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Personal Testimony Regarding the Status of our Movement and God’s Providence Today

Chris Marsh, November 2020

There has been much turmoil in our movement since some years before Father’s ascension and even more so since his passing. I provide the following message regarding my personal journey and understanding of what has happened and where we all stand today in front of God’s providence.

Before dismissing the contents and moving on, may I remind you of how Father would beg audiences for openness to the truth and the words that he had to say before commencing his messages. I provide some brief extracts from one of many such speeches (The Future of Christianity, October 28, 1973, New Orleans, USA) below:

‘…Tonight, I am going to speak about some new revelations from God which are very vital to the understanding of all Christians… 

…Sometimes testimony to the truth is a painful task. Yet it is a mission that it is my duty to fulfill. The content of my message tonight may be contrary to your previous understandings. Some things may be very new to you. May I ask you to think over seriously what you hear? 

Unless I had something new to reveal, I would not come here to speak to you at all. Why should I come if only to repeat the things that you already know? I would like for you and me to spend this time together in open mindedness so that the spirit of God can speak directly into our hearts.

Jesus taught in his Sermon on the Mount: Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied. (Matt. 5:3,5,6)

Tonight, I humbly ask you to be the poor in spirit. I ask you to be the meek, and I ask you to become those who hunger and thirst for righteousness. Then we will all see the Kingdom of Heaven, and we shall all be satisfied. Now let us begin.’

May I humbly request that you read the following in the same spirit and understanding that Father requested on such occasions?

Over these past 10 to 12 years, I personally have been through an extraordinary path of difficulties which I never expected to experience both internally and externally within my family, within my work and indeed within the very essence of my core beliefs and values. I have tried to face these difficulties with faith, with perseverance and with the hope and conviction that I can somehow with God’s help and blessing pull through all circumstances and claim victory in one way or another.

I have since come to realize a number of fundamental points and truths that I feel duty-bound to share and disseminate to those I know and beyond.

The sad reality is that our movement is no longer what it was created to be and to my mind has lost its way. You may have a different perspective, but I believe that there are clearly some points upon which we all can agree:

  • True Father’s passing was shocking and unexpected – at least in the form and way that it took place.
  • The movement has shockingly and unexpectedly split into three or more factions – something that was unthinkable in the past
  • The True Family has almost disintegrated and can no longer be held up as an exemplary family for all to follow.
  • The promised new world of Cheon Il Guk is either fundamentally different from what we expected it to be or has not been realized through Foundation Day or Vision 2020.

Furthermore, it is my belief, that the world is standing at a dangerous precipice – the answers and solutions to which Father fought and gave throughout his life the core movement seems to be distancing itself.

How did we get here? What has happened? Is there hope for God’s providence? Is there hope for mankind? Is there hope for the movement?

As mentioned, the years before and after Father’s passing, I was personally hit from many sides and my world was turned upside down. Challenges seemingly came to me from nowhere. Whilst in one sense I was shielded and ignorant of the events taking place at the center of the providence, I somehow feel that I have had my own course to travel to re-establish my own foundation and find the way to reconnect to the true way and the providence.

Looking back at that time, I recall that there were some points which were taking place in our movement that I could not understand:

  • How is it possible that there was a division in the movement even when Father was still alive?
  • Why were True Children fighting so ferociously?
  • Was it really true that Father’s word had been censored and restricted?

My personal conclusion at the time was that in the last days before the planned establishment of Cheon Il Guk, before Foundation Day in 2013, certain issues had to be resolved, had to be overcome, but that no matter what, as long as we had absolute faith, love and obedience, God’s Will would be fulfilled and Foundation Day would be established.

Today’s Reality…

Time has moved on and most of these issues remain un-concluded and unresolved. I personally never wanted to get involved in the multiple discussion groups, in reading ‘negative’ materials or in looking for answers beyond the official communications and my personal faith. However, certain events and activities forced me to search a little deeper.

  • When I finally did look, when I finally looked at materials from all sides, I was shocked, I was in a state of disbelief, my world was turned upside down.
  • It is my belief that Satan has struck at the very heart of the True Family, at the very heart of the movement – even at the very heart of True Parents. It is my belief that Mother is no longer following the path that True Father laid, that God wanted her to go.

The reasons are complex and varied and I understand that this is too shocking and unacceptable for many of you. I would however say that if you stop and question Mother for just a moment, the pieces of the puzzle start to fall into place.

The reality is that there has been a coup d’état in our movement, Father had to go to the spirit world under duress, under very difficult circumstances, he was unable to pass on the legacy he so desperately wanted to pass on, he was unable to establish Foundation Day. Instead, the movement has been seized by archangelic leaders who coerced Mother and transformed it into something very far from what it once was or is supposed to be.

…if Satan were to strike anywhere, where else could he cause such maximum damage than through striking at the very heart of the True Family…

In short, Mother, Hyung Jin, Kook Jin and In Jin together with archangelic leaders colluded to steal the movement – essentially allowed Satan to invade it. You may believe that this is not possible, but God’s providence is very strict and is beyond a matter of life and death. If Satan were to strike anywhere, where else could he cause such maximum damage than through striking at the very heart of the True Family, where else could he block the establishment of God’s kingdom on earth? Where else could he thwart the establishment of Foundation Day that Father emphasized so strongly in his final years?

We need to look back at the Divine Principle, at the history of restoration to see what Satan is capable of. Looking at the subsequent history of the above-mentioned True Children, it is now abundantly clear that they were absolutely on the wrong side of history – that they have fallen far away from God’s providence and God’s blessing.

My Path

Whilst I had faith in the movement, in True Parents, in God’s providence, I have to say that there were a number of triggers, some niggling questions that built up over time which caused me to question the official line I was hearing.

Triggers that built up over time (up to and just after Father’s ascension):

  • Rumors of the changing of Father’s words.
  • Seeing Father’s desperation at his final live events and broadcasts[1].
  • Witnessing some of Father’s closest and longest serving disciples supposedly desert him[2].
  • A fundamental misalignment between the ‘guidance’ provided by Hyung Jin Nim, Kook Jin Nim, In Jin Nim and other leaders regarding the upcoming Foundation Day that Father was so desperate to establish[3].
  • The appearance of new teachings which started to be taught before Father’s ascension – teachings explaining about Foundation Day[4], but also teachings which seemed to go against established understanding of the Divine Principle. These teachings stated that only True Parents could have a direct relationship with God – i.e. that members (and outside people) could only come to God through True Parents – i.e. that people could not have a direct relationship to God.
  • The coming to light of In Jin Nim’s infidelities and illegitimate child.
  • The direct firing Kook Jin Nim so soon after Father’s Seong Hwa and subsequent breakaway of Hyung Jin Nim along with the establishment of the Sanctuary church.

