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Dear blessed families,

My wife is Korean and she frequently keeps up-to-date with discussions taking place within the Unification Movement in Korea. She very recently received a copy (English/Korean) of a recent speech Ms. Hak Ja Han gave at a National Leaders meeting held on November 11, 2020 at the Cheongpyeong Training Center in Korea. She shared the speech content with me. The FFWPU recently sent out its “Peace TV ” video which contained only 6-7 minutes of the speech. Her actual (translated below) was 45 minutes long.

After reading the entire content, I was shocked by some of the things Han Cheongjae said, as were a number of Korean leaders who were reportedly present at the meeting. Below, I have highlighted (in RED) the more troublesome statements in her speech. I have added my own comments (in BLUE) immediately following the RED highlighted statements.

(NOTE: Some time ago I wrote an extensive critique of Han Cheongjae’s words and directions given during the final years of True Father’s life (and thereafter), comparing them with the words and directions of True Father himself. You can find that earlier piece by clicking here: “Concerns with what Mother is saying/doing”. The speech given on 11/11/20 confirms my initial assessments. I hope you can more clearly see how much Han Cheongjae has strayed, step by step, from her original mission.


Han Chongjae’s Speech (November 11th, 2020 / 10 AM KST)

Special Assembly of 500 leaders from the entire nation
Cheongpyeong Training Center, South Korea

On November 11, 2020, Han Cheongjae spoke at Cheongpyeong, South Korea during a national assembly with 500 Korean leaders. The 45-minute speech was edited and published on PeaceTV, a video platform for the Heavenly Parents Church.

Did you make a serious and solemn determination to substantially realize God’s Dream, Heavenly Parents’ Dream? (Yes) We need to bear actual fruit not only just a declaration. We need to make citizens of Cheon Il Guk.

True Parent’s dream is to find Heavenly Parents’ nation here on earth and to embrace all humanity. That course to find fallen humanity on earth was so lonely and exhausting. Not once a result was made when a central figure was appointed. Moving providence by appointing one central figure after another was so difficult and painful.

After six thousand years Heaven sent the Only-Begotten Daughter through the Korean people in 1943. After much turmoil in Christianity since Jesus’ crucifixion 2000 years ago, they have waited for the messiah to come once again.

What about 1920, the birth of Rev. Moon whom we deem to be the messiah? Why is True Father being ignored by Hak Chongjae? The entire emphasis from her speech is only revolving around her birth in 1943.

Christianity still does not know why Jesus came and what the Creator wanted. Since the messiah was to come again, that fact and purpose to wait for that day was clear. To do the wedding supper of the Lamb. That is why in the 2000 years of Christianity’s history, it is not only the Messiah that Christians need to wait for. They must meet the Only-Begotten Daughter. The Only-Begotten Daughter. The only-begotten son, Jesus Christ came two thousand years ago. It was the first coming. Since Heaven’s providence needs to be realized on earth, the Lord of the Second Advent needs to do his mission as the only-begotten son. Then that person who has the responsibility of Messiah must meet the Only-Begotten Daughter.

What is the mission of the messiah? We learned in the Divine Principle that the messiah came to fulfill what Adam could not, i.e. establish the ideal God-centered family. Therefore, the messiah had to find “Eve” from the fallen world in order to establish an ideal family. And what is the meaning of the “Only-Begotten Daughter”? Her interpretation to this “new” role is that God’s providence was to prepare the foundation for her, not for True Father. She also said at another time that she knew everything from the beginning and that Father never taught her anything. In a speech given by Father on February 16, 2009, he stated “I must take a woman as a daughter and raise her to be my wife and then to be a mother, grandmother, and finally a queen, all the way to the position of the wife of God. That is the way only the True Parent knows and the final task which only he can do. I must raise Mother for that purpose because I cannot entrust it to anybody else. I need to see things through until the end.” 

Before meeting the Only-Begotten Daughter, he must not do things based on his self-centered decisions. Even if I don’t mention the details, you can figure out what I mean by looking at the 60 years of Unification Church history.

