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On February 27, 2007 Father emphasized: “Absolutely you should not believe anything other than Father’s words. What I dislike the most is you adding your own words. Can you revise the documents that Father and God blessed and stamped? When you read the Peace Messages, you should not read them in your own way. You should see them as something absolute. They have the contents which your descendants can love and revere for tens of thousands of generations.”

What did Mother do? She went to the publication department and requested that certain contents be removed from the already published volumes with Father’s speeches, like the following: “Don’t change Father’s words!” For this reason it was censored out from page 255 of the original volume number 601! She made such a request while Father was still alive in the spring of 2012 because she was determined to change the words of her husband but did not want people to know that he had forbidden her and anybody else to do so!

In her deposition on July 14, 2018 Mother was asked: “Mrs. Moon, in your declaration … you say:  After Reverend Moon passed, I became the spiritual leader of the Unification Church responsible for continuing the ministry of Reverend Moon. Is that statement incorrect?” Her answer: “That is also correct. It is also correct that I’m the True Parent.” And to the additional question, “But before Reverend Moon passed, you were not the spiritual leader of the Unification Church; Reverend Moon was. Is that right?” she responded with: “I told you many times — few times already that I was the spiritual leader from the beginning. True Parents are equal from the holy wedding.”

In this way she has been contradicting her own testimony which she gave on May 3, 1977 at East Garden where she explained about the first years of her marriage: During this period I felt the grace of God constantly upon me. When I was in agony God revealed Himself to me and gave me messages and guidance. When I was not receiving such guidance from Him directly, God used the people around me, loving people, protecting people. Through them God gave me constant guidance, daily instruction, and leadership. Those days were a tremendous ordeal of difficulties and tribulations, but at the same time those days were truly most beautiful, a time of grace when God’s presence was indeed with me. Now that I have come to this point, when I look back, all those memories of hardship have turned into joy, something that I can converse about and have fellowship with Father over.”

That fact is confirmed by Father telling us that his wife was in the position of a servant after their wedding: “Knowing about this impossible, tense background, as soon as the holy wedding was conducted in 1960, I asked Mother’s mother to confine herself; she was not to come to see her own daughter too often, or if she did, she should come secretly through the back door. That put Mother’s mother in such a miserable, cast-out position that nobody envied her role. Everyone had thought that becoming Mother’s mother would be glorious, like being the mother of an empress. But I just silenced all those expectations and pushed her into a sacrificial role, not even letting her come to see her daughter freely.

Furthermore, in the first year I treated Mother almost like a servant instead of my wife. We were bride and bridegroom, but that honeymoon period was nothing but an ordeal on Mother’s part. She started out as a servant because I wanted her to start out from the very bottom. The important internal meaning behind my actions in that period was a test of faith for Grandmother and Mother. No matter what the circumstances, they should not complain or rebel against me. They had to accept and persevere. That was the real goal, what I really wanted. And they met that expectation.”

Father made it very clear that whereas he had at that time already been victorious in all the dispensational levels, his wife was at the beginning of her course and had to start out at the bottom: “It was the Cain and Abel situation all over again. In order to understand Cain’s position, you have to suffer for the sake of Cain, or you have no way to become Abel. Grandmother and Mother were in the Abel position to all other people, but they had to be in a position to embrace all those who are despondent. I was already victorious in all the dispensational levels, from the individual to the universal level; Satan had no right to accuse me. However, Mother was at the beginning, so the first seven years were Mother’s training session, Mother’s seven-year fishing expedition. The first three years were for her to struggle for her own victory as an individual woman, to be victorious in the sight of God by winning over Satan. The next four years were for the whole family to go through that incredible testing period. Mother started out at the bottom, moving toward perfection.”

Mother denied in court what Father has clearly explained about her course and what she had confirmed in the past! At the time of the Marriage of the Lamb, Father was already victorious in all the dispensational levels, from the individual to the universal level, so that Satan had no right to accuse him. However, Mother was at the beginning, so the first seven years were Mother’s training session during which she was struggling for her own victory as an individual woman. The important internal meaning behind Father’s actions in that period was a test of faith for her. No matter what the circumstances, she should not complain or rebel against her husband.

