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On September 2, 2011 Father noted: “If you have possessions, you should feel ashamed. I do not even have a wristwatch or ring. I have nothing. Here I am, the so-called founder of a religious group, sitting with Mother. But do I have a watch? The clothes I wear are the cheapest kind, bought in a department store and all made of nylon. They are nylon, not wool. I wear suits that cost under a hundred dollars…” Has his wife also shown such a humble attitude? No, she has been living just like any other woman in the world, as her husband deplored on July 3, 2005.

Speaking about the future event Father asked: “So, will you come to True Parents’ wedding, or not? [We’ll join] Will you just attend it, or will you also take part in it?” 

Are you one of the participants of True Parents’ Holy Wedding on the perfection level? Of course not. True Father stated that the most important event in human history was to finally take place on Foundation Day, but it never became a reality!

On September 2, 2011 Father also stated: “The constitution for the kingdom of God is completely ready.” Father made this statement because he had asked for the content he shared at that time to be recorded on video and shown to all the Blessed families and Unification Church members. Why? Because they must know what Father said during that period of September 1 to 4, 2011, where he especially focused on the importance of True Parents receiving the third stage Blessing which was originally planned for their birthday in 2012.

On that day Father emphasized: “I have taught you everything, so you are privileged. Our birthday is finally coming, the day on which all the complaints you poor people have made, and all the sins in history can be resolved. It will be the day of liberation…” 

Did that day of liberation materialize? No, it never arrived! True Parentship is not established on the completion level. For this reason, whenever Mother speaks of “True Parents” she is talking of True Parents who have not received God’s Blessing on the perfection level.

Father continued: “I am saying that I will allow you to take part in that day of Blessing, to take part in that public foundation that True Parents have built up over thousands of years. There is no more mysterious day than that. There never will be. There cannot be two sets of True Parents. Two types of true love or a love that teaches about two different sets of parents cannot be. This is absolute…” 

Yes, we are so privileged because Father has taught us everything. Therefore we should know clearly that there cannot be two sets of True Parents: Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han, who have received God’s blessing for their marriage on the level of the growth stage, and the version of True Parents which his wife is advocating, where she has reached perfection by the age of 17, and then raised up her husband whom she liberated from original sin, and who became God’s only-begotten son through marrying her,…

Father’s further explanations about the hoped-for day of True Parents’ completion level Blessing included the following content: “In order to create a resting place for all of you, in order to search for the bride and groom, for Adam’s family and a world that manifests Adam’s will, which was lost in the Garden of Eden, a commemorative day of blessing for our brave soldiers will take place. On True Parents’ wedding day, you will receive the blessing and clans will be registered, allowing them to enter heaven. You will be able to see that day of liberation… By taking part in True Parents’ holy wedding, you will be able to live under that banner of glory. This is a dream within a dream – a time more precious than sitting on a throne surrounded by music, more precious than a congratulatory song for the blessing. You need to be aware of this.”

Has that glorious day of liberation appeared on this earth? No, not the slightest trace of such a day can be found in the official chronology of True Parents’ life. Mother is stuck in the mindset that the greatest joy in life is to be sitting on the golden throne which was made to represent the position of God. To sit on the throne which she has stolen from our Creator is the kind of happiness which she pursues because she does not have the true joy of loving relationships in her own family, whereby not even one of her many children appeared with her on stage on this year’s God’s Day. Reality could not be more sad…

Do you remember the times when Father held special ceremonies where two chairs have been set up to represent the position of God along with His/Her masculine and feminine characters? I am certain that the image of one or the other picture of such holy occasions is still somewhere alive in your mind. A completely white throne as well as a golden throne have been prepared for our Heavenly Parent, using always two thrones, and in front of them the chairs for True Parents have been set up.

What has Mother done? She stole the throne from God and uses it now for herself. Because she does not really believe in God’s dual characteristics, she refuses to have the throne representing God’s masculine nature beside her. She wants to be the sole ruler over the universe, whereby she has stated already that she is the master over all members as well as all humankind.