This statement is strange. First, Father never did things centered on his own decisions. He did things according to God’s will and God’s providence. He was the central figure of God’s providence. Why does Han Chongjae say that the messiah should not do things based on his own judgment before meeting her? Does she mean that during the 40 year period before 1960 when they had the Holy Blessing, Father could not do anything? Is she implying that Father could not commune with God and properly assess the next providential step needed? Is she accusing Father of being totally selfish in his decision-making?

We learned in our movement’s history, Han Chongjae was not Father’s first wife. Han Chongjae is inferring that True Father should never have wed his first wife. But True Father taught clearly that his first wife, who was highly placed within the Christian society, was prepared by Heaven to be his bride. Unfortunately, Father’s first wife was not able to unite and support her husband in his mission. She failed in her own portion of responsibility, her own 5%, which neither God nor True Father could do for her. Even though he did not want to, Father was forced to end the relationship. Therefore, Father had to find another wife… eventually Han Chongjae was raised by Father to be his wife. However, now Han Chongjae wants to reverse this and change the history to be centered on her and not on True Father, as if True Father is not still alive in the spiritual realm. This is reversal of dominion and rewriting of providential history. Han Chongjae is distorting the very character of Rev. Moon whom we have all come to honor and love.

Our Heavenly Parents, our Creator lives forever and is eternal, wanting to live together with human beings on earth. Human’s lifespan on earth is short. In such a short life children who have not fallen need to create pure and genuine True Love between parents and children and feel excitement to attend Heavenly Parents and offer joy and honor.

During the 2 one million people rallies, when I talked about nature as an example, the reaction from the world was so great. The fallen humanity does not know the beauty and gratefulness of nature. Nature follows the rule of creation so if human beings do not intervene there are no problems. The problem is that fallen humanity is destroying the natural world and there is great selfishness centered on human beings… The heavy rains, forest fires, more typhoons from climate change this year. You know how much damage there was and how many peoples’ lives were lost. Also, this corona pandemic has been going on for almost a year and creating many causalities worldwide. We hear cures are being made in U.S., Germany and U.K. but they cannot be used right away. Scientists say that a greater disaster is waiting after this. They say, as the ice in the South and North Pole is melted there will be a greater threat with dangerous bacteria. How difficult was it for humanity to protect the beautiful heaven on earth that Heavenly Parents has dreamed of? With the current reality of powerhouse nations not knowing the providence, a unified world of one family that Heavenly Parents dreamt of cannot be accomplished. There are so many obstacles. That is today’s reality. However, Heaven did not give up. Through the Korean people Heaven sent the Only-Begotten Daughter and True Parents was born. Why do you not applaud? (Applause)

Again, why is True Father and his central role being ignored? Why does Han Chongjae miss every opportunity to lift up True Father? She is constantly creating an atmosphere of competition with True Father often making accusations against him.

True Parents! Humanity not recognizing and going against the parents cannot become the children of Heavenly Parents. Even in society children who do not respect their parents are not welcome.

No good parent will ever close their doors on their children no matter how much the children cause them pain and difficulty. Is not that why Heavenly Father never gave up on humanity? It was the impulse of true love that allowed humanity to come back to God. For Han Chongjae to say this means that there is no hope for the children who do not follow the parents. She is denying the very essence and nature of Heavenly Father. As children of God, our first responsibility is to resemble Him. This goes for Han Chongjae as well.

However, the birth of True Parent needs to be started in the national level. Heaven gave these people time to be enlightened.

How was this small and unknown nation on the Korean Peninsula able to have 16 nations in the UN to join the war? The people need to know. Because of Heaven’s protection, the Creator God’s protection, and our Heavenly Parents’ protection. From there, the atmosphere was set for the only-begotten daughter and only-begotten son to be in the position of True Parents to realize Heavenly Parents’ dream on earth. These people and this nation’s Christian foundation should have knelt and been grateful for God’s great blessing (applause) but became deaf and blind. These actions were repeated, and God’s voice was not heard. As the Unification church providence went through a difficult course worldwide the past 60 years, should we lose this serious timing for the Korean people to be enlightened? (No).