Father explained that his wife had to go such a course in order to be victorious in the sight of God by winning over Satan. It was a testing period whereby Mother started out at the bottom, moving toward perfection. However now, Mother claims the opposite in her sworn testimony: She was already recognized by God as the Mother of the Universe at the time of her marriage, and the spiritual leader from that day forward!

What she is actually doing in this way is denying her own victories! She did not have to go through a period of growth to reach maturity but automatically became perfect in an instant on her wedding day so that God would recognize her in the highest position a woman could ever reach – to be the Mother of the Universe, the True Mother of humankind, etc.

Father shared at the end of Mother giving her testimony“The other Sunday I clearly explained that the Messiah’s role started down in the dungeon. I applied that principle to Mother, and that same principle shall be applied to my own children. Therefore, it cannot be changed for you. That is why I push you. Can you complain? Suppose that in those days of hardship Mother had complained against me and given up, thrown up her hands and said, ‘Father, no matter what you are, I don’t care.’ Then she could not be a Mother to you all. In your case, too, if I place you in a certain position and you start to complain, then you lose your position entirely. When you become self-centered and begin to complain, then you begin to lose.”

What does this mean for Mother today, when she is denying that she went through a course of winning the victory over temptations and qualifying to be a mature daughter of God? It means that she did not fulfil the qualifications to be the True Mother, a title which no woman gets on their wedding day, also not Mother. So, she has been lying in court that she became the True Mother of the Universe in 1960! In the light of the Principle and Father’s explanations it is clear that she is not the True Mother she claims to be because she did not qualify for it through winning over the obstacles and challenges from the side of evil on all 8 vertical and horizontal levels like True Father has done!

Tragically, although she has been victorious in the first decades of her life, at a later stage when the challenges and temptations became bigger, she became self-centered and in this way she began to lose more and more of her original spirit, ending up where she is today, telling everybody that she is very special, so they should be glad to have met her, and be absolutely obedient to her directions. She is promoting the Hyo Jeong culture of being loyal to her, even to the extent that she calls herself the lord/master over all members, as you can hear for yourself at 1 minute 32 seconds of the short video where she says: “Right now I am your only master. You should know that.” And the leaders respond with, “Yes!”

No loving mother would say to her children that she is their only master! Merely from this viewpoint alone it is unmistakably clear that Mother has not reached maturity in heart so that she could be called “True Mother”. She is still in the Old Testament realm of a master servant relationship, which has nothing to do with the realm that True Father has opened up where we can live under the direct dominion of God. 

How much she is contradicting herself can also be seen when you remember what she said four decades ago, and what she is saying today: In 1977 she testified: “The first time I met Father, he looked at me and asked, ‘What is your name?’ I answered, ‘My name is Hak Ja Han.’ Then Father closed his eyes and meditated for a moment and said, almost to himself, but I could still hear, ‘Oh, God, You have given such a woman, Hak Ja Han, to this country of Korea.’ At that time I felt strange that this religious leader should have a special feeling or revelation concerning my own future.”

Mother felt strange that Father had a special feeling or revelation concerning her own future. How does this fit into her claims that she knew God’s providence, being aware that Father is in the position of the only-begotten son destined to marry her as the only-begotten daughter. If it were true what she insists on now, then she could not have felt strange, but it would be very clear for her that Father felt in that way because she is the only-begotten daughter destined to marry him!

Next, Mother shared in her testimony that when she received the official invitation to prepare for an engagement and marriage she felt: “‘Who am I to decide whether this is good or bad? So far, my life has been governed directly by God. Whatever the will of God, whatever His purpose or dispensation, I shall be His servant. I shall obey in everything.’ That was my feeling.”

