a man thought she was a widow and spoke to her in a teasing way. But she sued him as a violation of human rights and received compensation. That is the kind of person she was. Do you understand? When she thought she was right, she was fearless whoever it might have been even it was Dr. Rhee [Syngman Rhee, the first president of Korea]. With such characteristics, she was convinced she was right and became the ancestor of opposition to the Unification Church.

In order to ruin Teacher [True Father rarely referred to himself in first person (“I”) but always his position, Teacher or Master in those days] she sold her house that she had bought with hard-earned money and hired detectives. I learned a lot because of her. To oppose the Unification Church she sacrificed her entire possessions. Such a tough and tenacious person she was…”

Let us apply this to Mother, who, according to Father, has the same kind of mind as Sun-Gil Choi: As a woman she is great. She has special characteristics that nobody has. When she thinks she is right, no one in the world can stop her. She even went to court to sue her own sons Preston and Sean. When she thinks she is right, she is fearless whoever it might have been, even her own husband, the Lord of the Second Advent. With such characteristics, she was convinced she was right and became the leader of opposition to the Unification Movement. Unfortunately, this is also becoming a reality at this time in the life of Mother, who is destroying one fundamental teaching of Father after the another, contradicting core contents of the Divine Principle and leading the members along with her to ruin on a path where she thinks that she does not need Father, even to the extent that she does not mention him with one single word when she speaks about God’s providence centered on Korea in front of thousands of people, as she did for example on October 14, 2018.

In order to ruin the foundation that True Father built during his lifetime, within a few months after his ascension, she determined to sell Rev. Moon’s helicopter which he ‘loved so much’; terminated the biannual Peace Cup soccer tournaments in which the UM had invested tens of millions of dollars; sold Seongnam Ilhwa Chunma, South Korea’s most successful professional soccer club and a great source of movement pride; and closed Pyeonghwa Motors in Nampo, North Korea, the first inter-Korean joint venture in which the UM reportedly invested more than $200 million USD.

At the same time, she undermines the spiritual foundation which Father had established, by teaching another theology than her husband, one where she is the sole center, even with absolute power as she told to his youngest son. Starting with rejecting the 8 Great Textbooks which Father left for all future generations to study, she did not mention them even once in public during the past 6 years, and substituting them with her 3 CIG scriptures, she went on to replace the already published 622 volumes with Father’s speeches through merely 40 volumes with speeches of her choice – which fit into her unprincipled theology with herself as the true Messiah who saved her husband through marrying him while his previous two marriages were against God’s Will as she insists!

In 1971 Father shared: “Who inherited the foundation in the mid-point after Sung-Jin’s mother opposed Father? That is Hee-Jin’s mother. She had to frequently cross the border. With a mission like Mary, Jesus in her womb, even though Hee-Jin’s mother’s belly was protruding like this, she took a smuggling boat and travelled to Japan…

Father says about that situation; “There was no other way. I had to do that. Since God’s Will started centered on the relationship that was broken, the Will could not survive without focusing on a new relationship … one woman as the middle bridge.” Mother opposes such explanations on the side of her husband and emphasizes that it was wrong for Father to connect intimately with the mother of Hee Jin Nim. She denies that the failure of Father’s first wife had to be restored.

Let us look at this content from the viewpoint of Father having told us on January 24, 2012, “God hasn’t molded a woman yet. Rev. Moon is molding this Mother. This Mother can’t say, ‘Do this or that.’ Sung Jin’s mother and this Mother are all the same. Sung Jin’s mother and this Mother are all alike.” Mother’s insisting that Father should not have married before meeting her means denying that Hee-Jin’s mother inherited the foundation in the mid-point after Sung-Jin’s mother opposed Father.

Her denial is also expressed in what Mother said in her speech at the Hyojeong Special Assembly for FFWPU-Heavenly Korea Public Personnel on September 5, 2018

“The returning Messiah cannot come and choose anyone by saying, You are the foundation stage, and you are in the growth stage. Only with the birth of the begotten daughter can the returning Messiah’s actions commence.”

In other words, she claims that it was wrong of True Father to have a relationship with Myung-Hee Kim who was in a similar position as Mary who had to walk such a difficult course in order to be able to give birth to Jesus who came as the Second Adam. Mary had to go to Bethlehem with Jesus in her womb where she found no place to stay so that Jesus was born in a manger, whereas Hee-Jin’s mother had to take a smuggling boat and travel to Japan.

All three women, Sun-Gil Choi, representing the foundation stage, Myung-Hee Kim representing the growth stage, and Mother, representing the completion stage, have a strong Christian foundation as women prepared to be the bride of the Lord of the Second Advent who should have been welcomed by Christianity after the victory of World War II. Mother denies such a providence of God and claims that she was the only one prepared to be the wife of Christ when he returns!