Further Triggers (since Father’s ascension)

  • Mother’s claims that no one ever taught her anything and that she naturally knew everything from birth. This being in direct contradiction to Father’s words and well-established church teachings regarding Mother’s life course[5]. Indeed, a direct contradiction to Divine Principle teaching on Predestination.
  • The confirmed removal, re-editing and re-release of 22 volumes of Father’s published words[6].
  • The fast release of 3 new textbooks replacing the 8 Great Textbooks that Father had so strongly emphasized and that he emphatically stated should not be changed by even one word[7]. Evidence now shows that almost 80% of the content of the Cheon Seong Gyeong has been changed!
  • The immediate removal of multiple UC books from the church bookstores after Father’s ascension.
  • Arbitrary changes of members of the Cheon Il Guk Supreme council[8].
  • The firing of Hoon Mo Nim with a very weak and feeble explanation, but the supposed continuation of Chung Pyung works without a clear mediator or principled explanation.
  • Hearing that Mother requested that the Original Divine Principle (ODP) workshops and teaching cease. This being in direct contradiction to Father who so strongly emphasized the importance of the Original Divine Principle and pushed leaders and members to attend multiple workshops in his final years.
  • The experience of my own children who attended Top Gun workshops, who were taught very limited DP content but were told to revere and respect Mother unconditionally[9].
  • The replacing of Father’s legacy with that of Mother.

Shortly after Father’s Seong Hwa, members had been led to believe that Foundation Day had been established, that Hyung Jin Nim was Father’s chosen successor, that the Cheong Il Guk constitution had been established with Father’s blessing, that Mother was fighting to establish and complete Father’s will on earth.

…Mother is now saying that she was born without original sin, that she always knew everything, but that Father was born with original sin, that Mother was responsible for Father’s salvation, that True Parents’ Blessing was Mother’s salvation of Father, not the other way around!

However, a different reality quickly surfaced. Hyung Jin and Kook Jin were kicked out and indeed started to follow a very different path, however Mother was now starting to deny Father’s legacy and follow a path of her own, to teach that she was the ‘Only Begotten Daughter’, that she was born without original sin, that she always knew everything, but that Father was born with original sin, that Mother was responsible for Father’s salvation, that True Parents Blessing was Mother’s salvation of Father, not the other way around!

In reality we have moved from core principles and values taught and disseminated by Father throughout his life, from the sanctity of the Blessed family as the building block of the Kingdom of Heaven to the deification of True Parents, to the deification of Mother and from the Sanctuary church perspective the to the deification of Hyung Jin Nim[10].

…We have moved from a broad-based federation or association established to promote the voluntary establishment of a new world, to a narrowly focused cult centered upon a deified, absolute leader…

In reality, Hyung Jin, Kook Jin, In Jin and Mother had colluded and worked with core leaders to establish and enforce a church hierarchy above and beyond the reach of members, to transform the essence of what Father was teaching us – i.e. from establishing core principles and values from the ground up, to a command and control movement from the top down. We have moved from a broad-based federation or association established to promote the voluntary establishment of a new world based upon core values and principles, to a narrowly focused cult centered upon a deified, absolute leader[11].

This struck a chord in me as I had always grown up as a Christian to believe that Jesus was not God, that he was a man who had to overcome the realities of this world and establish the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. I could never accept the mainstream Christian view that ‘Jesus is God’. This for me was a cornerstone of the Divine Principle, of Father’s teaching[12]. I.e. that Jesus was not and is not a God like being who should simply be followed and worshiped. My understanding was that Father was not and is not God, that we too are participants in the Principle of Creation, that we too are co-creators that we too have a responsibility, that we too must fulfil our 5% of responsibility.

…when I started to look more deeply… I could see that …the truth and legacy that Father established is no longer represented in the teaching that Mother and FFWPU leaders are giving, nor in the words that Hyung Jin Nim is perpetuating via the Sanctuary church.

Therefore, when I started to look more deeply at the teachings and values from the 3 sides, I could quickly see that the truth of the Divine Principle, the truth of Father’s words, the truth and legacy that Father established is no longer represented in the teaching that Mother and church leaders are espousing, nor in the words that Hyung Jin Nim is perpetuating via the Sanctuary church.

This meant that perhaps the only hope could be the very person who had been so universally condemned, the person that we had hardly even thought about anymore, the person who even Father had supposedly condemned! When one really searches, when one looks with an open heart, with an open mind, one can readily find the truth. Matthew 7:16 ‘You shall know them by their fruits’, is the great metaphor which one needs to follow, which one needs to bear in mind.

In reality, there is one person who has done nothing wrong, who has been falsely charged by those who have committed the very crimes of which they were accusing him[13]. A person who has been universally condemned, who has been vilified and castigated, stripped of all positions and buried beneath our feet. A person for whom members and particularly leaders were forced[14] to publicly condemn[15]. That person is Hyun Jin Preston Moon.

The consequences of this unprecedented act is that Hyun Jin Nim is the one member of the True Family whom members have universally rejected as a potential heir and successor to Father and leader of the movement – even as a member of the True Family[16]. However, when one looks at the issues a little deeper, when one sees the realities that have resulted from his expulsion and condemnation, one can come to realize that the truth is the exact opposite. The reality is that Hyun Jin Nim is the only one who is actually qualified.

The truth is that we have buried Hyun Jin Nim, we have buried a great treasure, we have buried the most precious legacy that Father has left behind.

The truth is that we have buried Hyun Jin Nim, we have buried a great treasure, we have buried the most precious legacy that Father has left behind. Members are not innocent, leaders are not innocent, no one is innocent. History will judge us; we will not be able to escape. Simply following the direction of FFWPU, Heavenly Parents Community or leaders in authority is no excuse before the throne of God.

We need to open our eyes, we need to see the reality, we need to stand back and look at how we got to where we are today and where we are going. God is clear, Hyun Jin Nim is clear – the providence will move forward regardless of what happens to FFWPU, the Heavenly Parent Community or its members. It is your choice, do you want to be part of God’s providence, or are you simply more comfortable being a member of an increasingly marginalized religious cult?