From where does she take the right to make such claims? She expressed it in her deposition where she swore that God has recognized her as the True Mother of the Universe on the day of the “Holy Wedding of the Only-begotten Daughter”. That is how she called the “Marriage of the Lamb” in 1960 when giving her sworn testimony. As the Mother of the Universe she has all rights and therefore she is the owner of the Unification Movement and its members over whom she rules as their master, demanding absolute obedience to her directions.

As we all know, Mother has been addressing our Creator as “Heavenly Father” all throughout her life in public prayers until she had a sudden revelation after the ascension of her husband that God must be addressed as “Heavenly Parents”, as she requested, using even the English term “Parents” in plural and not singular! From that time forward members were to address God in their prayer as “Heavenly Parents”.

But that would mean that there are “two Gods”, therefore, it was decided to use the term “Heavenly Parent” in English and add “True Parents” when addressing God in prayer, as Mother requested. Why? Because she believes that the definition of the Trinity as presented in the Divine Principle is wrong, as she stated. The correct definition is that True Parents are within God… For this reason, when speaking to our Creator, He/She must be addressed as “Heavenly Parent, True Parents” because she and her husband exist within God!

Six years after Mother made this request, she finally achieved oneness with her husband in mind and body in 2018, as she claims. That means, she has been lying all those years to the world when emphasizing that she is one with her husband! As an external expression of that new achievement of her having become one with the dead body of her husband, she requested that the chair representing True Father beside her must be removed!

What does that mean for the position of God which she manifests, sitting on the throne which was created to represent God’s femininity? It means that our Creator has been a divided Being until the historic year of 2018 when Mother became one in Body with her deceased husband! For this reason, it was necessary during Father’s lifetime to symbolically represent the position of God by setting up two thrones as there has been no unity between God’s masculine and feminine characteristics…

But now, since last year (2018), through the miraculous union between Mother living on the earth, and the dead body of Sun Myung Moon, our Creator’s internal disunity has been overcome so that only one throne is needed since then, in order to represent the position of God. Mother is sitting on that one single throne as the sole ruler over the universe.

That is where things are today, where God is defined as a Creator who has two human beings, Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han within, as part of His/Her being. That is a clear reversal of the teaching of the Divine Principle where God is defined as a Being with dual characteristics who longs to express his qualities substantially in men and women, whereby every human being is destined to become one with our Heavenly Parent.

Mother, on the other hand, claims that there is only one couple, she and her husband, who are within God and who forever will form a trinity with our Creator! That is the pure heresy which is advocated by Mother. She has finally united the Ultimate Being, which has been separated from the beginning of times! In this way she claims that God has been a divided Being until she united our Creator by achieving complete unity with her dead husband, which she did not manage to do during the more than half a century of living together with him!!!

Blessed is the person who has eyes to see and ears to hear what is going on in front of them, in their midst, where a new religion has been created based on the new theology that Mother is the savior of humanity as a person who not only has already reached perfection by the age of 17 and then raised up her husband, the Lord of the Second Advent, liberating him from original sin and making him into the only-begotten son of God…

Reality could not be sadder and more tragic! Since Father’s ascension, members have heard countless times on Peace TV news: “True Parents did this and that…”, whereas in reality these reports were speaking about what Mother has been doing. She claims to represent the position of True Parents although she has not been one with her husband, which she only managed to do after 58 years of marriage, in 2018! With her own statement that she has only become completely united with Father in 2018 she confirms that she has been deceiving everybody by insisting that she and her husband are one, whereas in reality she was not, doing her own things, which Father repeatedly deplored when he was still among us.

What is the consequence of only one throne being set up to represent God, namely, Her female characteristics, occupied by Mother? The result is the end of gender equality. The position of God is merely represented by a woman and not by a man! Accordingly, Mother very rarely mentions her husband, who is insignificant in a woman-centered worldview which she is advocating. Mother is speaking again and again and again about the “only-begotten daughter” and rarely about the “only-begotten son”. Does such behavior show respect for gender equality? No, not at all. To the contrary, it shows bias against men, ultimately against God’s masculine characteristics!