After Father’s Seonghwa, who opened the doors to Cheon Il Guk? (It is Mother). Father said he accomplished everything before his Seonghwa. But he accomplished everything of what?

Most of us understood that True Father opened the doors to Cheon Il Guk. He even gave a famous speech on June 13, 2006 entitled the “Declaration of the Era of Cheon Il Guk”. Now, Han Chongjae is saying that only she did!

The responsibility of True Parents should be to attend the Heavenly Parents on earth. They should show a life of attendance before humanity. I recently heard the song ‘Thank you’ by Cho Hang Jo. From the position of True Parents, these are the words that Father absolutely should have told me before going to spirit world.

As True Parents, as a husband and as a Father, he should not say that he accomplished everything. He should have asked me to accomplish it for him.

Han Chongjae spoke these words in frustration about Father failing to thank her and also not beseeching her to fulfill the mission God had tasked him to do, especially since this was his final prayer before passing away. First, she is not the Lord of the Second Advent. Father is. That means his mission is different from the mission that his wife is required to carry out and fulfill. In order to restore Eve’s mistake, she should become the ideal daughter, the ideal wife, and ultimately, the ideal mother of all humankind. Yet, she is not even able to love her own children; especially her sons, whom she has now summarily given up on. No mother should give up on her children, especially if she is supposed to be the Mother of all Humankind. Second, according to Father’s teaching, the 3 Great Kingships is fulfilled through father-son cooperation. And therefore, the successful passage of True Father’s lineage to the next generation can only be accomplished through the son, not through the wife, who is of course, of the same generation as Father.

That is why I offered three years of jeongseong, mourning at his grave. Because I know. Since I am here on the earth, I will accomplish what Father was not able to do. I made determination after determination. When you come here to Cheon Seung Jeon what do you feel? My human strength? No. I am quite old. Even at a time when I could not see what is coming right ahead, even when the state of my body was not able to take one single step, I needed to go. I needed to make result. I needed to show.

Especially those who are called elders of the Unification Church, those who have only been looking at True Father for 50 or 60 years, they could not accept me when I declared I was the Only-Begotten Daughter.

Being in the same age range that Han Chongjae is targeting here, I strongly object to her accusing elder members because of their love and adoration for True Father. There seems to be a campaign by Han Chongjae, Mr. Yun Yong Ho and her key staff to progressively push out all elders who express their loyalty to Father.

I have waited for and endured for 60 years. I endured well. Now they have to thank me. It is because True Parents have the responsibility to create an environment where they have lived in attendance to Heavenly Parents on earth.

However, these people have to protect and support True Parents. This country still does not know the providence of heaven, and only the blessed families and the blessed children have registered into Cheonbo. With this situation, can we conclude our lives? Can we? (No) Didn’t I speak to you earnestly that at least one third of the 7.8 billion human beings should become the citizens of Cheon Il Guk who know and attend Heavenly Parents while True Parents are on the earth? I said that I would please and comfort Heavenly Parents deeply into the core of my heart every day. This is the duty of those who received the Blessing to live such a life. How can your life end with your own Blessing only? We have to make this country the one which can embrace all mankind from the position of greatly blessed by Heaven in front of the world, and we have to make this people such citizens of Cheon Il Guk. You cannot keep doing the same thing you have been doing in the past, in 2019. 2020 and 2021 must be the years of harvesting the fruits. Absolutely.