Over the past decade or so, members have been presented with various sets of beliefs, with various theologies or philosophies. Ideas such as ‘ Strong Abel’, ‘ Second King’  and ‘Only begotten daughter’  are not teachings that originate from Father, they are not teachings that have been received from God – they are not teachings that are rooted in the Divine Principle and Father’s word – they are ideas that have been developed[17], nurtured and manufactured by corrupt leaders and renegade True Family members who have been looking to take over the movement, to seize control and lead members for their own selfish purposes regardless of the consequences.

…when one looks a little deeper, when one looks at the reality of that time, you can see… there was one person who was constantly thinking, talking and doing major works to establish Foundation Day besides Father. That person was Hyun Jin Preston Moon!

As mentioned, from my perspective there appeared to be a fundamental misalignment between the True Children and Father’s words during the last few years of Father’s life. However, when one looks a little deeper, when one looks at the reality of that time, you can see that there was one True Child who was constantly thinking, talking and doing major works to establish Foundation Day besides Father. That person was Hyun Jin Preston Moon!

Hyun Jin Nim was not just holding large and successful rallies – he was holding ground-breaking events that were literally moving the nations. They were attended by presidents and major politicians. If one studies the events at that time[18], one can come to realize that the foundation was such that events in Paraguay, in Brazil, in Africa, in Mongolia, in the Philippines could have led to establish the foundation that Father needed for the proper substantial establishment of Foundation Day. One can see that Hyun Jin Nim had built and was establishing such a foundation on time and on target.

Where did Satan Look to Strike?

Satan was clear about the reality; Satan would do anything to stop this progress. Where did he look to strike? He looked for cracks in Father’s foundation, he looked at cracks in the True Family, he looked at cracks in the top leaders. He played upon the resentment of leaders – particularly corrupt leaders who were in fear of being exposed for their corruption, in fear of losing their positions, he looked at members of the True Family who did not properly understand God’s providence, but who wanted a piece of Father’s foundation. In reality, they did not fully understand the Divine Principle and Father’s mission. In this way Satan used and worked with these renegade leaders and True Family members who colluded together to block Hyun Jin Nim for their own selfish purposes. Most of all, he used these archangelic leaders to influence Mother.

Mother in turn was influenced by the leaders to break up the order of the True Children, first to limit the power and influence of Hyun Jin Nim[19], secondly to share responsibilities with his siblings (in the naïve interest of being fair and balanced[20]) and finally to wholly replace Hyun Jin Preston with Hyung Jin Sean.

Hyung Jin Sean was hence promoted and idolized as the most pious and humble religious leader amongst all the True Children, whereas Kook Jin Justin was promoted as the business genius who would transform the external foundation of the movement.

Members had been raised and educated to expect a male successor, to expect a continuation of the True Family line through the appointment of a True Son. This was the expectation of the Three Kingships which Father emphasized so strongly in the Peace Messages. However, the real intention of Mother and the colluding leaders was radically different. It was to seize full control of the movement outside of the male line of the True Family. This was quickly revealed only days after Father’s Seong Hwa ceremony when Kook Jin Justin and shortly afterwards, Hyung Jin Sean were dismissed.

It is hence not surprising that these two sons now have incredible resentment towards Mother. They had clearly been deceived; they had been used. When we now look back in hindsight, we can see the culmination of these efforts in the establishment of the Sanctuary church. Mother’s misuse of these sons has caused immeasurable damage, Mother is hence directly responsible for the establishment of Sanctuary church – this would never have occurred if she had kept her proper position and kept the proper order in the True Family.

…loyal and pious members were thrown into the wilderness, …Father was put in an impossible position…

Furthermore, the outcome of these actions shamefully threw loyal and pious members into the wilderness. We can also see the immense damage[21] that was done to many righteous members in Korea, America[22] and throughout the world.

The result was that Father was put in an impossible position. Father on the one hand had to substantially restore nations and have an external foundation in order to substantially declare Foundation Day before God and the world on the appointed date of 13 January 2013 (lunar calendar), but at the same time he had to do so with his family intact, with an absolute foundation of oneness with his wife, with Mother, with the True Family. This meant that he had to balance the demands of Mother who was starting to fall out of line against the internal and external foundation he was giving his very soul and being to establish.

Father’s agony must have been unbearable.

Father’s agony must have been unbearable. He tried and tried to bring Mother into line, to bring leaders into line, to do anything to save the foundation. This is why he spoke in the way that he did, this is why he made many negative statements against Mother[23]. This is why Mother and leaders tried to censor and hide these words.

In the end he realized that he could not balance both sides, in the end he came to realize how much he had been betrayed by those around him, by those who were feeding him nothing but tainted and false information to the exclusion of all else.

Immediately Prior to Father’s ascension

Members are unaware of so many things that took place in Father’s final days, months and years. Father’s negative words and statements about Hyun Jin Nim were (and continue to be) repeatedly broadcast and disseminated, but the reality was that Father also spoke very positively about Hyun Jin Nim on many occasions at that time. Such words were shamefully hidden and kept from the members. Evidence however clearly exists.

The reality was that Father had been entirely swamped by enemies – people constantly feeding him with falsehoods and lies – fake news[24]. Under the circumstances, it was not surprising that he issued harsh words towards Hyun Jin Nim.

It is my belief that Father came to know the reality of how he had been misled – of how he had been deceived at the very end of his life.

From my perspective, a vital piece of evidence comes from a report in the days before Father’s final collapse, hospitalization and acension. Father was informed of the failure of the final appeal[25] of the Mission Foundation Court Case (led by Kook Jin Justin) against the Y22 Project Financing Company (led by Hyun Jin Moon) regarding the Yeouido Park 1 development project. The case had gone through multiple lower courts all the way up to the Korean Supreme Court – hence receiving a lot of attention in the Korea media. At the hearing Father had been coerced into providing testimony via letter[26] in the case and his reputation was badly affected.

On 2 August 2012 after hearing news of the defeat, Father is said to have collapsed, thrown a cup off the table, and shouted to Hak Jak Han, ‘Bring Hyun Jin! ‘If you don’t bring Hyun Jin there is no Foundation Day!’ in a rage.

The tragedy is that his request was denied! The appalling and catastrophic reality was that Father’s requests were repeatedly ignored and had indeed been ignored for some years.

Father was surrounded by enemies. Members falsely believe that there is no way that such things could have happened or taken place, but as mentioned before, we are talking about the harsh reality of the front line in God’s providence.

Members, leaders and even Mother may have been naïve, but Satan was not. He was determined to do anything to block God’s providence and the pending establishment of Foundation Day.