Imagine that the same miracle would happen as at the time of Jesus when he resurrected and appeared to his disciples, walking and talking together with them. The resurrected True Father would surely also come to a meeting which his wife has organized with tens of thousands of people gathered in the World Peace stadium. What kind of situation would he encounter there? No place for him! So, he has to hope that one of the participants will offer him his/her chair in the audience, which they will probably do as he is an elderly man approaching his 100th birthday.

Yes, there is no longer a place for Sun Myung Moon in the Movement which he has founded, except on pictures which are set up to keep the appearances, whereas in reality he has nothing whatsoever to say anymore in our Movement today. No more long morning Hoondokhae hours of reading the Word of God which was revealed through him for all people to study. Instead of upholding the Eight Great Textbooks, which comprise altogether some 400 000 pages, containing many secrets concerning God’s Will for humankind, we must be satisfied to be fed only a tiny percentage of that precious spiritual food in the form of merely 40 volumes of his speeches, carefully chosen by Mother so that her deception may not be revealed through what her husband has actually stated. In this way she is leaving her own spiritual children to starve – what kind of mother is she?!

Mother is the one who has been referred to as “True Parents” since Father’s ascension, although she has not been one with Father as she confessed last year after she had finally united with him in mind and body, six years after his body had returned to the earth from where it came! How do you become one with a dead body?!

How many further explanations are needed for us to realize how decadent her theology has become? It has nothing whatsoever to do anymore with the core content of the Divine Principle where God is the Creator as a harmonized Being of dual characteristics who longs to be fully present in the hearts of each and every one of His/Her children. Mother has created a new position for herself, that of the “only-begotten daughter” who was born without sin, knowing everything as taught by God directly… Why was Father not told everything by God so that he had to fight severe spiritual battles in order to find out the truth? His wife received all understanding freely, presented by the Almighty directly to her as a child, so that by the age of 17 she was already perfect, knowing God’s providence fully without ever having read the Divine Principle.

             Is that gender equality? Why is God so prejudiced against men that He did not teach Sun Myung Moon the Truth but only Hak Ja Han? Why did Mother God create her without original sin, but Father with original sin? Why did God send the only-begotten daughter to save the world and not the Lord of the Second Advent, who had to be liberated from his original sin and be put into the position of the only-begotten son by his wife? These and many more questions and their answers confirm a great bias against God’s masculinity through the totally unprincipled guidance by Mother!

“If not me, there is no incarnation of True Parent(s) in this world.”

Mother uttered these words at the Special Assembly of Leaders for the National Restoration and Unification of Heavenly Korea:

“The Only-Begotten Daughter is not made by the returning Messiah. God decides. You elders didn’t know. You didn’t understand. You only knew one side. I have been waiting 58 years. If not me, there is no incarnation of True Parent(s) in this world. Because Heaven already made me as Only-Begotten Daughter from birth, the Returning Messiah, if he does not meet me or is unable to meet me, cannot be True Parent! Are there any objections to this?”

Yes, there are many objections because the opposite is true:

(1) The returning Messiah has the task to raise a woman to gain the position of an “Only-Begotten Daughter” who receives God’s original Love based on having grown to maturity in all Four Great Realms of the Heart.

(2) It is not God who decides in this respect. According to the Divine Principle, God cannot simply decide to send the “Only-Begotten Daughter” because restoration has to be achieved in the reverse way of the Fall. Accordingly, Adam must be restored first and then he has to guide a woman to become one with our Heavenly Parent.

(3) The elders didn’t know what Mother is saying now because it is the opposite of what Father has been teaching. They do not understand how Mother could have fallen into such faithlessness that she denies now core contents of the Divine Principle.

(4) Whereas Mother claims that the members “only knew one side”, it is she, herself, who has not only a one-sided understanding, but a very incorrect one, which is contrary to the essential teaching of her husband.

