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Mother’s claim of being the sinless Only-Begotten Daughter, and that only she was meant to be True Mother, shows that she wants to rewrite history by erasing the memory that Father had two wives before her. She even insists that it was a mistake on the side of Father to have married before 1960, as she stated on December 25, 2016. If she is right, it means that she is purer than Father and that not he, but she, is the real Messiah and therefore in the position to save her husband from original sin, which she also claimed to have done on the afore-mentioned date.

Father explained in the original CSG book, page 1141, that when Adam reached perfection, he would be the incarnation of God. When Eve reached perfection, she would be the wife of God. So, in history, God worked first to re-create Adam who comes as the Messiah, just like God first created Adam. Then the person in the position of Adam has to restore Eve as his wife from among the women of the fallen world. This content is also expressed on pages 44 and 45 in “God’s Will and the World”, and in “Blessing and Ideal Family” (pages 318, and 399).

Father’s teaching is consistent and logical from beginning to end, whereas the concepts which Mother is coming up with are contradictory and not logical at all. For this reason, she is asking people to just believe what she is saying – because it cannot be confirmed based on logical thinking on the basis of God’s principles of creation, like her claim that she made her husband into the only-begotten son by marrying him!

The main obstacle for Mother is the fact that Father has given so many speeches in which he explained God’s providence in detail. For this reason, she needed to first of all, get rid of the content which shows that her theory is wrong. Therefore, her first agenda after Father’s ascension was to create her 3 CIG scriptures without content which does not fit into her theology like the 7 Great Jardim Declarations which she had completely thrown out of her version of Cheon Seong Gyeong. The other primary agenda has been to create a CIG constitution where her power is firmly established over the whole movement.

The second step is to be completed by 2020, the publication of 40 volumes with Father’s speeches, so that she could get rid of the already existing 622 volumes with the justification that the most important content is in these 40 books which every family should buy and study as Hoon Dok material besides her 3 CIG scriptures.

The third step is the solidification of power through appointing people of her choice on every level so that she can freely reign without ever being in danger of facing opposition from her own ranks. This goes along with the re-education of members who must re-align themselves in absolute obedience to the directions and orders issued by Mother as the one who is in a superior position than Father.

In this way Mother intends to complete the realization of her pseudo-version of an ideal world, which some members gladly welcome because the path to get there is much easier than the one which Father has been pursuing. A new standard was set up for what it means to be a Tribal Messiah (i.e. to bless more people, 430 couples, as if merely blessing people would be the solution to the problems of the world.) Once a couple has blessed that many people, they have officially fulfilled Heavenly Tribal Messiahship, whereas in reality, that sacred mission means something very different than just bringing people to the Blessing and getting them to become members of Mother’s new religion.

Because Mother herself has not reached perfection, she cannot ask for a high standard of members. She, herself, does not know what it is like to live in absolute oneness with the Heart of our Heavenly Parent. She has not grown in her ability to love on that level and is therefore bound to make many compromises, which has led to her contradictory life, whereas absolute alliance with the True Love Principle results in gaining a crystal-clear understanding of things based on logic which is fully according to the ideal of Creation.

Not only the life of Mother, but also of those who follow her, has become one of pretending. An honest objective evaluation of how things are from a principled standpoint is not welcome. Everybody prefers to live in their make-believe world where a God-like leader is at the very top who is in control so that people only need to obey the orders coming from above and their salvation is supposedly secured.

That is the reality which is a direct result of the re-education program which started immediately after Father’s ascension, with Mother making great proclamations that she is now the one who is bringing all the unfinished work of her husband to a glorious fulfilment, lulling people into believing that everything is fine whereas in reality she had a clear agenda of removing Father as the Messiah and putting herself into the most central position in all of human history as the only-begotten daughter who appears only once in 6000 years. Some members have bought her deceptive new theology wholesale, believing in everything she says, no matter how unprincipled it may be.

That is the end result of the wonderful work of Mother, “the master of humanity”, as she calls herself, which represents a most miserable situation from God’s standpoint, with some members having chosen to leave the path of the Principle and to join Mother in her rebellion against the original ideal of creation.