The heart-breaking reality was that Father came to realize that he was blocked from all sides – that he was surrounded by enemies. This is why he in the end announced that after conferring with God that he would depart for the spirit world.

What a tragedy! Father was to go to the spirit world in victory, in glory – with the acknowledgement of the world after substantially establishing God’s kingdom on earth – his ascension should have been one of great joy and happiness. In reality, he went under very different circumstances before the establishment of Foundation Day, at a time of great confusion for the members, with his family in disarray – under such miserable circumstances.

The Only Begotten Daughter Theory (OBD) cannot be the way of Heaven

It is important to understand that the OBD theory is not a revelation from God – it is not a teaching that Father and Mother have been hiding away only to be revealed after Father’s ascension. It is not a revelation or understanding that Mother has fought with myriads of spiritual daemons in the spirit world in order to find and reveal, or a revelation received by trusted church spiritualists on behalf of mother.

In reality, the deification of True Parents started with Hyung Jin Sean and Kook Jin Justin – who worked primarily with Professor Young Taek Oh [27] from Sun Moon University. This was later developed into the OBD theory via Dr. Jin-Chun Kim from the Cheongshim Theological seminary which was endorsed by Mother and worked into the Cham Bumo Gyeong[28].

In short, the OBD theory is a manufactured teaching, developed and synthesized by theologians before Father’s ascension – it was ‘made to order’ – conceived and developed to take control of the movement to lead in a direction desired by Mother and renegade leaders who have a false understanding of Father, the Principle and the direction of God’s providence[29].

Members have been led to believe that Mother and Father are one based upon a number of statements and proclamations. However, an examination of Father’s words and speeches shows something different. In reality, Father lamented the disobedience of his wife even claiming at times that he has no wife[30].

If members truly love and want to support Mother, they need to support and guide her to follow the true way. Simply following leaders and the current unprincipled HPHC directives is only exacerbating the problems and blocking God’s providence.

Members need to understand that they cannot escape judgement by offering blind obedience to Mother and the current church leadership. In fact, the opposite is true. If members truly love and want to support Mother, they need to support and guide her to follow the true way. Simply following leaders and the current unprincipled FFWPU or Heavenly Parent Holy Community directives is only exacerbating the problems and blocking God’s providence.

Father’s desire was that we develop our faith based upon our own reason and understanding – this is why he gave everything to instill in us an understanding based upon fundamental principles and values. ‘Following the leader’, was never the essence of our faith – in fact it was the exact opposite of what Father taught. If all we had to do was to follow the official church direction, then why did Father spend so much of his life educating and teaching through the word?

Father gave his very being so that he could instill in us the essence of the truth, the essence of God’s love – something that goes far beyond official orders and directions. The family is the only institution ordained by God. Father’s expectation was that everything could be taken care of within the family[31].

Personal Conclusion:

When looking at my life of faith, I need to look at how I joined the movement and the fundamental reasons I changed my world upside-down in order to follow this way. I can summarize those core reasons as below:

  • To follow the Messiah – a fundamental personal commitment I made to God to support and follow the Lord of the Second Advent no matter what if I found he was living on the earth ‘…when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?’- (Luke 18:8)
  • For the salvation of the world and its multitude of problems
  • For my own personal and family salvation

As life moves on and as we build our personal foundation (both internally and externally), it’s easy to lose sight of those values and to fall into a state of followers or sheep. Indeed, this is a state into which I believe most members (including myself) have fallen into.

It’s easy to believe that the leaders and elders know the true way better than we ourselves and that all we have to do is follow and support. However, Father spent his whole life instilling in us the path that we have to take and arming us all personally for any situation with countless volumes of his words, giving of himself endlessly day in, day out from the age of 16 until his final breath. What we have to do with our lives should be clear. We should be prepared for any situation that may come.

When I look back at the time when I joined the movement now more than 30 years ago, I can summarize some of the key points and reasons why I could accept the Divine Principle and teachings of Rev. Moon as the truth below:

  • Confirmation of my understanding that Jesus is not God, he did not come to die on the cross, he came to substantially bring the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth[32].
  • Phenomenal concept and evidence shown in the Divine Principle that God is guiding history and will see his Will accomplished no matter what. If one path falls by the wayside, he will open up another path – indeed the Divine Principle emphasizes how many times God’s providence had to go a different route and how many times God had to change the central figure.
  • The depth and breadth of Father’s phenomenal vision to reach out to all branches of society to cut across all nations, races and cultures of the world.
  • The fact that we all have a personal responsibility – that salvation comes through deeds, not by blind faith – i.e. the Divine Principle teaching on predestination.
  • The Divine Principle is more than just another religious text or the basis of a new religion, it is a codification of the core principles and values behind all the great religions, it is the formula to unite Christianity, all religions, all peoples, nations and the world.
  • Father’s teachings and vision extended far and above that of constrained religion of blind faith and offered a formula to rid the world of secular materialism and narrow-minded humanism, to unite the disparate views of left and right and move the world to a higher plain. This was evidenced by the huge swaths of projects and organizations that Father established to reach out to all levels of societies and cultures throughout the world.
  • Father’s teachings are based upon the tenets of:
    • The centrality of God, freedom, individual responsibility, limited government powers i.e. right to self-determination, freedom of religion, freedom of thought, freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, freedom of association, due process of law, right to liberty.
    • These values being diametrically opposed to those of the socialist tenets which played on emotions and resentments, which to this day look to divide and conquer, playing on feelings of inequality, victimization, etc. Using excuses such as ‘the end justifies the means’ etc. – in reality, lies, threats and intimidation.

Before deciding to join the movement, I was fortunate enough to listen to the whole teachings of CAUSA and VOC. These teachings had a profound effect upon me and helped me to deeply understand Father’s vision to unify the world and deal with the evil within our midst. It was through these teachings I could come to understand how the world could substantially be unified and how the entire history of fallen mankind could be cleansed and overcome through the bright light of truth and engrafting into a new God centered lineage centering upon the Messiah and his family – i.e. upon True Parents and the True Family. The light of truth, the engrafting onto a new lineage and the focus on overcoming individual weaknesses and fallen nature would usher in a new world of truth, love and light. The last days were not to be an age of war, hunger, disease and calamity, but rather a transition from a world of evil to a world of goodness.

I had no desire to join or follow a ‘religious sect’, but felt duty bound to join the movement as Father was clearly the Messiah and the only one, the only one since Jesus Christ who could substantially change the world, who could truly beckon in a new era.

