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The lecturer explained that after Mother had succeeded in the 14-year course, she went from the stage of younger sister to the stage of the wife, from 1977 to 1991. She married in 1960 but only 14 years later did she reach the actual position of being Father’s wife! Again, Mother denies that fact and insists that she had been in an equal position with Father since 1960!

About the task she had to achieve, the following explanation was offered: “Eve neglected Adam, betrayed God and committed the Fall. As we have learned in the Divine Principle, restoration through indemnity takes a reverse course. True Mother had to overcome and do the opposite of what Eve did to Adam. Therefore, since Eve ignored Adam, Eve had to testify to True Father as a True Adam and testify to True Father’s teaching.”

What is Mother doing today? The very opposite: She ignores her husband to the extent that she rarely mentions him. Instead of testifying to his teaching she created a new theology with herself at the center! She is not restoring the mistake of Eve but repeating it on even worse levels, because the husband of the first mother was still immature whereas Mother had the chance to live together with the perfected True Adam for more than half a century!

After 30 years of their marriage, Father declared that his wife is now “Second in Command.” (February 27, 1990) Nevertheless, Hak Ja Han did not hesitate to bluntly lie in her sworn testimony, claiming that she had been in an equal position along with her husband since the day on which she promised to be his wife and to love him as her eternal partner.

As you can hear after 40 minutes in the recording, it took Hak Ja Han nearly four decades to advance to the position of Mother, which she reached only in 1999! In that year, on June 14, Father gave her a plaque, recognizing her to be finally in the same position as he. The lecturer confirms: “From that moment on Mother’s position was equal to Father.” Despite that fact, she stated in her sworn testimony that she has been in an equal position like her husband since the day of their marriage. Facts do not count for her, only what she imagines and thinks to be true, no matter how contrary it may be to reality.

During one of her speaking tours Mother has been emphasizing the importance of fallen Eve to be restored to the position of original Eve, but she never internalized that content. She does not realize that it is actually her task to do so and not to repeat the failure of the first mother in human history – which she unfortunately ended up doing today by walking a path outside of the Principle with herself as the absolute center.

Concerning the period of 2000 to 2003 the lecturer states that Father and Mother became one and that Mother did not have to bow to Father anymore. According to Mother, it took her not only 43 years of marriage in order to be united with her husband, but much more, namely 58 years, so that only in 2018 the chair of True Father could be removed because she had finally become one with her eternal partner in heart and mind and body – when Father was dead already for six years!!! In that way she indirectly confirmed that she has not become one with her husband during her lifetime! That she became one with the dead body of her husband is, of course, a fairy tale like so many others which she has been telling members in the years following Father’s ascension.

As the first point of the period from 2003 to 2006 the lecturer mentions the “End of the Era of Indemnity” and the “Start of the Era of God’s Ideal of Creation.” (July 13, 2003) and then Proclamation of the Establishment of Cheon Il Guk and registration with the New York state government. (December 17-20, 2004) That means in the third year of Cheon Il Guk everything had been restored and the era had begun when God’s original ideal begins here on this earth, where it was officially registered with the NY state government in the following years. Hak Ja Han pretends that this did not happen and proclaimed 2013 as year one of Cheon Il Guk.

The audience learns that in 2011 the greatest victory of Cheon Il Guk was proclaimed by True Father on November 17-18 by the Heavenly calender: “In that proclamation it says that the Day of the Greatest Victory of Cheon Il Guk has been accomplished in an eternal victory.” How is it possible that such a highest level victory was declared if Cheon Il Guk did not exist at that time according to his wife who insists that it only began in 2013?!

Towards the end of the lecture about Mother’s course the audience learns: “May 14, 2008 Father said that True Mother succeeded in reaching the position of perfection.” That means it took her 65 years in order to reach maturity! Mother on the other hand claims that she was already perfect at the age of 17 when she was recognized by our Heavenly Parent as the Mother of the Universe. Her claim contradicts also the explanation of the lecturer that her status was changed to become a woman of God when she was in her sixties.