She even denies that God had prepared a woman for Jesus, emphasizing that there was no only-begotten daughter who was qualified to be the bride of the Messiah 2000 years ago. She, herself is the very first only-begotten daughter born in the course of the six thousand years of God’s providence. She has been repeating this again and again in her speeches.

 Father continued in his sharing: At that time, police often summoned me because of incidents. Since I had to go to jail, I sent Hee-Jin’s mother on a smuggling vessel to Japan. And I went to prison. Because Sung-Jin’s mother lost all the foundation as object partner, she lost the foundation for the family, the nation, the church, the children, all was destroyed. She was not in a position to raise children. She destroyed everything including the foundation of the nation, and Teacher had to go to the way of prison. Do you think I did it because I liked it? Think about it. As a man who knows the way of Principle …

Even so… because I was driven into a corner by the Nation, by the Church, and even by own wife, can I curse this nation, this church, this woman? Can I do this? I cannot do this. This is a country I have to love, a church to love, a person to love. And I have to love them more than I can love the enemy. That way you will be certified by your enemies. Because I understood it was the way to restore love and connect to the destiny, I went that path with gratitude.

Until now I have not been able to love the country from the depths of my heart where I shed tears. In this place I determined with a sincere heart (shim jeong) that I can love and die for that country with a filial heart. Do you understand? Like Jesus who died with a loving heart, I live and die for the Nation and for the People and for the Family and for the Children … alone.”

Read these lines again, remembering what Father said: “Sung Jin’s mother and this Mother are all the same, all alike”. If you did, and know what Mother is doing now, then you will realize that she is destroying what Father had painstakingly built, so that he  had to go to the way of prison, which has meant in the given situation, that he had to move on to the spirit world where he is not anymore free to continue his work on the earth. Just as Father was loving Sun-Gil Choi although she had been opposing our Movement, he also invested into Mother until his last breath in a situation where it became a reality about what he was speaking 4 decades earlier, that he had to die alone, because not even his wife was supporting him, but doing her own things in disbelief of the Divine Principle.

One Korean sister shared about her experience with Father’s second wife: “I took care of Hee-Jin Nim’s mother when she visited New York City. Her brother (36 couple C.G. Kim) called me one evening and asked if I would take care of her while she was there. He booked her in a humble hotel near 32nd Street in Manhattan’s Korea town not far from the Empire state building. I had heard that homeless people and other low quality customers stayed there because it was so inexpensive. I felt sad. But she was unassuming and content. Her warm smile put me at ease.

One simple experience from her visit stands out in my memory. On the day I gave her a tour of the City, I took her to 43rd St. headquarter after visiting Rockefeller Center. I invited her to enter, but she did not want to go inside. I suddenly felt the overwhelming loneliness of a woman who kept the whole human love story deep in her heart. She had to overcome and be content with having loved the True Father of all humankind who had once been in the position of her husband. I didn’t know much about her life or Hee-Jin Nim’s tragedy. I was curious, but did not ask her out of discretion.

She paused outside the building, her hands folded, just watching the display through the window. Seeing the photos, she murmured, ‘Ah … our True Father.’ We just stood there. Behind us the sky was fading in the early evening and the glass showcase seemed brighter. As a young member I didn’t know much but had heard things. What must she be feeling here in the middle of Manhattan in the 1980s? I quietly held her hand and we walked away without a word. It was a sad, but beautiful moment. Here was a woman who took the consequence of Eve’s fall and lived a life of heartache. Then the day she left, she gave me a large British wool shawl which I still have. She spoke loving words to me, then said good bye. That night I wept.”

If Mother loved her husband, then she would feel compassionate towards him for all what he went through in his life for the sake of restoring True Love. As Father shared, he loved his first wife even after she left him and strongly opposed the Unification Church. He went the path of True Love until the very end, whereas his wife unfortunately became self-centered. Now after Father’s ascension she has put herself up as the center of our Movement above True Father. By that simple fact alone, it is clear that she does not love Father, but only pretends to do so.