Compare this with what she said in 2018: “Because I knew God’s providence and God’s Will from birth, at an early young age, I decided to go on the position as the True Parent. That’s why I got married.” And, “I was born as sinless only-begotten daughter, naturally I knew everything. I knew Rev. Moon carried the mission from Jesus, but if I don’t marry him he cannot become a True Parent, so I had to marry him.” If it were true what she says now, then she would not have felt in this way of not knowing whether this proposal is good or bad. She would have exactly known that this is the Will of God! Therefore, it is crystal-clear and proven by her own words that the claims she is making today are merely made up without any substance in the reality of her past!

That fact is also confirmed in what she said further: “Father knew me well. Particularly in those days, at the age of 18, in that early springtime I just did not want to analyze the situation. I wanted to totally give myself for the heavenly will.” Hak Ja Han trusted that it is the Will of God, but did not know it, contrary to what she is telling us today, 41 years later.

Dr. Bo Hi Pak testified: “Everyone recognized her brilliant academic ability, but at that time she almost lived like a nun. She shied away from all activities with men, and felt it was somewhat sinful and impure to even just look at men. She was like a beautiful flower in a greenhouse and absolutely isolated herself from the external environment. Of course we know now that this was a heavenly preparation to purify her to meet the Lord one day. However, she had not known all these things.” Even Father’s main translator in those years tells us that she did not know about these preparations, yet she claims today that she knew it all.

This is the truth which is consistent with her own words: She was not aware of God having prepared her for the possibility to marry the Lord of the Second Advent in case those who previously received that honor would fail. She did not know at that time, yet today she says proudly that she knew everything, contradicting her own words, her own testimony which she gave 4 decades ago. Who are we to believe? The sincere young Mother in her thirties, or what she claims now after Father’s ascension, coming up with all kinds of stories of which none of the members have ever heard before?

In 1977 Mother shared sincerely: “From an external perspective, knowing who Father is, people commonly come to the conclusion that I must feel very honored and be very happy to have Father as my husband. They think that God made me in such a way that I was born perfect and that I haven’t had to make any effort. They think that I just met Father and we had a very happy family life, and I am just enjoying my position, and so forth. This is the general view when people see me. But on the contrary, as much as Father walked the road of the cross and tribulation to be ordained in his position, I was also given an incredible cross to bear in order to become Mother. I had to reach for perfection. That standard is so high that sometimes I felt it was virtually impossible to reach the goal. Through that tremendous ordeal and hardship, patience, perseverance and extraordinary faith were needed to achieve the expectation of God. (Again Mother wept.)”

Yes, that is the truth, spoken by the young and honest Mother when she still had a pure heart to see her own situation from God’s point of view. How can she state today the opposite of what she has shared from her heart even with tears? How deeply she must have fallen to contradict herself totally in what she says today about her course, compared to what she honestly confessed in 1977?

I also want to address the fact that the original words that Mother spoke in the past have been greatly changed in the anthology of her speeches, with new content having been added which she never said in 1977!

Dr. Pak explained about Mother: “When she thinks of the path she walked, it automatically brings her to tears because it reminds her of all her hardships and tribulations. This is why, as you can see, Mother is very emotional and sorrowful this morning. Just thinking of the things she passed through is incredible torture. God tested her again and again, just as much as God tested our Father. Satan was always trying to test her just as he tested Jesus and Father. This delicate young lady had to go through the same ordeals; it is all given in a secret chapter of history. But once we have even a glimpse of such implications, knowing the Principle we can just imagine how hard her path was.”

Yes, her path was very hard, but let me ask you: Father pioneered the course of becoming the true son of God and reached perfection by the age of 40. Mother joined him in marriage and could witness more closely than anybody on this earth how a perfected child of God behaves in all kinds of situations and circumstances, yet even after 5 decades of living together with the Lord of the Second Advent who had won complete victory over Satan, she had still not reached maturity so that Father had to ask her to become perfect by June 16, 2013.