Through the aforementioned examples, you can see that Mother is contradicting what her husband has stated and what lecturers have been teaching for decades. FFWPU members pretend that such total contradictions do not exist although these claims made by Mother have nothing to do with the Divine Principle but are the creation of her heart and mind as a person who does not believe in what Father teaches (March 22, 2005), and who even refuses to listen to what Father says, as she told him directly (February 16, 2009, page 310 in original volume 607)

The final slide of the lecture says as point number one: “The Holy Wedding of True Parents of Heaven and Earth and Humankind.” In September 2011 Father spoke about this future event as the most glorious Wedding in human history, but it never became a reality as he died one year later. Nevertheless, the lecturer does not hesitate to lie to his audience that this Holy Wedding of God and True Parents took place on Foundation Day! The leaders from around the world applaud to it although it is very clear that this Blessing of True Parents on the completion level never took place! It is not mentioned even with one word in the most important of the 3 CIG scriptures, in the chronology of True Parents’ life in Cham Bumo Gyeong!

Father has told us already long ago: “If the Unification Church does not help in God’s work then it is also moved to Satan’s side.” (March 1, 1993) Two months later he spoke about this crucial issue again on the 39th anniversary of the founding of our Movement, whereby he shared: “Father is now explaining why the Unification Church had to come into being. It was for this purpose. It is going back to restore the original, first True Love ideal where the fall of Adam’s family took place, and to finish the incomplete restoration of that which is still in bonds. Now, we go back there and liberate them. This is what the Unification Church was established for.

Human history is symbolically six thousand years old, but in reality, it is much older than that. For hundreds of thousands of years, all people have been waiting to get into this position. With the appearance of Father and the opening of the gate, we finally can. Anyone can. The moment one decides himself to belong here, he can do this.”

True Father has opened the way for all people to return into the embrace of God’s unending Love based on embodying the original True Love ideal. This is what he himself had wanted to realize with his first wife after World War II when everything was prepared for the world to be restored within 7 years. At that time people felt strongly “no more war” after tens of millions of lives had been lost in that worldwide confrontation.

Due to his first wife having fallen into disbelief and persecuting Father, his second wife was in the position to restore that failure. However, when she could not do so, it was Mother who came to stand in a position to restore the failure of the first mother in human history by becoming herself, a True Mother, a course which took her several decades. That is the fact about her life which lecturers have been teaching for decades.

Very sadly, in the end, Mother felt that it was too tough for her to walk all the way through the 8 vertical and horizontal stages. She decided to take a shortcut outside of the realm of the Principle by simply declaring that she reached perfection already at the age of 17 and was recognized by God as the True Mother of the Universe on her wedding day, as she stated in her deposition on July 13, 2018!

Even more tragically, some members followed her in the denial of the Divine Principle and core contents of Father’s speeches, uniting with her in pursuing her agenda of establishing a religion with herself at the center, with absolute power. This authority is to be transferred to the 13 members of the CIG Supreme Court based on what is written in stone in the CIG constitution. In reality, this pseudo ideal is built on sand and will definitely collapse, latest by the time when Mother’s followers wake up to realize where they have ended up, under the rule of a centralized religious system where an elite at the top decides what is the correct teaching and who will be expulsed from their CIG. They are the ones deciding who will lose citizenship due to not adhering to the laws and dogmas which they have set up!

Father shared in the 1993 Foundation Day speech: “We love the world and the universe just like God loves the world and the universe. God loves humankind and all creatures, and like God, we can do the same. We practice and we come to realize, ‘Yes, God is my partner. God is my subject…’” Yes, we all need to feel right down to our bone marrow that God is our Heavenly Father/Mother, our Eternal Parent, and that we were created out of love in order to become the embodiment of True Love in all Four Great Realms of the Heart.

With this goal in mind, we will not be concerned about being a member of True Parents’ religion, but our focus will be on developing our ability to love with a completely selfless heart. That is what we all are supposed to be dedicated to from morning to evening, deepening our relationship with God and one another so that His Love can flow freely among us, and from our midst out into the world to heal the hearts of all people.