I was fortunate enough to directly witness the falling of the Berlin wall, the dismantling of the Iron Curtain and the collapse of the Eastern bloc only months after hearing this new truth whilst working on a mobile education team travelling across Europe. Indeed, I was blessed with a sister coming from behind the Iron Curtain and established a family of 5 sons whose roots cross over the East – West European divide.

When looking back and reading the final chapters of the CAUSA lecture manual I can still see these values deeply resonating within me – I provide a brief extract of those teachings below:

Causa 3 Pillars of a good society:

1. God – 5 Points of a Sound Religion (Benjamin Franklin)

                 1. Only One God, the Creator of the universe is to be worshipped

                 2. He governs the world by His Providence – man is created free so that he can love and take responsibility. Man must take part in God’s providence by exerting his free will.

                 3. Man can glorify God by loving His children

                 4. The soul of man is immortal

                 5. In the next life, the soul of man is judged by his conduct in this world.

2. Family – School of Love

                1. Parental Love

                2. Filial Love (Children’s love)

                3. Conjugal Love.

                4. Siblings’ love

3. Unselfish Love

If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels. But have nothing, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. And if I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith. So as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. If I give away all I have and if I deliver my body to be burned, but have not love. I gain nothing. I Cor 13: 1·3

Love is the essence of life. Through love, God can fulfil the purpose of His creation, and man can fulfil the purpose of his life. The real evil of communist philosophy is the substitution of hate for love. Although Marx protested against the dehumanization of the worker, there is no greater dehumanization than robbing the human heart of sentiments of love and in their place inflaming grievances and resentments. Hate isolates man from God. As the Bible says. “He who does not love does not know God for God is love – 1 John 4:8.

Practice of unselfish love:

1. Honesty (Trust)

Unselfish love starts from honesty. The history of selfish love is the history of dishonesty. According to the biblical account of the fall of man, the human fall is associated with dishonesty. The woman listened to the lie of the serpent rather than the truth of God. Regardless of how we interpret this story, there is a profound truth expressed here. Dishonesty destroys love and breeds mistrust.

If you love someone, you must first be honest with them. Honesty brings trust and an environment where love can flourish.

2. Purity (Fidelity)

Unselfish love is pure. An unselfish person must preserve purity of heart towards his or her spouse. This requires complete fidelity, tragically lacking in many marriages today. The loss of purity brought about by immoral conduct is poison to the marriage relationship, which is the center of family life.

In the same way, we must maintain purity of heart in all of our relationships. The patriot is the man who keeps a pure heart of devotion to his country. The saint and true child of God is the man who keeps purity of heart towards God.

3. Compassion (Harmony)

Unselfish love is compassionate. The compassionate heart is generous and forgiving. This type of attitude naturally creates harmony and unity, while cold heartedness causes separation and friction. No one wants to be treated without feeling. We are not computers; our value cannot be measured by our efficiency.

The greatest expression of human compassion are sincere tears shed out of love for one another. This is the most beautiful thing in the world.

4. Service (Joy)

Unselfish love is expressed in service. The final test of unselfishness is willingness to serve. That service brings joy. Service is an act of giving. We give our knowledge, talent, time, effort and heart when we serve others. Only when we serve someone are we able to understand them.

These are the tests of unselfish love. When we are honest, pure, compassionate and give service to others, are we loving them unselfishly. When we extend honesty, purity, compassion and service to our spouse and family, we know that we are loving them unselfishly. The same is true for our country, the world and ultimately, God.

Am I honest with God? Do I have purity of heart towards God? Am I compassionate and serving towards God? When we can answer yes, we are loving God unselfishly.

These are the values I have tried to follow, that I have tried to inherit. Sometimes succeeding, often failing.

Today’s FFWPU, Heavenly Parent Holy Community

How far today’s FFWPU or HPHC has changed from these values. It seems to have moved from one side to another. From an organization based on the highest universal truth, principles and values to a sectarian organization based on lies, threats and intimidation[33]. Clearly, today’s movement cannot be following the way of Heaven. This is why Father emphasized that the Kingdom of Heaven is based on God-centered families, not based on any organization or church. This is why he blessed all of us to pray based in our all names[34] and why he established the Family Pledge which was to be the essence of the Heavenly Constitution[35].

the same members and many of the same leaders all appear to be following the same path… …We are on the same train with the same people, but the driver has been replaced and is going in a different direction.

Today’s Heavenly Parent Holy Community at first sight looks to be the same as in the past, big events are taking place every month or so, local outreach activities are taking place in a similar manner as in the past, the same members and many of the same leaders all appear to be following the same path and following the same way. Unfortunately, the roots of the organization have changed, which means that the path of the organization has changed. We are on the same train with the same people, but the driver has been replaced and is going in a different direction.

Please think about the time when you first joined the movement, when you first came to know and meet True Parents, when you came to understand Principle and the Truth and Light it could bring to the world. If you were told at that time that in the future, Mother would:

  • Proclaim herself above Father
  • Claim a lineage without original sin – superior to that of Father
  • Claim that Father was born with original sin and that he had to meet her for his salvation
  • Request the destruction of 90% Father’s words – ordering the censorship of huge volumes of Father’s words[36] ordering the removal and destruction of older books from church centers and bookstores.
  • Insert her own content along with that of leaders and academics into new censored and radically altered editions of Father’s words.
  • Remove the Divine Principle as the central tenant of our faith[37]
  • Create an alternative theology centering upon herself as a central object of worship
  • Demand absolute obedience of all members to herself and church leaders and threaten those who do not follow with expulsion and even annulment of the Blessing.
  • Effectively remove the intricate values and principles that Father had to fight so hard to discover the secrets that had been hidden throughout history. Secrets that he had systematized into a revolutionary new teaching and understanding to reveal for the first time in history in a philosophy that could once and for all transform this world from evil and sin into a world of goodness. Replacing it with a more traditional and mainstream religious concept of individual salvation though an individual being.

Would you have believed in such a religion at that time? As mentioned, I remarked on how easily we lose sight of the values and principles we held so dear all those years ago. The change was not an instant one, it has been something that has been taking place gradually over many years.

…we have become like frogs in boiling water…Just as with the Fall of Man, we have been misled via a step by step process that has led us in a completely different direction…

The reality is that we have become like frogs in boiling water. If we were put in the boiling water at the start of our life of faith, we would have all immediately jumped out of the pot. However, as we have gotten older and distracted with the many aspects of our daily lives, we have become weaker – or at least less aware of what has been going on. Just as with the Fall of Man, we have been misled via a step by step process that has led us in a completely different direction.