After 49 years, nearly half a century of being the most beloved of the True Son of God, she was not yet victorious over Satan and had still not yet fulfilled her portion of responsibility as Father stated on February 16, 2009: “While I am trying to bring Satan under submission with the supremacy of the Garden of Eden, Mother is not able to. 97% is done but 3% is still remaining. While in Las Vegas, Father and Mother did not become one. ‘I won’t listen to what Father says’ Had I responded to that, the two could have split and Father and Mother could have become unrelated people.” (page 310 of the original volume 607)

At the age of 35 years, Mother was still sincere and told brothers and sisters honestly: “After just a glimpse of my mission of being married to such an extraordinary person who was carrying such a universal burden, I felt it was virtually impossible to even think of fulfilling it.” Unfortunately, that feeling became a reality and Hak Ja Han did not fulfil her task. Instead of doing so, she decided to pursue her own agenda and to live outside of the realm of the Principle in which she does not believe anymore. That is the sad tragedy of her life. In such a state, she continues to contradict herself like claiming in her 2018 deposition that she was already recognized by God as the Mother of the Universe at her wedding, whereas in 1977 she confessed that she felt that it was virtually impossible to even think of living up to the task which was entrusted to her.

Dr. Pak testified that Mother went through the bottom of hell: “Sometimes she felt that it was impossible to continue, just absolutely impossible! Such situations were too numerous to even count. During those days what was needed was untiring faith, determination, perseverance and patience. Those made her what she is today.” 

Yes, Mother achieved many incredible victories in the first decades of her life, but later she became more and more self-centered, even to the extent that she is asking today for brothers and sisters to gather ever bigger crowds of people so that she could tell them about herself, the only-begotten daughter, who miraculously became perfect and was recognized by God as the True Mother of the Universe on her wedding day!

Dr. Pak told members that Mother would like to give them a message which she put in the following words: “On your way to heaven you must not experience only the heavenly side. You must taste the dungeons of hell, too. That will finally be the most precious part of God’s grace. By doing so you will become strong and you can mature all around into a wholesome personality, God’s personality. Then you will appreciate heaven better and someday you will have something you can be proud of, your record of victory and perseverance. It will give you pride.”

All of that was thrown away by Mother. She is living contrary to her own testimony by claiming today that she was recognized by God already on the day of her marriage as the person who has reached perfection not only as True Mother, but also as the Mother of the Universe. No course of growth to go through, her personal path of winning over temptations during the first 3 years after 1960, and no accomplishment of being victorious on the family level during the 4 years that followed, so that in 1968 God’s Day could be proclaimed.

Having read this far, please go back and then open the link with Sun Jin Nim reading from the Anthology of Mother’s life, the same part of her testimony whereby the words of Dr. Pak have suddenly become her own words! You can see how much the content was changed when you listen to the reading by Sun Jin Nim and look at what is published at

That is what is happening: Because Dr. Pak is already in spirit world and he cannot protest that his words were turned into the words of Mother, the authors of the anthology don’t have any qualms of conscience to put Dr. Pak’s words into the mouth of Mother! This is merely one example of the falsification and deception which is going on under the leadership of Mother, whereby it is understandable that she is eager to reduce the volumes of Father speeches down to 40 because otherwise people may read the original words and find out that they were deceived by her to believe she was saying things which she never said.

When you listen to the version of her testimony as read by Sun Jin Nim, it is obvious that many things have been added which Mother definitely did not say in her testimony in 1977, like referring to herself as the Mother of the Universe. Not only words spoken by other people are suddenly her own words, but content is being added which she did not express at the given time. Accuracy and correct translation are thrown out of the window because now deception reigns under the leadership of Mother!

Instead of conveying what Mother had actually said on May 3, 1977, the authors of the anthology created their own version of what Mother supposedly has said on that day, a version which is fitting to her new identity and claims. So they not only added new terms like “Mother of the Universe”, which she did not use at all at that time, but they created a new narrative, namely, that Mother reached perfection by 1977: “During that growth period I was much worried about reaching perfection, but now that the period has ended and I have reached the standard by Heaven…”. The authors of the anthology of Mother’s words do not hesitate to deceive the reader to believe that Mother had reached perfection by 1977 whereas in reality, Father had to speak even three decades later that she has not yet fulfilled her portion of responsibility to reach maturity!