That is the core purpose which should be on our heart and mind day and night, and not whether we are in the right religious organization. Why?  Because we live in the new era ‘After the Coming of Heaven’ when God’s ideal world can be realized substantially here on this earth. This new Heaven and Earth already began long before the day when Mother declared Foundation Day centered on herself, starting to count the years of Cheon Il Guk again with year one although it was already the 13th year of that new era which enables all people to live in the Kingdom of Heaven on earth by becoming one in heart with our Creator.

On May 1, 1993 Father encouraged everybody: “You have to clean up the dungeon of hell. How can we make that kind of purpose on the earth? Only by going down to the miserable, dark place. It will immediately change. You can lift it up by going down there. Soon it will start rolling and rolling and growing bigger and bigger forever. It will fill up that huge, awesome kingdom of heaven. Otherwise, there is no way.”

Yet, two decades later Father had to say that he is still alone, that nobody wants to go with him down to hell to liberate people, which includes Mother, so that he had to make statements like “There is no Mother” in 2009, and even a few weeks before his ascension.

Father explained: “Now we know. It is our mainstream thought to restore these and enter into that kingdom we described. This is our mission as members of the Unification Church. This is God’s ideal – the creation ideal of perfection is to make that four-position foundation. That foundation is the True Love core connecting you. That is the purpose of the Unification Church. Because of the fall, we have to restore, and through these four principles of mainline thought, we are about to restore. Next year is the 40th year since the establishment of Unification Church, so at this time Father is announcing and proclaiming the Completed Testament era of True Parents. The ideals of democracy are not permanent. Their time will pass. Parentism is the more enduring thought. You cannot go any further than True Lovism. This is the mainstream thought.”

Accordingly, Father founded the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification one year later on the foundation of 40 years of HSA-UWC, because the goal is not to build a religious organization, but to unite all families under the Living God as our Eternal Parent. The ultimate goal is of course not Parentism, but True Loveism. Unfortunately, FFWPU members have not realized this basic fact. They are therefore stuck in a leadership mentality of having to follow some leader or central figure instead of maturing to be themselves, perfect as our Heavenly Father is perfect, what Jesus had asked of people already 2000 years ago.

The end result of the developments after Father’s ascension is today’s reality of the Unification Movement which is divided into many factions whereby hardly anybody is absolutely centered on True Loveism, focused on the task of making True Love the center of all aspects of life. Accordingly, their relevance for the realization of God’s ideal is limited – to the extent that they actually teach about how to manifest the all-embracing Heart and Love of our Creator. The decisive criterium which decides where a person stands is none other than to which extent someone is living in line with the True Love Principle.

Nothing else than this one point decides where a person stands and what his/her contribution to the realization of a world of everlasting peace and happiness is. That applies of course also to those at the very top of their respective organizations: Is Mother  teaching day and night about True Love, or not? No other question is more relevant to see clearly where she stands because nothing else matters than our becoming the embodiment of True Love and helping others to do the same. Very sadly, the term True Love appears rarely in the speeches of Mother, whereas she refers nearly in every speech repeatedly to her own position as the only-begotten daughter.

On February 6, 1994 Father asked everyone present at Belvedere“Do you know the meaning of True Love?” And then he said: Unification Church members know the meaning of True Love. Once we know the meaning of True Love we can live our lives striving for perfection and reach it and enjoy happiness. Unfortunately, that is not anymore true for today’s members who think that it is true love to show absolute obedience to Mother.

Father continued in his explanations: “All the religious people of the world tend to believe that God is omnipotent and that He is able to do anything He wishes. They fail to realize that God is unable to overrule the Love Principle because love doesn’t come from within oneself, but rather from one’s partner.” That applies of course also to Mother. She cannot overrule the True Love Principle by simply declaring, as she did in her sworn testimony, that God recognized her on the Day of the Wedding of the Only-begotten Daughter as the True Mother. There does not exist any principle which would allow God to recognize a teenager, who has not even given birth to a single child, as the Mother of the Universe.