The theory of the Only Begotten Daughter is a belief that is little different from one of many other Christian denominations, a belief in a supreme being who can bring us salvation. Father’s emphasis on family, on lineage is still mentioned, but the message is getting weaker – especially given the reality of the True Family. The new proclamation of the ‘Heavenly Parent’ church or community only serves to show how the movement is distancing itself from Father’s goal of One World under God or from Hyun Jin Nim’s proclamation of ‘One Family under God’ which Father so enthusiastically embraced and which the Family Federation is still using today.

We need to understand that Father was not aware of everything that was going on during the period immediately prior to his departure to the spirit world. However, when Father was informed or heard of some of the teaching and ideas that had been developed, he became extremely angry[38]. He was however very much alone. Mother controlled all the people and leaders around him. In reality, Father was getting older. The large age difference meant that Mother and leaders could easily mislead and deceive him through lies due to their control of all communications and contacts he had with the outside world.

In parallel, Mother and Hyung Jin and Kook Jin had already started to develop and ‘educate’ members to believe in True Parents as a deity – as absolute beings. The theory of the Only Begotten Daughter actually started some years before Father’s ascension through the promotion of True Parents as absolute beings – particularly through Hyung Jin Nim who was talking with Sun Moon University theologians about the development of such concepts. This developed into the belief that Father and Mother were some kind of super God-like human beings – all-knowing and all-powerful – an ultimate savior through which one can be saved by faith alone.

This is in direct contradiction to the Divine Principle and Father’s teachings which clearly state that the Messiah would come as a man, establish a True Couple with a woman and perpetuate a True Family engrafting all of fallen mankind on to that lineage as restored Blessed Couples through the Blessing. But that the providence was dependent upon the fulfilment of man’s portion of responsibility.

In his final years, Father proclaimed that he had become absolutely one with God. I believe this to be true, but that doesn’t make him God himself. It doesn’t make him superhuman. In reality, he was an ageing man who was naturally not able to know everything that people around him were saying and doing. He was misled into making statements and proclamations based upon false evidence[39].

Closing Remarks

You may find the content of this letter difficult to accept. You may believe that I have been misguided or misled. I however would like to say that I have searched high and low to properly understand the reality of God’s providence and where we stand today. How is it possible that such a division has taken place? How is it possible that such fighting has taken place from the True Family down throughout the membership? How is it possible that the dream of when we joined, the dream which was as clear as crystal has become muddied and dulled?

It is clear that the divisions in our movement today did not take place by accident – they are clearly the result of a deviation from God’s path – they are the result of the intent and actions of leaders and members who have strayed far from the path of God’s Will.

I had been meaning to look and search for the truth ever since 2008 and 2009 when evidence that the movement was breaking apart started to surface. I however chose not to investigate, but to close my eyes and follow the mainstream hoping that things would sort themselves out. Still many members today are following the same philosophy, hoping and believing that the supposedly “deviant” True Children will return to Mother and that all will be resolved. It is however important to understand that this is never going to happen if Mother herself is going the wrong way. The truth is rather the opposite – i.e. that she should see the error in her ways and repent in front of those who have been going the true way. However, regardless of what happens within the True Family, we all have our individual responsibility to find and follow the true way. This is self-evident regardless of what the leaders or church tell you.

When you look at the evidence, when you look at the fruits of what the three sides are doing, when you look at the way in which each of the three sides have conducted themselves, when you look at Mother’s words, Hyun Jin Preston’s words and Hyung Jin Sean’s words in a totally open and transparent way, the truth is there for all to see.

The reality is obvious. Hyun Jin Nim is the only one whose words, thoughts and deeds remain consistent throughout. He is the only one who shows the depth of God’s vision, the depth of God’s heart, the depth of God’s hope of salvation for mankind. He is the only one who is continuously reaching out to all levels of society. He is also the only one who has managed to preserve the dignity and support of his family – indeed the True Family lives on through his family who are setting an incredible example now into the fourth generation.

God’s Providence lives on!!

I beseech you to read Korean Dream, to read Hyun Jin Nim’s word, to compare his book, to Father’s ‘Global Citizen’ book, to compare his words to Father’s words. You will find remarkable consistency that you will not find elsewhere, you will find a remarkable resemblance between father and son. The truth is plainly there for those who want to see it. Don’t just look at the words in a one by one analytical way, look at the depth and breadth of the message, look at the context and compare the vision. You will see where God’s hope for mankind resides today, you will see that God’s providence is still very much alive through his son, through his lineage, through the True Family that he perpetuates and through the members that are following and supporting. You will see that miracles are still taking place for those who are open to behold them.

Hyun Jin Nim and those that have followed him have walked a remarkable path of suffering, a remarkable path of persecution and ridicule – a remarkable path of overcoming severe circumstances which members who have been brought up to understand God’s providence should be able to easily relate to and understand. He has walked the path of the True Abel – not the path of a ‘Second King’ or of an ‘Only Begotten Daughter’ – it has been a path of service and suffering. He has had to take his cross and follow – to walk a path of extreme loneliness and suffering.

Father proclaimed in the 1st Peace Message. ‘Will you join me as I rise and gain strength in accordance with heavenly fortune? Or will you remain captive behind the same old walls, all of them Satan’s handiwork—the wall of your religion, the wall of your culture, the wall of your nationality and the wall of your race—and spend the remainder of your time on earth in agony and regret?’

Is it not the case that we have become so wrapped up in the walls and barriers created by the movement we have been living in that we have established our own culture, nation, race and religion centered upon the official movement? Is it not the case that this culture and church structure are now forming barriers that are blocking our way to becoming God’s true representatives, to establishing the Heavenly Kingdom centered upon Blessed central families?

I would like to make some further points, but will reference them in future communications.  I would however like to conclude with a Bible message that has haunted me throughout my life.

Matthew 7:22-23 Revised Standard Version (RSV)

On that day many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many mighty works in your name?’ And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you evildoers.’