(5) Mother says; “I have been waiting 58 years.” For what has she been waiting? To tell us the truth? How can she be so irresponsible in the face of knowing that Father’s statements are wrong, and not tell the members?! Why did she wait for more than half a century to tell the world what she knew already in 1960, namely, that what the Divine Principle says about how restoration takes place is fundamentally wrong because restoration goes from Eve to Adam, and not as Father teaches, from Adam to Eve, and then to the children and finally all humankind?!

(6) “If not me, there is no incarnation of True Parent(s) in this world.” The fulfilment of God’s Will does not hinge upon one single person who even considers herself more important than the Lord of the Second Advent. God has definitely prepared several women or candidates to fulfil the role of the bride of the Lamb.

(7) Applied to the situation of Jesus it means that he could not become a True Parent to begin with, because he could not wait for 2000 years until the appearance of the Only-Begotten Daughter in 1943 so that he could marry her and in this way become a True Father. According to Mother, God did not prepare the Only-Begotten Daughter to be born in Jesus’ lifetime, so his mission was bound to failure from the very beginning.

(8) With her statements, Mother is indirectly accusing God that He was unable to match the birth times of True Parents so that Father had to wait until he was 40 in order to marry a 17-years-old “only-begotten daughter”. Is God really so incapable that He was able to match the birthdays of Father and Mother, but not their year of birth so that there is a gap of 23 years?

(9) It is a completely false statement to say: “Because Heaven already made me as the Only-Begotten Daughter from birth, the Returning Messiah, if he does not meet me or is unable to meet me, cannot be a True Parent!” Heaven does not make an Only-Begotten Daughter, because this is a position which a person has to gain by reaching oneness in heart with our Creator. It is not a birthright!

(10) The term “Only-begotten” refers to the completely perfected relationship between God and a True Son or Daughter. It is not a position given at birth to one or two special individuals, once or twice in all of human history, because God does not act outside of the Principle of creating one man and one woman differently from all others.

(11) According to the English translation there are two meanings with one of them saying: “If not me, there is no incarnation of True Parent in this world.” She is the one who brought True Parentship to the world! Without her, no True Parent would exist on the earth!

That Mother meant what she said can be understood when you remember that she also said in the past: “What is more important than the Second Advent of the Messiah, is the advent of the Only-Begotten Daughter who comes from Heaven’s lineage with no relations to Satan, just as Jesus did 2,000 years ago. Unless the Only-Begotten Daughter is born, the returning Messiah cannot advance to the position of True Parent.”

The ultimate fulfilment of God’s Will never depends on one person alone. God is always preparing plan A, B, C, etc. If one person fails, then the mission is passed on to another person, until it will be finally accomplished. That is the way of True Love, which never gives up searching for solutions in line with the Principle. Because Mother does not believe in the Divine Principle, she created her own theology which is in reality full of contradictions!

By the way, how can someone get the idea that she is the one who liberates the Returning Christ from original sin and makes him into an only-begotten son, while at the same time, doing whatever she likes, leading a life like any other woman in the world, which Father has stated about the behavior of his wife?!

Unfortunately, Mother has come to the point where in her mind everything is centered on herself. She is the most important person so that she told the Japanese missionary spouses on October 19, 2018: “You need to know that 16-member nations of the United Nations intervened in the Korean War because God had to protect me, His Only-Begotten Daughter.” She did not even mention the fact that they liberated Father from certain death in Heungnam prison!

The lecturer who was sent out already during Father’s lifetime to teach about True Parents’ life-course to members around the world, explains about Mother’s task: “Eve did not only fall physically and sexually, but due to the Fall she also lost the foundation of God’s Heart. Thus, the position of Eve had to be restored to the unfallen heart of a daughter, a younger sister, a wife, a mother, a grandmother and a queen. She would have to inherit a heart that is one with God and the heart of the True Parents of humankind. True Mother’s mission was to personally restore all on her own, from the very bottom, these 8 stages which Eve had lost.”