Earlier, the Director conveyed my words that we have to create an environment where politicians in this country come before True Parents and kneel down to ask for the anointment. Did you hear that? (Yes) To do so, you must take responsibility. You pastors should. I will give more time for the pastors who could not fulfill 43 families. Within 100 days, before the anniversary of the Holy Wedding in 2021, can you pledge to complete it within this period? (Yes) (applause) From now on, just saying “yes” is no good. You must accomplish it. Only by doing so, you can move this nation. So, I will give you 4.3 million won in order to help you accelerate the process. (applause) Looks like you couldn’t hear me. Why so quiet applause? (applause) Don’t make an excuse that you could not do it because making a living as a pastor is difficult. Do you understand? (Yes) Will you do it? (Yes) (applause)

I was appalled by this misuse of heavenly funds giving leaders free money with zero accountability! We do not even know how they will use this money! Father has always emphasized that one of the most serious sins is the misuse of public funds. This is clearly a bribe, but it was omitted from the official video. Will the general members ever be informed of it? The leaders are being treated as servants; to be paid for their providential work. While the members are being treated as slaves; to be asked for unending donations without explanation of where their donations are going. Many have experienced corrupt leaders often misusing heavenly funds. Now, some of those same leaders are to be paid off by Han Chongjae with the members’ hard won donations. Money should never be a motivating factor to bring Heaven’s results. What kind of unheavenly tradition is being set by Han Chongjae here? Those responsible for a heavenly goal should not be motivated by the bribe of money. This money came from the sweat and blood donations of the members. Yet, the members themselves are not being offered such a “reward” for fulfilling their 43 goals. Such misuse of public funds is even more detestable, especially when the sale of many providential properties (SuTeakRi Training Center for example) are being reported around the world and very expensive statues and monuments are being erected at Cheongpyeong. At the same time, many people are being removed from their positions which affects their families’ livelihood.

An unveiling event took place in Cheongpyeong, South Korea on September 28, 2020 where two displays of Han Cheongjae were revealed. Han Cheongjae is clearly the centerpiece of these two pieces. Reverend Sun Myung Moon is not even portrayed with the same respect as Han Cheongjae.

On the path we are going now, Heavenly Parents will be with us together with True Parents, and when you go forward united with True Parents, the Only-Begotten Daughter, Mother on earth, the great blessing will be there forever. Therefore, I pray that you will be the central figures to harvest the fruit. (applause)

You have to know this. In the Bible, Heaven chose the central figure for each period. You call Abraham the ancestor, right? Moses was also the central figure. However, does the Bible say that the physical parents of the central figures were doing this or that? Do you find these things in the Bible? No. If that’s the case, in the providence of True Parents, True Parents are the ancestors of mankind. Heavenly Parents are with them. Then, are there any ancestors above Heavenly Parents? (There are not.) You have to know properly. You should not be confused. True Parents are eternal. Because True Father is the one who could not set this correctly before he passed away, a strange son has emerged.

This is another strange statement. True Father always taught that ALL of us should ultimately become True Parents ourselves, and especially this would apply to his children. It was clearly Father’s desire that each generation become better than the one before. (When he appointed Hyun Jin Nim in 1998, Father said that he hoped that Hyun Jin Nim would become 1,000 times greater than himself!) Han Chongjae mistakenly presents True Parents as always being only she and Father and a very static position. This flies in the face of the concept of legacy and the 3 Great Kingships, which Father always taught is the most important.

Also, Han Chongjae is basically stating that Father failed his mission. Not only that, she is saying also because he failed, that “a strange son has emerged”. Is that “strange son” Hyun Jin Preston Moon, who was clearly appointed by True Father in 1998 as his successor? Or does she mean Hyung Jin Sean Moon, who she illegitimately propped up to be the international leader of FFWPU for 3 years and then cast out after True Father’s passing, when he no longer fit her “Only-Begotten Daughter” false narrative? She is implying that one of their children ended up the way they did because of Father. Why is the blame only on Father? Aren’t there two parents in the parental role in raising children? Didn’t Father always explain that the role of the mother in their family was to unite the True Children with True Father? How can she totally abdicate her responsibility as the mother?

From now on, the perfected model of the providence is the Only-Begotten Daughter, True Mother. Do you understand? (Yes) (applause) I opened the Cheon Il Guk Era.