Chris Marsh, November 2020


[1] E.g. Witnessing Father in Berlin, watching live his final God’s Day addresses in 2010, 2011 and 2012. We had been assured by FFWPU leadership that God’s providence was progressing rapidly, that everything was fine and that Foundation Day would be achieved. I only later came to realize that these were the rare occasions that we had seen Father live and uncensored – i.e. that most of the recorded videos and transcripts released had been highly censored and edited.
[2] E.g. Rev. Kwak (Father’s No. 1 disciple), Mr. Kamiyama (who went to Danbury with Father) and others. How could it be possible for these most well-respected leaders and disciples to have supposedly abandoned Father to follow Hyun Jin Nim? How could this be? What motivated them to supposedly go against Father and the movement?
[3] Whilst their sermons were often charismatic, uplifting and promised hope, there was essentially an apathy with little or even no mention of Father’s urgency to establish Foundation Day and the beckoning of a new world. Father was constantly talking about Foundation Day and the coming new world at that time. He never talked about the new church and providence that Hyung Jin Nim and Kook Jin Nim were initiating.
[4] Young Taek Oh 2012 lectures to European Leaders – Schmitten Germany 19-24 August 2012
[5] Look at an extract of Mother’s life course made for Sunday school 2nd Gen children: and compare it to today’s Only Begotten Daughter teaching. An example of many of Father’s words on Mother’s course can be found in the 1997 God’s Day address here:
[6] Some months before Father’s ascension (around April 2012), Mother accompanied by Peter Kim suddenly visited Sung Hwa Publishing Company and recalled all 22 volumes of Father’s sermons – Volumes 594 to 615 which had just been published, sold and distributed to some members in Korea. Mother shockingly claimed that the recall was ‘Father’s instruction’. These 22 volumes were re-edited (primarily removing Father’s negative words about Mother or positive words about Hyun Jin Nim or Rev. Kwak) and reissued. A cross reading and record of all changes has been made and recorded by some of the members who were working for Sung Hwa Publishing at that time – these members whose prime mission was to uphold and stay true to keeping and conveying Father’s word in its entirety. Mother is now in the process of reducing the number of Father’s volumes from 615 to just 40 – i.e. a 93% reduction in Father’s words!
[7] Father said; ‘If anybody changes these words, when he/she goes to the spirit world, he/ she shall be accused by the people there, so don’t touch them! SMM sermons, vol 493 page 287 – 2005.4.26 – indeed these words themselves have also been removed from the revised or reedited (aka censored) versions of the 22 volumes. The tragic fact remains is that a true, accurate and complete record of Father’s words over the last years of his life does not exist. The leaders (and members) entrusted with this precious task have failed in their task and will likely face the divine punishment that Father referenced. Fortunately, through the brave and valiant efforts of specific individuals, untainted records of Father’s words and actions have been preserved for the public record. It is however still tragic and unbelievable that the precious mission of persevering the record and archives of the life of the Lord of the Second Advent for posterity has been thwarted and blocked by the church leadership and perhaps even more shocking, accepted by the general church membership.
[8] Like many members, I accepted the Cheon Il Guk constitution believing that this is something that Father had established. I believed that like with the US Supreme court – members were appointed for life and could only be changed via very exceptional circumstances. FFWPU however started to announce personnel changes on a very regular basis. When starting to look more deeply at the Cheon Il Guk constitution I was shocked to see that it had nothing to do with Father, that it had been created by leaders who wanted to secure their own foundation.
Moreover, it has nothing to do with the Divine Principle and nothing to do with the core principles and values that Father taught. Indeed, the Divine Principle is not even an official text of the constitution or FFPWU! Furthermore, and perhaps most frightening, the constitution directly parallels the text of the North Korean constitution! Comparing the documents side by side shows a verbatim copy over multiple paragraphs. It is a document full of laws, threats and punishments for those who do not follow. Concepts alien to the Unification community such as excommunication and dissolution of the Blessing for ‘crimes’ such as not following church hierarchy have been introduced and as such have been readily accepted by the members.
[9] Second generation children who had received grants or scholarships from Mother were instructed to write weekly letters of thanks and gratitude to Mother.
[10] Hyung Jin Nim and Kook Jin Nim established the Sanctuary church after being kicked out by Mother. Hyung Jin Nim declared himself as the ‘Second King’ after Father even though Father never referred to himself as a king or the first king.
[11] I was always brought up to believe that ‘Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely’ – Lord John Acton (1834 – 1902).
[12] Ref. Exposition of the Divine Principle (1996 English Version) Chapter 7 ‘Christology’ Section 2.3 ‘Is Jesus God Himself?’
[13] This is a common Machiavellian technique used commonly in politics and business and something that I have personally experienced in an extreme sense in the field of work and business. A modern interpretation and other tricks used by FFWPU leaders and even True Family members may be found in ‘Rules for Radicals’ by Saul Alinsky – a political playbook used by many mostly left leaning politicians.
[14]  Upon the threat of termination of their mission – in particular; salary, financial support, or allowances.
[15] By means of recorded personal video testimonial.
[16] Hyun Jin Nim, Hyun Jin Nim’s family and even Hyun Jin Nim’s son (Shin Chul Nim who was adopted by Hoon Sook Nim) were expunged from the register of condolences from Father’s Seong Hwa ceremony. Hyun Jin Nim was physically barred by members on the road outside of CheongPyeong for trying to pay his respect to Father. This event was well documented in the Korean media and brought great shame on the FFWPU in Korea as such actions are simply unacceptable in general Korean culture or society.
[17] The changing of the name of the object of worship appears to be a part of the work of deifying Hak Ja Han. This appears to be an attempt to stress ‘Mother God,’ which diverges from the concept of ‘God’ as the creator according to the Divine Principle and Unification theology. The theory is similar to a paper ‘Theory of the True Mother as God’ drafted by Sun Young Moon from Sun Moon University which secularizes Unification Church doctrine by using theories of secular feminist theology to interpret Unification Church principles. This paper deconstructs the attributes of the absolute being according to Divine Principle and Unification Thought doctrine from the perspective of feminist liberation and cannot avoid the criticism that it colors the unique identity of the Unification movement with theories of feminist theology.
[18] For an example of how leaders were changing the narrative, take a look at Today’s world from August 2008. See how Hyung Jin was glorified and idolized in the front pages (with further additional content in the back), simply for hosting a leaders’ meeting or meeting with members. Compare that to the coverage of Hyun Jin Nim’s multiple events of thousands of participants which were crammed into much fewer pages towards the back of the magazine.