When Professor Taek Yong Oh gave a lecture at the Headquarters Church on June 6, 2010 he addressed the question as to when Father’s original sin was removed, whereby he explained that in the speech “The owner of peace, the owner of lineage” Father tells us that he had no original sin from the time he was born.

Mother opposes such a statement by her husband as she told the 200 wives of families who received the Holy Blessing between 1960 and 1968: “Father, who was born with original sin, could have that original sin removed as a result of meeting me, the Only-Begotten Daughter born into this world without original sin. Father was not supposed to marry any other woman before meeting me.” (December 30, 2016)

By making such a claim Mother is contradicting herself, because a couple of years earlier she told her audience that whereas she was born without original sin, Father reached that position after meeting Jesus in 1935, which is a contradiction in itself: How can a person become retroactive into the position of being born sinless?!

Mother claims: “The process of changing the lineage occurred while I was in my mother’s womb. This is something you have to believe.” (July 1, 2014) Her husband on the other hand has been teaching the opposite, e.g. in the speech with the title “True Parents and Resurrection”, given on December 20, 1993: “What is the root of Mother? It was uprooted and brought back from the world belonging to Satan. Do you understand? In order for it to enter the Heavenly family, it needs to go through a procedure. What kind of procedure? It is the procedure of love. Therefore, even though it is inside Mother’s womb, it is not connected to the true love and true lineage of True Father. Mother does not have true love and true lineage. She is on the other side.”

By asking the members to believe that her lineage was changed while she was in her mother’s womb Mother is contradicting her own statement that she was born of the Han lineage which had nothing to do with Satan for 6000 years. Why would it be necessary for her lineage to be changed when her lineage is already separated from Satan?!

It is very clear that the core issue of restoration is about restoring people’s ability to love, starting with the Messiah who comes as a man who needs to grow to reach perfection and then help a woman to attain maturity. That is the basic Principle which Mother denies, which means nothing less than going against the fundamental truth revealed from God through her husband, who explained for example in his speech with the title “Historical Turning Point”“Then, how can a woman be found from the perspective of the principle of re-creation? A woman should be re-created through Adam.”

And when he spoke about the theme of becoming a queen of the tribe on January 14, 2005 father told everybody: “Although the only begotten son appeared in order to open the heaven’s door, there should be the Only-Begotten Daughter since man and woman changed the blood lineage through the Fall. Then, how does the Only-Begotten Daughter come into being? Because a woman was created out of Adam’s rib, the Only-Begotten Son must re-create Eve. He has to bring her back.” This fundamental truth, printed black and white on page 275 in volume 482 with Father’s sermons, is rejected by Mother.

At 21 minutes in the afore-introduced recording Professor Oh explains how to recognize the Messiah. The two basic criteria which he mentions can also be applied to recognizing who represents the True Mother, by looking at: a) her human character, and b) at her works. Taek Yong Oh explained that Mother had to complete the main attributes of God: “The method of doing so is very simple: Because Father is the completed substantiation of Love, she had to express absolute faith, love and obedience to True Father. When she would be one with Father, she would be one with God. So, the absolute subject partner can create the absolute object partner… God brings Adam to completion and Adam brings Eve to completion.”

The overall task of the person entrusted with the challenge of becoming the first True Mother of Humankind is expressed in what Father explained when giving the speech “The Providence through the Blessing”. On page 177 of volume number 312 we can read: “Mother also must have Absolute faith, Absolute love, Absolute obedience. It is not centered on self. Absolute faith, Absolute love, Absolute obedience to Father. Therefore, if Mother, who is present here, has her own thoughts and builds her own nest, it will become a big problem… Now we entered the Completion Era and if Mother does not fulfill her responsibility, there are plenty of candidates.” (October 15, 1999)