In God’s ideal of creation as outlined in all of Father’s teachings, the model of perfection was always the ideal family model. To state that a perfected model for God’s providence is the Only-Begotten Daughter is completely wrong! You may have had a chance to see the recent unveiling ceremony at Cheongpyeong where there are two sets of statues where Han Chongjae is clearly the centerpiece. Each of the displays places Han Chongjae in the center. One of the displays clearly shows Father on the side. Even the size comparison is revealing as to her mindset. Her statues are about 150% the size of True Father’s statues. Han Chongjae is putting herself above True Father! If the perfected model of providence is the Only-Begotten Daughter then Han Chongjae is essentially taking Father out of the picture. Whatever happened to Cheon Il Guk being an era where “two become one”? It does not seem like they are one. It is evident that one is positioning herself over the other.

Let’s take a look at the Israelites in the past. The Israelites were nomads. They led a flock of sheep and moved around to where they found grasses. This is why, the Bible has this type of passage, “put new wine into a new wineskin”. Thousands of years ago, the people who did not settle in that age had to drift around, and on top of that (unintelligible) and now they gathered it in the water of life. In the next season, when you put in the wine in those, because it already expanded once, it may explode. That’s why it is said to put new wine into new wineskin. Can you understand? As Heavenly Parents leads the providence, there were the Old Testament Era, the New Testament Era, and the Completed Testament Era, right? That means, the words which are suitable for each era must come out.

I have to organize the words, and that’s why I told you to do it. I did not get involved. I told you to put together the Chambumo Gyeong book. The book was made and it came out. However, when I looked through it, it was not right. It read more like True Father’s diary. It was not right. It was not scripture. So I told you to try again. I said it had to start with True Parents. It also lacked content about the Heavenly Parents that I know and that I have experienced.

What does Han Chongjae mean when she said that this text lacked content about the God that she knows and has experienced? Is the God that she experienced different from what Father experienced and taught? Why were many of Father’s words deleted and/or changed? Why is she upset that the Chambumo Gyeong documents True Father’s accomplishments? This still doesn’t answer why so many of Father’s words were removed or altered. True Father often stated very strong directions to not change EVEN ONE WORD of his teachings, especially his Eight Great Textbooks. Han Chongjae and her committees are clearly rewriting the history and theology of the Unification Movement to suit her own purpose, not the purpose of the Founder, Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

These scriptures should be for the generations of this Unification family for thousands and thousands of years. Look at Buddhism. Buddhism has the Buddhist scriptures centered on Tripitaka. Islam also has the Islamic scriptures. Christianity has the Bible, but Christianity was divided into dozens of groups because there was no central figure. But True Parents’ new era, the new history is Cheon Il Guk. Therefore, there must come out a scripture of Cheon Il Guk that many of our future descendants who will not know the period when True Parents were on earth can cherish and respect forever. (applause)

I’m just giving a friendly word of advice, but at this time do not judge what I do according to what you think in your mind. Do not criticize or you will be a person who has nothing to do with Cheon Il Guk forever. I’m talking to you with a hope that you will not end up committing that stupidity.

We often heard Father use the term “absolute obedience”. But he always referenced it to his obedience to Heavenly Father and His will. He also taught us that Heavenly Father absolutely obeyed the principles by which He created the universe – like the human portion of responsibility. If God Himself and True Father are not free to do anything they want, how can Han Chongjae claim she can? If something does not make sense according to what we have been taught, it is our duty to ask questions and seek the truth. Father never taught us to follow blindly. We are individual truth bodies. To think for ourselves would be the sign that we have moved away from being mere slaves or servants into being truly liberated sons and daughters of God.

For the first time in 6,000 years, Heavenly Parents’ dream is being fulfilled by the Only-Begotten Daughter, True Mother who is still alive on earth. Do you understand this? (Yes.) Among the many words by Father, there are times he spoke about the course of sperm. However, for a life to be born, even if tens of thousands of sperm come out, there is no meaning unless one of them meets an egg. Is this true or not? (That is true.) There are so many ignorant people who do not even understand this simple thing, although this is scientifically proven.