[19] Who Father had clearly anointed as his successor via the Vice-Presidential Inauguration of Hyun Jin Nim which took place in New York on 19 July 1998. This was the only inheritance ceremony that Father ever held. See the July 1998 edition of Today’s World: – In particular Father’s speech (Pages 4 to 7). Father clearly references Hyun Jin’s role as the central person in the Era of the Fourth Adam. Father never referred to any other of his children in such a way.
Hyung Jin (Sean) Moon’s claim to inheritance via the Coronation of God ceremonies (held in Korea and New York in January 2009) is contradicted by Father’s statement, “This is not my coronation ceremony but God’s.” (2009.1.15). Chang Shik Yang, who conducted the ceremony, stated on the FFWPU website that Father said nothing about Pastor Hyung Jin Nim at the event. At the time, some leaders tried to misuse this ceremony, claiming it to be an anointment of Hyung Jin Nim, but those same leaders downplayed and refuted the claim after Hyung Jin’s separation from Mother and FFWPU.
[20] The doctrine of equal sharing should be well known to members as a core tenet of Satan’s playbook used in multiple philosophies and theories – predominantly in socialist and communist teachings which our movement has so clearly fought against in the past.
[21] Many righteous leaders working in church businesses who had given their entire life to Father were simply dismissed and sent away by Kook Jin Nim. These leaders had given everything for the providence, had undergone great sacrifices for the providence, in many cases, these leaders invested everything they had (including their personal life savings) to save Father’s business foundation from collapse just a few years before at the time of the Korean financial crisis around 1997. The treatment of some of these leaders by the movement was unbelievably shameful and fell way short of the standards that Father had established over the years. To Father, these leaders were not just businessmen, they were family members who should never be treated in such a way.
[22] The shameful dismissal of Pyung Hwa Kim and his wife as Continental Directors of North America is a good example. His wife never recovered from the experience and sadly went to the spirit world just a few years afterwards. His testimony can be found here:
[23] Reference: Father’s words about Mother:; Further Content:
[24] It is not a coincidence that the world is now swamped by a fake news mainstream media promoting wholly unprincipled narrative and pushing the world towards a dark age of bondage and suppression.
[25] 1 August 2012 Trial of the second instance on the Yeouido Park 1 Project, the plaintiff (Unification Movement Foundation) lost against the Y22 Project – led by Hyun Jin Moon.
[26] How much of Father’s letter to the court came directly from Father and how much was written by others is unclear.
[27] The work of deifying True Parents started with Hyung Jin (Sean) and Kook Jin Moon – primarily via Professor Young Taek Oh from Sun Moon University. Multiple articles were published in the Korean church monthly ‘Tongil Segye’ magazine – these articles were subsequently published in the book, ‘The Life Course of the True Mother’ published in January 2012. The book contained 4 research papers by Hang Je Kim and Sun Young Moon as annexes. A disclaimer was added: ‘…the premise of these research papers is that they “may be different from the official position of the Unification Movement’. In reality these papers interpreted the religious characteristics of the Unification Movement from a standpoint of Christian feminist theology. In other words they were subjective writings by secular feminist liberation theologians – which are miles away from Father’s teachings and the doctrines and traditions of the Unification Movement.
[28] Materials deifying Mother used in the Cham Bumo Gyeong were taken from an earlier work, ‘The Life and Providence of the True Parents’ published by Chang Shik(?) Yang on January 30, 2009 (edited  by Hak Cheol Go). Whole sentences and paragraphs testifying to Mother’s special characteristics were taken from this book and attributed to Mother in the Cham Bumo Gyeong.
[29] Father’s mentioning of “The only begotten son and only begotten daughter” refer to the completed Adam and Eve who are capable of receiving the love of God in its entirety. Father explained that by the only begotten son coming first and choosing an only begotten daughter to have her carry out the responsibility that Eve was unable to, the only begotten son and only begotten daughter must become the true father and true mother, respectively, to create the true family which is the blueprint for God’s true family. Ref.: The Sermons of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, Vol. 41, p. 310; Vol. 23, p. 163, May 18, 1969.; Vol. 185, p. 187, January 8, 1989.; Vol. 115, p. 133, November 8, 1981 ; Vol. 231 , p. 21. May 31 , 1992; Vol. 34, p. 342. September 20, 1970. Vol. 23, p. 149. May 18, 1969.; Vol. 115, p. 133, November 8, 1981 .; Vol. 23, p. 176, May 18, 1969.: Vol. 135, p. 124, October 4, 1985.; Vol. 143, p. 25, March 15, 1986: Vol. 159, p. 198, May 12, 1969.; Vol. 79, p. 188, July 27, 1975.; Vol. 58, p. 218, June 11, 1972.; Vol. 41, p. 200, February 15, 1971.; Vol. 94, p. 41, June 26, 1977.; Vol. 94, p. 49, June 26, 1977
[30] Reference: Father’s words about Mother:; Further Content:
[31]  Ref.: ‘Is there anything that cannot be resolved within the family? When parents and children, husband and wife, and elder and younger siblings set an example of living for the sake of one another, how could they do anything unforgivable? What reason would they have to commit crimes? A world governed by the heavenly way and the heavenly laws is a natural world, an unobstructed world of truth and pure reason, and a world of the settlement of noon, where no shadows are cast.’ Peace Message #3 – ‘The True Owners in Establishing the Kingdom of Peace and Unity in Heaven and on Earth’
Of course, God gave the commandment ‘Do not Eat’, but it is speculated in the Original Divine Principle that it was only given as He saw a potential danger with Lucifer and that God’s original intention was not to give any commandment at all. Indeed, Father’s intention was to base the establishment of an ideal nation upon the Family Pledge, not upon an established and complex and legal constitution as declared by Mother and leaders through the FFWPU’s ‘Cheon Il Guk Constitution’.
[32] This was something which I had clearly understood as a Christian who had tried to read the Bible objectively.
[33] This may sound extreme, but if one reads the Cheon Il Guk constitution ( one sees a predominantly legal text which classifies people and threatens punishment for all who do not follow. A result of this type of culture is the instigation of more than 30 lawsuits against Hyun Jin Him, his staff and private individuals who supported him. Lawsuits were even made against members who refused to condemn Hyun Jin Nim.
[34] Father asked us to pray in our own names since September 1999
[35] This being radically different from the Cheon Il Guk constitution proclaimed by Mother.
[36] Replacing 650 volumes with just 40!
[37] The Cheon Il Guk Constitution makes no reference to the Divine Principle, but instead proclaims Mother’s ‘three great textbooks’ as the ultimate source of truth.
[38] See referenced Father’s words about Mother:
[39] The bedroom proclamation ( is the best example, but there are surely many more.