According to how the Fall became a reality and in line with the principles of restoration, it is clear that in order to correct the mistake of Adam uniting with Eve who had fallen with the archangel, the woman who is called to restore the position of Eve has to unite with the Messiah who has become one with God. Very sadly, Mother decided that she will not go the way of restoration, but tried to get Father to unite with her ideas, which is, for example, expressed when Father spoke about a woman having sown the seed of lewdness, trying to climb on top of man, noting: “Father takes Mother to that kingdom of lewdness and tells her, ‘You too, Mother, are trying to climb up from the teacher’s shoulders to the top of his head.’ What I am saying is I must not surrender to Mother’s words.” (Las Vegas, April 22, 2009)

Why did Father emphasize that he must not surrender to what his wife was saying? Because she has not been speaking centered on God’s Heart and desire. To the contrary, she pursued her own agenda, doing whatever she likes!

True Father has done everything he could in order to help his wife to fulfil her portion of responsibility, as he expressed on that day: “Though I have invested my 97% for Mother, there are 3 percent remaining… I swear that I did 97% and even up to 120%. When she does not have the heart to do the remaining 3% and return it to me, the seed of the sperm cannot enter the womb of Mother. This is the final hill, the final border to be crossed by the Father of the Unification Movement. I cannot tell you how serious this is.” (page 138-140, volume 610)

Why was Father so very concerned about this point? Because it was the decisive factor as to whether Mother would reach perfection and become the True Mother of Humankind on all three levels of formation, growth and perfection, a course which began in 1960 with the formation stage Blessing of True Parents. It should have been concluded on Foundation Day with their marriage on the top of the completion stage, as professor Oh explained, which would also have been God’s marriage, because for the first time a perfected man and a woman who has reached full maturity would have become completely one in heart and mind and body.

Three months later Father spoke once again about the sad reality he has been faced with, whereby he has not been able to joyfully love his wife because she has not fulfilled her responsibility on the national and worldwide level: “How can I become the True Parent alone? There is no Mother. Mother needs to be re-created again. It has not been possible for me to love Mother as a wife now that I am 90 years old. She has been growing, but 3 percent remains. Now these 3% need to be accomplished on the national and world level. It will not work when it is completed outside that level. One hundred percent or more needs to be achieved on the national level.” (July 13, 2009, page 95, volume 614)

Let us be clear: Hak Ja Han has been growing and her husband praised her many accomplishments, but she had not been victorious on all 8 vertical and horizontal levels. For this reason, Father, as a perfect man, did not have a woman whom he could have loved as a person who has also reached oneness with God. What a miserable situation True Father has been in! Even after having invested for 5 decades into raising Mother, he still could not love her as a True Daughter of God because she did not grow to maturity in order to be able to stand in the position of his True Wife in absolute oneness with our Heavenly Parent.

As point number 5 it says on the fourth slide of Young Taek Oh’s presentation about “Era of God of Night and Day”“God’s purpose of creation is the completion of True Parents.” Should we not take the time and reflect about this centrally important task of establishing True Parentship on all 8 vertical and horizontal levels so that Father and Mother embody the same Heart as our Heavenly Parent in the same dimension? That this level has not been achieved is clear from Father’s statements about his wife.

Starting with slide # 9, Professor Oh speaks about the Principle and Standard of True Mother’s Completion, explaining that Mother has to walk the course of absolute Faith, Love and Obedience towards her husband in order to restore through indemnity the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd mistakes of Eve. Father spoke about this point on January 2, 1997.

Mother’s task was to build a relationship of oneness in heart with her husband and to become God’s substantial being, achieving the ultimate unity of True Parents which was only achieved conditionally based on Mother’s promises, but in the end, disunity remained so that Father had to speak even a few weeks before his ascension, about the God of Night and the God of Day still fighting.

On slide # 11 you see a chart outlining the course Mother was meant to go with the final stage of becoming God’s wife on January 13, 2013. That Holy Wedding should have manifested the realization of the substantial trinity. That goal was clearly not reached, no record whatsoever can be found about it in the chronology of True Parents’ life in Cham Bumo Gyeong.

