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Exposing the Truth

Uncovering the misdeeds of those trying to hijack the teachings and work of Reverend Sun Myung Moon.

The Dust has Settled

Personal Testimony Regarding the Status of our Movement and God’s Providence Today Chris Marsh, November 2020 There has been much turmoil in our movement since some years before Father’s ascension and even more so since his passing. I provide the following message regarding my personal journey and...

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Chairwoman Han Dishonors Late Husband at Recent Leaders Meeting

Dear blessed families, My wife is Korean and she frequently keeps up-to-date with discussions taking place within the Unification Movement in Korea. She very recently received a copy (English/Korean) of a recent speech Ms. Hak Ja Han gave at a National Leaders meeting held on November 11, 2020 at...

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Concerns with what Mother is saying/doing…(Part 1/6)

Dear Brothers and Sisters, There have been numerous comments made on the internet by brothers and sisters pertaining to things that Mother has been saying, versus things that Father taught to us while he was alive on this earth. I believe that many of these comments were made out of a genuine...

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Concerns with what Mother is saying/doing…(Part 2/6)

  On February 27, 2007 Father emphasized: "Absolutely you should not believe anything other than Father's words. What I dislike the most is you adding your own words. Can you revise the documents that Father and God blessed and stamped? When you read the Peace Messages, you should not read...

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