Mother swearing in front of the court does not make her claim more true. It is very arrogant for her to say that she was born knowing everything, being in the same position as her husband since their marriage in 1960, as she swore in her deposition, etc. All of these false claims do not change her reality that she has not been able to receive God’s Blessing in her marriage on the completion level, an issue about which her husband had been speaking about clearly, one year before his ascension. (i.e. “We have not received the Blessing since we became the True Parents”, “I have not been able to have my wedding ceremony”, “Father asks, ‘Do you think the real True Parents will come?’”,  “God has no wife, the same for the God of Night and the God of Day”, “The biggest ceremony on Foundation Day will be God’s Holy Wedding”, “The most important event for God in all of human history”…

Father told us on February 6, 1994: “It is our mission to prevent the destruction of humanity. No matter how difficult the situation is around us, we have to march on in one direction of God’s providence clearly. We must take action.” God’s providence is to establish a world which is absolutely centered on the True Love Principle and not on some human beings or some religious organization. That is unmistakably clear for all those who have understood the core of the Divine Principle.

What kind of actions are expected of us first and most of all? Let us look at this question from the viewpoint of what Father explained on that day: “We are the ones who know all the secrets of Satan, don’t we? We also know the secrets of God. We are beyond the completion of religion and philosophy, so all we can offer is our thanks. The core of everything is True Love.”

Two and a half decades ago Father declared that we have moved beyond the realm of religion and philosophy which have been perfected through his teaching. For this reason, it is a tragic step backwards for his wife to establish True Parents’ religion. Instead of moving forward by completely focusing on True Love as the core of everything, she has gone off in the wrong direction of being satisfied with living in the realm of belief in some religious dogma…

Father asked: “What is the most precious substance between parents and children, between brothers and sisters and between husband and wife?” His answer: “True Love; without True Love those relationships cannot occur.” Do members have True Love as their first priority in mind in everything they are doing? No, they don’t. Otherwise they would be speaking about it day in and day out, just as Father did throughout his life.

Are our members embodying the same heart as True Father who encouraged everybody on that day “Make sure you wear True Love glasses. Through these True Love spectacles you are able to only see true children, true brothers, true parents, true spouse, true wife or husband – nothing else. Once you take off these spectacles, you don’t see anything.”

Father spoke about one decisive point: “Our only difficulty and task is to go out and reach those satanic children and people, restore them first and then come back to our family and fulfill the ideal within our family. It is like a Cain and Abel concept. You have to love the Cain side first and then embrace the Abel family. This is the restoration course viewpoint. That is the difficult path we have to go through.” 

About the attitude we should embody, Father shared: “It is like being in the position of God, even if it means we have to sacrifice our children, we have to save the world. If we just stick with our own children and do not take care of the outside world then we can never save the world. This is the formula. The formula which Father practiced himself was coming to America, leaving his entire family behind; instead of loving his own family, he gave every ounce of his love and energy for this nation and world.”

How many among us have followed this example of truly loving the people of the world more than our own children? Very sadly, Father’s wife has not managed to do so. She got stuck in self-centeredness, in being focused on their own position instead of being totally selfless, forgetting about herself and sacrificing everything for the higher purpose of building heart-to-heart relationships with those who are against her, just as True Father exemplified for us.

In this way she is showing that she has not won the victory over the fallen archangel which is only possible by loving your enemy more than your own children, a fundamental truth which Father has pointed out in his first Peace Message. The same applies for most Unificationists who are not giving more love to their enemies than to their own sons and daughters. In this way they all are revealing that they have not subjugated Satan as they are still limited to loving their own beloved family members more than the suffering people of the world who are equally stuck in self-centeredness.

Based on this reality it is clear that our members have little relevance for the realization of God’s ideal because they themselves have not left the realm of being centered on their family, tribe or nation in favor of being concerned more than anything about the world just as our Heavenly Parent is doing.

On March 1, 1993 Father asked: “As we come to understand God’s will, our mind and body must unite. But as time goes on, which side will get the better of you? Will your old ways come back…?” None of us is safe from falling back to some old habits, just as the Unification Church as a whole might move to Satan’s side if it does not help in God’s work, as Father warned us on that day. Unfortunately, that has become a reality not only for his wife who began to live as she pleases, doing whatever she wants, as her husband deplored, but also for all others who are supporting a self-centered agenda of building a pseudo-version of CIG, one where everything is centered on Mother, as the one who has liberated her husband from original sin and has raised him to become the only-begotten son of God, etc.