What you find in that book is the date December 16, 2001 as the day of the “Proclamation of the Bequeathing of Cheon Il Guk” and the August 20, 2004 “Blessing for Registration in Cheon Il Guk for the Revolution of True Heart and for True Liberation and Complete Freedom”. For June 6, 2006 “Prayer service for the unity of spirit and flesh at the Cheon Il Guk Original Palace and Holy Ground” and “Institution of the Cheon Il Guk Citizens’ Pledge” are mentioned.

On June 13, 2006 Father made the Declaration of the Establishment of Cheon Il Guk. On that day he spoke about the theme “Cheon Il Guk is the Ideal Heavenly Kingdom of Eternal Peace” reminding everybody that the Age After the Coming of Heaven was opened up on May 5, 2004 as “the new era when we can build a new heaven and a new earth” and “the beginning of a great and historic revolution to return the earth to God as a substantial reality.”

Let us be clear: Cheon Il Guk is another name for the Kingdom of Heaven. It was proclaimed and bequeathed on December 16, 2001. The Blessing for Registration in Cheon Il Guk took place three and a half years later, and in 2006 the Cheon Il Guk Citizens’ Pledge was finalized. Father counted the years accordingly, referring to 2002 as the second year of Cheon Il Guk, etc.

At the time of the entrance into the newly built Cheon Jeong Gung Palace Father explained the seven fundamental duties of citizens of Cheon Il Guk starting with: “First, as God is the vertical True Parent and you are true children of God, you will establish the realm of three generations in your family, perfect the Four Great Realms of Heart, and attend God on the vertical axis for eternity. Further, you will inscribe on your heart the need to uphold the Cosmic King of Peace, who is the horizontal True Parent, and to live with absolute obedience on the horizontal axis for eternity as a citizen of Cheon Il Guk. You will make living for the sake of others, which is the practice of true love, the standard of your life. You will establish a true family and raise true children who are sinless and pure, thus protecting God’s lineage and bequeathing it intact from generation to generation.”

Mother substituted the foundation which Father had already established with her own version by declaring another beginning of Cheon Il Guk on Foundation Day. Although it had already been the 12th year of Cheon Il Guk according to Father’s counting, she started counting again with year one in 2013, this time with herself alone as the center. She wants to be remembered in history as the one who opened up the Kingdom of Heaven on earth as the only-begotten daughter and as the sole emperor of her pseudo version of that Kingdom where she rules as master over all humankind, a position, which she claimed for herself a few years later.

About the importance of June 13, 2006 Father shared: “Today you are witnessing the miracle of miracles: the establishment of Cheon Il Guk, the substantial sovereignty in the Age After the Coming of Heaven… You are participating in the coronation ceremony of the substantial King of Cosmic Peace, and you are being registered as citizens of Cheon Il Guk.” He asked: “Who could have imagined though, that they would see the day when the King of Cosmic Peace would ascend to his throne?” And stated: “You stand today in the venue of a tremendous event in providential history. This event is unprecedented and will never be repeated. It is the day when the King of Peace finally ascends in glory.”

Why did Father speak about himself as the substantial King of Cosmic Peace and not mention his wife as the substantial Queen of Cosmic Peace? Because she has not reached that qualification of heart to be a real Queen of True Love who is capable of loving with the same heart as our Heavenly Mother. For this reason, he asked her one year later in May 2007 to reach perfection by June 2013, which she unfortunately did not do.

Because his wife was not united with him he did not say, “As King and Queen of Cosmic Peace we declare… but: “Now, as the King of Cosmic Peace, I will declare, on this thirteenth day of June in the sixth year of Cheon Il Guk, the fundamental duties and mission that every citizen of Cheon Il Guk should understand and live by as they walk the way of Heaven.” 

Instead of being one in heart with her husband and with this declaration in the sixth year of Cheon Il Guk, Mother created her own version and re-started the counting in 2013 so that she could claim that Cheon Il Guk began on her Foundation Day. This year we have been living for the second time in the sixth year of Cheon Il Guk because Mother ignores the foundation which her husband has established in this and many other respects!