Listen to what she supposedly said next: “I was always able to have profound dialogues and exchanges with True Father. In other words, between True Father and I there were endless topics of conversations, an infinite understanding. We held unceasing dialog with complete trust in one another. Without having to say many words, True Father and I understood each other’s situations perfectly. This was because the circumstances which True Father went through were identical to the path I have trodden, so much so that it was almost uncanny. True Father and I had an insightful understanding, one common purpose for which we endured everything with indomitable faith, and we fought against all hardship and we felt triumphant because we had reached the standard of perfection where Satan could not invade us in any way. That feeling of triumph we feel when True Father and I look at each other it is a source of infinite consolation and comforting.”

Mother did not share any of these things in her testimony on May 3, 1977! This content was fabricated in the minds of those who are supposed to offer a correct recording of her actual words!

Compare this content with what Mother has repeatedly said about herself, namely, that in her life she had nobody who would understand her. She had not a single person who could understand her heart. It does not fit together at all with the narrative of the ideal wife who has such a wonderful mutual understanding with her husband. Her statements today fully contradict what she has supposedly said four decades ago!

Sun Jin Nim continued in her reading: “There is one more thing I want to say to you, through many experiences with God, I came to know how He accomplishes His will. In my life I have truly traveled Heaven and hell. I came to realize that both kinds of experiences, not just one kind or the other, were necessary to completely mature my character, and make me the person God expects me to be. If I had only experienced the joys of Heaven, I would not be able to appreciate deeply the taste of life in the kingdom of Heaven, and therefore I would not be grateful for it. I had to travel even to the very bottom of hell to experience its bitter taste. Countless times I said, ‘I don’t have the strength to continue on this path, but the plaque of appreciation presented to True Mother at the declaration ceremony of True Parents’ cosmic victory, took this difficult path away…”

Mother said none of these things in her testimony in 1977, yet it is presented in the anthology as her own words! It is clear that the True Parents’ cosmic victory, to which she supposedly referred in her speech, was declared only 22 years later on June 14, 1999! Facts do not count for the authors of Mother’s anthology, but only the narrative of an ideal True Mother who is one with her husband as the loving Mother of the Universe, although such a picture has nothing to do with reality!

By the way, let me ask you: Mother has reached perfection by the age of 17 years, which the church historian Michael Mickler presents as fact in his recent paper about True Parents as the only-begotten son and daughter. How is it possible that a mature person who is one with God is not able to appreciate deeply the taste of life in the Kingdom of Heaven and be grateful for it without having gone to the very bottom of hell to experience its bitter taste?! It does not make sense, because a perfect person does not need such painful and suffering experiences in order to feel grateful for the goodness he or she is  experiencing!

You can hear Sun Jin Nim saying, “When you hear True Mother’s own words of the path she had to go through…” whereas most of the content which she was reading was not spoken by her Mother! Unfortunately, Sun Jin Nim herself did not read the testimony which her Mother gave at the age of 34, because otherwise she would have noticed that what she was sharing with her audience sounded very different from the original actual words.

The international president of FFWPU continued: “We have 52 years when True Parents were married. True Mother just sat there, we never heard from her, we did not know who she was. And if you really think why that was, it is because True Father was the center, as we all know.” Yes, we all know it, except for Mother, who stated in her sworn testimony that she has been the leader of the Unification Church since her marriage day in 1960!

Sun Jin Nim explained: “At that time True Mother was indemnifying Eve’s role. True Father was indemnifying Adam’s role and True Mother was indemnifying Eve’s role. And even until the last days of Father’s life Mother served in absolute attendance, in absolute faith, and absolute obedience True Father…” 

Unfortunately, Sun Jin Nim has not been reading the speeches which her Father has given as recorded in the volumes with his sermons because otherwise she would know that what she is saying is not true at all according to what her Father stated about his wife. There are many examples of his admonishing her, which confirm that Mother was not at all showing absolute attendance, in absolute faith and absolute obedience to God’s Will, but rather, the opposite, even to the extent that she told Father directly, “I will not listen to what you say!”