Father had to state in that speech: We lost the Home Church area many years ago. Home church is to serve as the method to save the nation. Cain and Abel must become one and then seek for a larger plus, which is the mother. Together, they form a minus and seek the father. Then again, they become a larger minus and seek the larger plus, God. This is the principle of development.” Home Church is indeed the key to the realization of God’s ideal world by Blessed families as Tribal Messiahs taking care of their Cain tribe, Home Church, as well as their Abel tribe, their relatives.

Tragically, Mother got stuck on the level of seeking the larger plus in the form of mother. She left the realm of seeking to do the will of the Father by neglecting to put into practice what he has asked for centered on the Eight Great Textbooks. Much less is she concerned about following the principled development of being focused on the Living God as her absolute center while upholding the True Love Principle as the standard according to which she makes her decisions in daily life.

Father asked: “What is ‘church’? It is the organization which separates Satan and
brings people to God’s side. We have stayed on God’s side just barely, because of all the ropes that Father attached. Without these ropes we would have all been washed away.”

Once Father moved on to the spirit world, his substantial protection was not there anymore with Mother going off in a completely wrong direction than her husband by setting herself up as the center of God’s providence, as the person for whom Christianity had prepared for 2000 years, claiming that she was born knowing everything and completing now the providence, whereas in reality she has not even reached maturity herself and not received God’s Blessing for her marriage on the completion level so that the substantial manifestation of a True Mother of Humankind has remained unfulfilled.

“The Messiah’s mission is to become True Parents. Even if we die, we have to come back to finish this here. Father decided to even give up his life to do this. Be absolutely serious to do this.” 

Do our hearts match such a seriousness about which True Father speaks here? If Mother were serious about being a True Mother, then she would be totally dedicated to raising up people to become a true parent themselves, teaching them day and night about what it means to be a True Wife and a selflessly loving Mother who puts the wellbeing of her enemies before her own. Unfortunately, she is not doing this at all and is failing miserably to live up to the True Love standard.

In 1993 True Father deplored: “Father has given us the best gift, tribal messiahship. However, no one seems to understand. Father asked those national leaders who came to Alaska for training last summer to explain the meaning of tribal messiahship. Each had a different answer. What kind of formula is that? There must be one formula. Do you understand? Our original homeland is where we are going to be restored. In view of restoration, there is no way to deny this. That is the only way we can return to our homeland.” 

Yes, there is only one path which leads to the substantial realization of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, and that is none other than walking the way of True Love, of acting fully in line with the timeless and absolute True Love Principle. Nothing else will work.

In his speech “The time of liberation in the providence and our safe settlement” Father spoke about the task of becoming parents on the national level: Father has sent you out as a family messiah and tribal messiah and eventually, you have to become a national messiah. Horizontally they lie on the same line. ‘Messiah’ means True Parentship…” (February 27, 1994)

Ignoring that sacrificial position will never bring blessing to anyone who is rejecting the way of the Principle and pursuing a pseudo-ideal in the form of a centralized religious power system with a privileged class at the very top in the form of the Supreme Council and the top leaders. Such a pursuit has nothing to do with building the true Kingdom of Heaven where God’s presence can be felt in the hearts of every person as a true son or daughter, a loving husband or wife, a completely selfless parent,…

After having shared in-depth during the first four days of September 2011 about the planned True Parents’ holy wedding ceremony on their birthday in 2012, Father had lunch together with the leaders of our organizations in Korea at Cheon Jeong Roo where he gave the direction that all the Blessed families and Unification Church members have to know what Father said during that period of September 1 to 4, 2011. Peace TV made a video clip covering Father’s important messages given on those days. During Hoon Dok Hae at the Cheon Jeong Gung on September 8, 2011 the participants watched that video clip, titled “Father’s Message regarding the Sphere of the Resonance of Heaven and Earth and the Holy Wedding Ceremony of True Parents”.

Now let me ask you: “What do you know about the perfection level Blessing ceremony of True Parents in the realm of absolute resonance between Father and Mother? How long can you speak on this topic? One minute, or two? The theme of my question is the most important wedding ceremony in all of human history, yet most Unificationists do not know anything about it. Why? Because that most prestigious event never took place!