Father tells us: If you practice such true love in your daily life, how can God do anything but bestow great blessings upon you? You will live for all eternity in blessing and happiness.” The substantial realization of Cheon Il Guk had already begun long before Mother declared it with herself at the center.  Accordingly, Father asked us to become the people of Cheon Il Guk who make living for the sake of others, which is the practice of True Love, the standard of our life and “place our conscience in God’s position over our life” in this new era of ‘high-noon settlement’.

Everything was fully ready for the substantial realization of God’s Kingdom of True Love long before Mother came up with her pseudo version of Cheon Il Guk which can never bring about a peaceful world because it is not centered on living fully in accordance with your conscience in absolute oneness with the Heart of our Loving Creator, but under her dominion as the master of humankind and later, under the rule of the Supreme Council!

Father asked on June 13, 2006, “Do you know the significance of January 13, 2001?” And he explained: “It was the Day of the Coronation of God’s Kingship. For countless years Heaven had been waiting for that event in eager anticipation. It was the greatest and most exalted celebration humanity had ever witnessed. On that day Reverend Moon, who had received the anointing as the True Parent of all humanity and travelled a path of indescribable suffering and pain until he had gained the final victory, offered his entire foundation to Heaven.”

Yes, Father has paid the price and has been fully victorious, but his wife did not walk the path of the Principle because she does not believe in it. For this reason. Father could only speak of him having offered his entire foundation to God as he did not have a wife who had also been victorious on all 8 vertical and horizontal levels. He had to make the offering alone on the internal level although externally his wife was with him all along. But merely living and eating with Father together does not make his wife to be the True Mother, as he said on January 19, 2012.

Between the Proclamation of Cheon Il Guk on December 16, 2001 and Foundation Day lies a period of 4000 and 80 plus 7 days, symbolizing complete separation from Satan and a new beginning based on re-creation, which was needed not only for all members, but also for Mother. Unfortunately, the needed conditions were not laid on our side along with Mother rejecting the way of the Principle so that Father did not have any more a foundation to stand on and had to tragically leave the earth prematurely not long before the day for which he has been preparing for so many years.

Father spoke about the challenge he was faced with in regard to raising his wife and the task ahead on February 16, 2009: “How many years and months are left until Foundation Day? If Mother does not reach the level of responsibility she must take until that time, a problem will happen. That is why I have taken and fulfilled all responsibilities myself. Since I have even done this for her, as long as she does not vent her anger or throw a punch, everything will be alright.”

Isn’t it sad that Father had to speak in such terms about his wife? In reality, Mother did not do that which was her responsibility, and therefore, a very huge problem appeared, the unexpected premature death of the Lord of the Second Advent, with all the tragic consequences that followed.

Father continued in his speech by saying: “I must take a woman as a daughter and raise her to be my wife and then to be a mother, grandmother, and finally a queen, all the way to the position of the wife of God. That is the way only the True Parent knows and the final task which only he can do. I must raise Mother for that purpose because I cannot entrust it to anybody else. I need to see things through until the end.”  

True Father has definitely done everything that was in his power in order to help and protect his wife, even 120 percent as he swore on April 22, 2009, whereas Mother has shown such an ungrateful heart as to simply ignore so many explicit directions of her husband, taking steps which ran against the grain of Rev. Moon’s ministry”, as the church historian Michael Mickler has put it in his report.

He also writes in his article “Continuity and Innovation: The last Year’s of Rev. Moon’s Ministry, 2009-2012” (Journal of Unification Studies Vol. 15, 2014 – Pages 27-50). “Rev. Moon, coming from the very seed of God, was understood to have restored Hak Ja Han Moon from among women of the world ‘to the position and role of complete and perfected Eve.’ She ‘had to not only recover Eve’s position, but all the content lost by Eve at the fall, including daughter’s heart, younger sister’s heart, wife’s heart, mother’s heart, grandmother’s heart, queen’s heart, the heart of the substantial perfect Eve, and the heart of the wife of God.’