For us to accept this statement, we would have to deny all that Father taught us on this subject, as evidently Han Chongjae is doing. We were taught that Father carries the seed of God’s lineage. Han Chongjae was born of this fallen world and had to be restored by Father. This is clearly another example of Han Chongjae attempting to diminish Father’s importance and increase her own.

Father constantly emphasized the importance of lineage. Jesus was born sinless due to all of the foundation laid throughout the providence of restoration. A new history was to begin centered on Jesus and his family, a history that would have no relationship with the Fall. The seed Jesus carried was most significant because it would be the starting point for God’s family to begin on earth. The same must hold true for the Third Adam. However, Han Chongjae is denying the truth that Father gave us. (For more explanation, see “Concerns with what Mother is saying/doing”)

Therefore, in terms of creating the Cheon Il Guk scriptures, instead of doing this in a complicated way, I ordered headquarters to take the lead and open the way for prepared people to come together and make it. (applause) The kind of work that I am doing is something that of course the Christians, of course the Unification Church members, and even all religious people will not be able to complain about. Am I not doing it? (applause) Therefore, as pastors, you must fulfill your responsibilities. (applause) You must complete it. (applause) I’ll be waiting. (applause)

Again, Han Chongjae is calling for further rewriting of True Father’s scriptures. She is showing how disunited she is from True Father and his stated desire not to alter his teachings. It is no wonder that in his last year of life, True Father stated in front of 10,000 people at a Women’s Federation for World Peace event in Korea, “Rev. Moon has no wife. Mother does whatever she wants to do.”

Reverend Sun Myung Moon spoke at the Cheongshim Peace World Center on July 16, 2012 with his speech entitled “The Abel Women UN Inauguration Assembly”. During this speech, he expressed those words about Han Cheongjae. This occasion was one of Reverend Moon’s final public events.


The current culture that exists within the entities under the Heavenly Parents Church is unfamiliar to me and to many others who still love and follow the guidance and principles given by our True Father. It is becoming clearer every day how far removed Han Chongjae is from being on the same wavelength as Father, and that she is engineering a wholesale rewriting of his history and theology. Her claims to being one with and equal to True Father are being dispelled by her own words, which often are not shared with the broad membership, as is the case with this most recent speech. We all have our own 5% portion of responsibility to seek out, know and then act upon the truth. And we have our own responsibility to be loyal to True Father and his legacy. The same holds true for Han Cheongjae.


Mark J. Tobkin


Following is the original Korean version:

어머님 말씀(

전국 목회자 특별집회(청평수련원)

새롭게 참부모님의 꿈, 하늘 부모님의 꿈을 실체적으로 이루어드리기 위하여 심각하게 엄숙하게 결의했습니까? (예) 선포만이 아닌 실체적으로 우리는 열매를 거두어야 돼요. 천일국의 백성을 만들어야 돼요.

참부모님의 꿈은 지상에서 하늘부모님의 조국 나라를 찾고 세계 인류를 품고 지상에서 하늘 부모님께서 그동안 타락한 인류를 찾아오시는 그 노정이 너무도 외롭고 고달프고 한 번도 중심인물을 세웠을 때 결과를 보지 못하고 다시 세우시고 또 다시 세워서 섭리해 나오시는 과정이 너무 너무도 힘들고 아픔이었습니다.

6천년 만에 하늘은 이 한민족을 통해서 1943년에 독생녀를 보내주심으로 인하여 기독교가 2천년 예수 십자가 후에 많은 우여곡절이 있는 가운데 그들의 최종 기다림은 다시 오마 한 그리스도 재림 메시아를 기다려왔습니다.