Sun Jin Nim noted: “True Mother said, ‘I indemnified Eve.’” Unfortunately, that is not what her Mother is saying now, contradicting her previous statements. She is talking now about another person having indemnified the position of Eve, in order to feel justified to claim that nobody educated her and that she did not have to be obedient to her husband who had become one with God!

There are basically two kinds of happiness: You feel happy because other people admire and praise you, etc. or you feel uplifted based on having brought joy into the life of other people. The first is a self-centered happiness which is not lasting, whereas the second is bound to be ever growing because those who are selflessly loved naturally want to respond and give back to the person who is investing into them.

How does this fundamental principle look like in the life of Mother? According to what her husband has told us about his relationship to her, it has been more difficult for Father to raise her up than to go through the hard labor in Heung Nam prison whereby most prisoners did not survive much longer than a year or two. In other words, the deepest suffering which True Father has experienced in his whole life was in the relationship with his wife!

Mrs. Gil Ja Eu, the wife of the first president of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity, mentions about this fact in the book which she wrote as a Testimony to the Word of God. That Father suffered more than we could ever imagine can also be sensed from what he shared on various occasions about what his wife had said to him, so that he even asked whether there is anything scarier one can say than what his wife had told him, in this case: “You work by the Principle, but I do not.” (February 20, 2005)

Why is such a statement so very scary for the Third Adam? Because it means that his wife decided to lead an unprincipled life! Mother, who was supposed to restore the position of Eve, decided to live outside of the realm of the Divine Principle which God established at the beginning of creation, namely, that all people are meant to experience lasting happiness by living for the sake of others. Ever so sad but true, Mother became more and more centered on herself, which put Father into a very difficult situation about which he spoke on February 21, 2005 after asking: “Is there a center of the Unification Movement? Is there a family core?” telling those who had gathered: “The teacher is enduring all these difficulties until now in order to overcome the tribulations that can only be overcome by properly establishing Mother…

Unifying the world is easier than raising a woman and making an ideal wife of her. It’s even more difficult than the saying, ‘Learn to rule yourself before you rule the universe.’ Mother does not know about this. She should be listening right now. She should know this.”

Why has Mother not been attending her husband so that she would be eager to know what he is sharing with brothers and sisters? In reality, she had no interest to do so and even told her husband after 49 years of marriage to him, “I won’t listen to what you say.” as Father told us in 2009 (See page 310 of the original volume 607). A person who has shown such a poor standard of attendance towards her God-given partner, is now asking absolute obedience to her own directions from Unificationists, insisting that she is their only master and the master of humankind

What is the reason behind Father having to ask, “Is there a center of the Unification Movement? Is there a family core?” The answer lies in the sad truth that his wife did not fulfil her task to be a loving Mother for all members who loves them more than her own children, just as her husband has been doing according to the Heavenly principle that a true Abel and Parent has to love those in the Cain position the most in order to win their hearts to also live fully in accordance with this timeless principle that unconditional Love is the key to resolving any kind of issues in relationships.

That it is impossible to have a Unified Family, as our Movement was called in the early days in the West, without a stable family core of a True Father and True Mother who are one in heart is more visible today than ever before, with deep gaps between the various factions in our midst after Mother has pushed her husband more and more aside in order to be herself, the only master of all members!

Mother has thrown her husband out to the extent that she does not mention him even with one word in her public speeches, but she never forgets to praise herself as the most special person in human history, the one who was born as the “Only-Begotten Daughter.” She went even so far as to claim that she has greater love than God, as she did at the victory celebration following her speech in Vienna after she had handed out money.

Following her address in the Nassau Colosseum she said to those who had gathered in the Ballroom of the Marriott Hotel “I send my endless love to all of you!” She is claiming to have endless love, whereas in reality, she cannot even love her own husband and children! If she would truly love them there would be a strong family core in our Movement and the present situation of division on so many levels could have never come about!