Foundation Day was to be ‘the date when the ultimate last piece is put in place.’ According to this explanation, Foundation Day will be the day of the marriage between the God of Night (Heavenly Father) and the God of Day (our True Parents). At that time, together they will form, for the first time, the completed purpose of creation, where now God himself has his eternal pairing and becomes complete.” 

This ultimate last piece was never put in place. To the contrary, Mother went not only more and more against her husband, but against God, denying the work of God centered on True Father, claiming that it was wrong of him to take a bride before her, denying that God had prepared other women to be raised up by the Returning Christ in the years following the victory of World War II. Like the first Eve, Mother rejected the Word of God in favor of putting herself into the center, giving in to the temptation by the archangel, similar to the first mother in human history.

Yes, this is the truth about the history and goal of God’s providence which is now being denied by those who believed it for many years, those who follow the new doctrines created by Mother which have nothing to do with the actual content of the Divine Principle. Along with the false teachers who are advising her, she stands at the forefront of spreading a theology which is contrary to what her husband has been emphasizing throughout his life, visibly expressed in the Genealogy Center where she is presented as the center of God’s providence!

Because Mother does not believe in the Divine Principle, she created her own principles where logical explanations count nothing. Everything she says has to be blindly believed as there is no basis in principled reasoning for her new theology where you can automatically become the True Father/Mother of the Universe on your Wedding Day! In this way she gave birth to a new religion which has very little to do with the core teaching of the Returning Christ which she rejects, whereby she even told Father that she will not listen to what he says!

What does the international lecturer say about the course of Mother? You can hear in the video recording with Julian Gray translating: “Mother had to establish these conditions until Father could say, ‘You began at the very bottom and as a model example you have indemnified everything.’ This was Mother’s course. Therefore, she qualified for the position of the Messiah by fulfilling the stages of daughter and younger sister. She qualified for the position of True Parents by fulfilling the stages of wife, mother, grandmother and queen. She succeeded in the position of Queen of Queens by inheriting God’s heart and the heart of a True Parent of Heaven, earth and humankind.”

The here-outlined course stretches over five decades with the exact dates being given in the chart when Father proclaimed that she had reached a certain position. All of this has been thrown out the window when Mother swore under the punishment of perjury that she had the same position as Father since 1960. She does not recognize any of these declarations made by her husband because it is Mother who has raised Rev. Moon as she also swore in her deposition!

As a matter of fact, for the first three years after her wedding Mother stayed in the home of Kim In Cheol because she was still in the position of a daughter. During the following four years she could live in the same house as Father but slept in a different room. The lecturer explains that even though Mother was already married she had to see her husband from the position of a daughter. She had to receive approval from Father directly whenever she wanted to spend more than 10 dollars. True Mother had to take a path from the lowest stage as a representative of humankind.

These are facts about Mother’s life which the lecturer was sharing in 2016, who was sent out by Mother to teach about her life. Yet 2 years later, she denied all of this in court by claiming that she has been in the same position as Father since the day of the “Holy Marriage of the Only-begotten Daughter”, as she called the “Marriage of the Lamb” in her sworn testimony.

The lecturer emphasizes: “She had to take a course towards victory. And she had to begin from the very bottom. According to Father’s words, the 3-year period was a successful battle on the individual level, and the next four years was a battle on the family level…” Mother denies having walked such a course and simply declared in her deposition that she was recognized on the highest level of being the Mother of the Universe already in 1960. In defiance of reality, she claims that no course of paying indemnity as a representative of humankind was necessary for her.

What does all of that mean? It means that she has no accomplishment on her side because everything was given to her. She was born as the Only-begotten Daughter with all the knowledge given to her directly from God as she claimed on December 25, 2015: “I’m different from you all. At the time of Creation, God created Adam and Eve, and they were able to freely converse with God… By the way, I was able to do so. That is, I was born knowing everything as informed by God…” Exactly one year later she made the following statement: “Father, who was born with original sin, could have that original sin removed as a result of meeting me, the Only-Begotten Daughter born into this world without original sin.”