Even worse, she does not respect Father’s sons, even to the extent that when giving her sworn testimony she asked the attorney, “Who is Preston Moon?” and she told her that none of her sons has the potential to do well. Through such incredible questions and statements Mother is showing her very poor spiritual standard of having got stuck in the formation stage so that Father had to say about her: “You don’t know how audacious Mother is. She operates according to her own rules and principles. If she enters the realm of heavenly law, she can be immediately exposed in many situations. Without knowing, she lives as she pleases. I am carrying the weight of responsibility to protect her by creating a shield so that she will not be caught there between the formation stage of her development forward to the national liberation level. That shield is not the same level and unless it is provided by True Father, she cannot be protected.” (page 28 volume 614)

Pertaining to True Father’s previous wives, I want to provide two quotations from Father: “If the Allied nations had united with me after World War II, Mother and the True Children would not exist today. They are sons and daughters who were not supposed to be. If Korea had unified centering on Christian culture, without any persecution, the Moon clan and the Choi clan would have been the center, establishing the position of parents starting from sons and daughters. A peaceful world centered on one true family and one blood lineage would have been realized.” (Sun Myung Moon, God’s Day 1997, printed in Today’s World magazine)

“If Sung-jin’s mother had not opposed me, and if the established churches had not opposed me, I could have started giving the Blessing at that time. The Blessing. If that happened, then this Mother would not have been the Mother… the whole world would have been different. Even Mother would have been different.” (January 22, 2005, volume 484 of Father’s speeches, page 129)

For God, what was the most important concern after the creation of Adam and Eve? As a Parent, God was longing for His/Her children to grow up and become mature enough to realize the Three Great Blessings which are centered on True Love. The decisive question was whether they would choose the way of True Love or pursue another kind of fulfilment which would not bring them lasting happiness.

Jesus asked: “When the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?” (Luke 18:8) Meanwhile we know the answer: The Lord of the Second Advent has not found faith – he could not find those who believe in God’s ideal of Creation except for very few people, not enough to realize what he hoped to establish, a True Love Movement which would swiftly change this world into one where people care for one another in deeply loving relationships.

What happens when the Messiah comes and does not find faith? He is rejected and has to walk the path of indemnity, even to the point of having to give his life, which has become a reality for both Jesus and True Father. That is the objective truth concerning the Second Coming of Christ and where it has ended up, on the cross.

Mother has said that Mary was the main culprit behind Jesus crucifixion. From where does she get such an idea? It arose in her own heart because her original mind knows very well what she has done as the woman who should have brought the mission of the Returning Christ to a wonderful conclusion. Instead of enabling Father to celebrate a glorious Foundation Day based on the Holy Wedding of God and True Parents on the completion level, she had pulled the plug of the life-sustaining machines which kept Father alive until autumn 2012.

She was supposed to be the platform for Father to stand victoriously, but Mother had no interest to do so, because she decided that there is an easier path than the one of restoration according to the Divine Principle. So, she told her husband that he may work by the Principle, but she will not, and pursued her own agenda of establishing a pseudo-ideal of Cheon Il Guk where not the Living God but she would be the center.

In order to put this plan into practice she needed to be in a higher position than Father. She conceived a plan, either by herself, and/or with the help of those around her, and determined to carry it out step by step until the end, which will be in reality, her own life ending in misery. It will also be the bitter end of those members who follow her as they will realize by that time that they have allowed themselves to be fooled to think that Mother is so very concerned about them whereas her agenda is the establishment of a pseudo Cheon Il Guk which will never ever bring lasting peace.

Because she did not believe in the Divine Principle, she had to create an alternative teaching, which is the “Only-begotten daughter theory”, which is actually full of contradictions, as has been pointed out previously. The fact that Mother’s theology is not logical from beginning to end, and contains many contradictory concepts, can easily be understood once you know the Divine Principle: There does not exist a special position of an Only-begotten daughter who appears once in all of human history!

Mother knows that the theory she came up with as justification for being in a superior position than Father, is not compatible with Father’s teaching. For this reason, she waited until he was dead so that she could speak without her husband pointing out that what she was saying is wrong and not principled at all. As it seems, her being patient has produced the wished-for results: She could deceive some members to believe that now with Father having gone to the spirit world he is speaking through her, and only through her, as she emphasized, giving a new teaching…

The new identity which Mother created for herself is not only the one of being the “Only-begotten Daughter”, but also of the “Holy Spirit”. When you look at how this term is used in the Bible you can see that it refers to the Spirit of God which is working in the hearts of people in order to help them to repent and to connect with their Loving Creator.

What Mother does not realize is that when she is claiming to be the Holy Spirit, as she did for example on March 16, 2018, it means that all men and women as her children are also destined to be full of God’s Spirit, embodying both His/Her masculine and feminine characteristics. She does not educate people through her example to become themselves the manifestation of God’s nature, expressing the loving Heart of God in everything she is doing.

Through her behavior Mother confirms that she is not a True Mother, because otherwise she would focus in her speeches on helping people to understand what it means to bring God’s Spirit of endless love into their own lives. Instead of doing so, she is speaking again and again about her own special and unique position which appears only one time in human history.