About the intended Holy Blessing of Father and Mother in marriage on the completion level Father emphasized on September 2, 2011: “What you should know is that True Parents’ holy wedding should be hundreds of times grander than any celebration held by any king in the course of history.” 

Did such a glorious celebration, grander than any other royal wedding in human history, take place in 2012 or 2013? Not the slightest trace of it exists in the reports by FFWPU, confirming that such a historic event never took place. True Parentship was not established on the completion level.

About the enormous importance of that event Father shared: “All heaven and earth should know about the D-Day True Parents have designated, even those who have just woken up. Do you think anyone could sleep on True Parents wedding day? How about the fish in the water, do you think they will want to attend our wedding, or not? [They will want to attend it.] Would the rats, pigs and even earthworms that live underground want to come to the wedding, or not? How about dogs, pigs, raccoons or badgers? How about all non-living things? How about raindrops and water? Rather than flow away, would water come and wait in stillness at the wedding? When you think about that, it is not fair. True Parents real wedding would be such an event that any form of being in the world, even dead and buried people would want to come to attend it. Wouldn’t you want to come too even if you were dead? Wouldn’t you? Even if it had been tens of thousands of years since you had died, wouldn’t you want to come back to life to celebrate the joyous occasion of True Parents’ holy wedding? Would you want to do that, or not? Would you want to see it, or not?”

What really counts in the eyes of God is being able to bless a couple who has reached perfection. Unfortunately, our Heavenly Parent could not experience the fulfilment of this long-cherished dream until this very day because True Parents real wedding never took place!

Father put a very serious question in front of those who had gathered on September 2, 2011: “When is D-Day? How many days are left? [499] Do you think the real True Parents will come on that day and have their wedding? 

Did the real True Parents appear on Foundation Day? No, they did not, because there was no unity between Father and Mother. According to Mother, that unity in mind and body was only achieved in 2018 so that from that time forward only one chair is needed for the position of True Parents!

On September 2, 2011 Father pointed out: “I need to marry off all the sons and daughters in your clans and bring them together. At this time, before Mother and Father’s wedding, they are the greatest possessions of the God of Night, the God of Day and True Parents. They are the greatest pillar and root. Without the seed tree, there can be nothing else. Isn’t that true? Then the God of Night and the God of Day would not need me. I found out that Lucifer made one false step and that our mother, Eve, committed a sin. I hate the fruits of her womb, the seeds she has sown.”

Did you read what Father said? “At this time, before Mother and Father’s wedding…” Even after more than half a century of marriage with Mother, Father spoke about their wedding as a future event. Why? Because they had received God’s Blessing merely on the formation and growth level. For this reason Father asked those who had gathered on that day, “Do you think the real True Parents will come on that day and have their wedding?” because the real True Parents have not appeared yet on this earth!

Father continued: “When I am trying to find the fundamental essence, I can see that there is only one ancestral couple. There cannot be two sets of True Parents. There cannot be two True Fathers. Is that true? [Yes, it is.] God has no wife, the same for the God of Night and the God of Day. Unmarried people will disappear. Yet because of me they cannot disappear, can they? Because they need me. They are waiting for that day and because I know about it, I cannot do things as I please. You should understand this clearly. There is no greater blessing than if I bless you on the same day at the same hour as True Parents’ wedding. There is one lineage, not two. People should live together in joy…”

Father made it very clear that there cannot be two sets of True Parents just as there cannot be two True Fathers and that God has no wife. Why? Because Mother has not grown to reach maturity. According to the statements of her husband she did not qualify to receive God’s Blessing for her marriage on the completion level and remains unable to stand in this way in the position of God’s wife.

Father asked, “Who married True Parents?” It is clear that Father chose Mother after his previous marriages had not been successful in respect to the bride living up to the standard which is required of a wife of the Lord of the Second Advent. God blessed Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han at the Marriage of the Lamb in 1960 when True Parentship was established on the formation stage. Only after 5 decades of their living together was God able to bless them on the growth stage, whereas the completion stage of their marriage was never reached.