Mother now claims the opposite. She did not have to do that and was already recognized as the True Mother of the Universe on her Wedding Day, as she swore in her deposition on July 13, 2018. She insists that she did not have to walk the path of restoring the mistake of Eve in the relationship with her husband because she was already perfect at the age of 17 and married Father in order to raise him up, as she also swore on that day!

Unfortunately, Mother does not understand the very basic principle which the lecturer explained in the following way: “As you see, the qualification to say that you are parent is not given by the parent themselves. Even if you are married, if you do not have children, you cannot gain the qualification to be a parent. That qualification is not made by the parent but by the children.

Similarly, a husband’s qualification is gained in the same way. The husband does not call himself husband. The wife is the one and only person who can call him her husband. It is the same for the wife. Her husband is the only one in existence who calls her his wife. In the end, the wife’s perfection comes through her husband and the husband’s perfection comes through his wife. The parents’ perfection comes through their children. This is the same for the True Parents of humankind.”

Because Mother does not believe in what her husband is teaching, who spoke about this essential point for example on July 1, 2001, and she did not listen to the clear and logical explanations by the person whom she entrusted with the task to teach her life-course, she does not know that the qualification to say that you are parent is not given by the parent themselves. If you do not have children, you are not a parent. Defying that basic principle, which is so obvious, she told in front of the court, that she was recognized by God as the True Mother of the Universe on the day of the “Wedding of the Only-begotten daughter”.

Similarly, she does not realize that a wife’s qualification is gained in the same way. The wife’s perfection comes through her husband. She rejects the fact that Father has suffered so much in order to help her to grow spiritually. She even requests that nobody can say that the only-begotten son has raised the only-begotten daughter. Nobody is allowed to speak about the fact that for her husband, the Heungnam prison camp life was easy compared to the unspeakably difficult situations Father had to endure in trying to raise up his wife!

Forbidding the truth to be told or erasing statements from Father’s speeches does not change facts. Unfortunately, Mother prefers to live in her illusionary world that she is the chosen one, the only one ever born as Only-begotten Daughter, recognized as the Mother of the Universe by the age of 17 after having liberated her husband from original sin…

At Hoon Dok Hae in the Palace on January 19, 2012, Father said: “Mother is going her own way like a Dokkaebi (monstrous evil spirit). She is not walking the same road as Father. You villains (True Children, executive aides and church leaders [mentioned by name] are following Mother and walking a different path than me. Villains! Anyone who follows Mother and thinks he doesn’t need Father is a rootless Dokkaebi.

Only Heavenly Father is with lonely Father. I am all alone now. I don’t have any sons or daughters. Mother plays her own game. When Hyo Jin was alive, he said to me, ‘Father, I feel sorry for you. Why is Mother not listening to you and doing her own thing?’ For Mother to say, ‘Don’t listen to Father, listen to me’, is more frightening than Lucifer.”

On that day True Father emphasized that from this time on Mother has to absolutely obey Father. He asked his wife, who was sitting next to him, to stand up and go in front of the table and face him. Then he called Dr Jun–Ho Seok, Sun-Jo Hwang, Jeong-Lo Yoon, and Hyo-Yul Kim (Peter Kim) to the front to make a line behind True Mother and made them all raise their hands, including all Hoon Dok Hae participants, to pledge absolute obedience. True Father repeatedly urged True Mother to answer “Yes”. He then asked everyone to raise their hands and clap to confirm they knew Father’s will and seal this special ceremony.

Brothers and Sisters, I’m sorry to say, but after a lifetime of total dedication and loyalty to True Father, SERIOUS problems emerged with Mother, particularly during the final years of True Father’s life on this earth. These problems even worsened after Father ascended to the spiritual world. Almost everything she has done is to draw attention to herself (me, me, me) as the Only-Begotten Daughter. Realistically, with the emergence of the ‘Only-Begotten Daughter’, to Mother, Father is being presented more and more just as a footnote in Providential history.