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The Unification Schism was begun by the Unification Movement’s leaders or clerics in a nefarious incident at Sokcho, Korea. There they tricked the elderly Reverend Sun Myung Moon with fake messages that they told him were coming from his deceased son, Hyo Jin, from the Spiritual World. In fact, one of the clerics, Chang Shik Yang, wrote the messages, under the guidance of Mrs. Hak Ja Han, Reverend Moon’s wife. The essence of the fake messages was that Sean Moon, the youngest son, should replace Dr. Hyun Jin Moon in his leadership roles and as the heir to Reverend Moon. This outrageous deception and abuse of the elderly Reverend Moon in order to depose his rightful heir, Dr. Hyun Jin Moon, led directly and immediately to the Schism that is now in its 14th year.

Later, Reverend Moon discovered what the clerics had done at Sokcho. He was understandably incensed. In this video of a hoon dok hae morning study session on July 19, 2012, you see Reverend Moon scolding the clerics in the most severe way for their sins of blocking God’s providence. He tells them, “You are more terrible and scarier than Lucifer”.

Sadly, Reverend Moon would pass away just 50 days after this video was made.