아직도 기독교는 예수님이 무엇을 하기 위해서 오셨는가 창조주께서는 무엇을 원하는 것인가 모르고 있어요. 분명히 다시 오마 했기 때문에 다시 올 수 있는 그날을 기다려라 한 사실 목적도 분명히 말했어요. 어린양 잔치를 하겠다. 그렇다면 이 2천년 기독교 역사에 오늘날 기독교인들은 기다려야 할 분이 메시아만이 아니에요. 독생녀를 만나야 돼. 독생녀. 2천년 전에 독생자 예수 그리스도는 오셨어요. 초림이야. 하늘의 섭리는 지상에서 이루어야 하기 때문에 다시 오시는 독생자의 사명을 하실 분은 재림 메시아. 그렇다면 메시아의 책임을 가지신 분은 독생녀를 만나야 돼. 독생녀 만나기 전에 자기 중심한 판단으로 일을 벌려서는 안된다. 통일교회 60년 역사를 보게 되면 내가 누누이 집어서 말하지 않더라도 알거야.

창조주 우리의 하늘 부모님은 영존하시고 영원하신 분이야. 그런데 지상에서 인간과 함께 살고 싶으셨어. 인간의 지상생활은 짧아. 이 짧은 지상생활에서 부모와 자녀간에 아름다운 순결하고 순수하고 순백의 참사랑을 실현하며 타락하지 않은 자녀는 하늘 부모님을 모시는 매일 매일이 흥분되고 기쁨과 송영을 드리는 생활이 되어져야 해.

내가 두 차례 백만 전진대회를 놓고 자연에 대한 예를 들어서 말씀을 했을 때에 전 세계에서 들려오는 반응은 너무도 좋았어. 타락한 인류는 이 자연의 아름다움과 고마움을 몰라. 자연은 창조원칙을 따라서 순리대로 돌아가고 있는데 인간이 방해하지 않으면 아무런 문제가 있을 수 없어. 문제는 타락한 인류가 자연계를 망치고 인간 중심한 이기주의가 오늘날의 우리가… 금년 한 해는 기후변화로 인한 집중호우, 산불, 예년 보다 더 많은 태풍. 얼마나 피해를 보았는지, 얼마나 많은 생명들이 죽어갔는지 여러분 알거야. 그러나 또 이 코로나 이 대유행 아직도 1년이 다 되어오는데 세계적으로 많은 사상자를 내고 있고 미국이니 독일이니 영국에서 뭐가 나왔다 하는데 그것도 당장 실현되는 것이 아니고. 이것이 지나가게 되면 더 무서운 재앙이 기다리고 있다고 과학자들은 말하고 있어. 남극과 북극에 얼음이 녹음으로 말미암아 얼었던 그 동토에 어떠한 무서운 박테리아가 또 나와서 더 큰 위협을 가져 오게 할 수 있는 징조가 보인다 하고 말해. 지금까지 인류가 하늘 부모님이 꿈꾸었던 아름다운 지상천국을 얼마나 힘들게 지켜왔는가. 지금 현실로는 강대국이 섭리를 알지 못하는 한 인류가 소원하는 평화의 세계 하늘부모님이 꿈꾸는 인류 한가족의 통일세계는 올 수 없어. 너무도 장애물이 많아. 그것이 오늘날의 현실이야. 그런데 하늘께서는 포기하지 않으시고 이 한민족을 통해서 독생녀를 보내주심으로 말미암아 참부모가 탄생되었다. 박수 안치니? (박수)

참부모. 부모를 몰라보고 부모를 반대하는 인류는 하늘 부모님의 자녀가 될 수 없어. 세상에서도 부모를 공경하지 못하는 자식은 대접을 못받아. 그런데 참부모의 탄생은 나라 기준에서 출발이 되었어야 해. 하늘은 이 민족이 깨달을 수 있는 시간을 주셨어.

어떻게 이름도 없는 작은 한반도 이 나라에 동란을 통한 전쟁에 유엔의 16개국이 동참할 수 있었을까? 이 민족은 알아야 돼. 하늘이 보우하사 창조주 하나님 우리의 하늘 부모님이 보우하사야. 거기에 하늘 부모님의 꿈을 지상에서 이루어드릴 수 있는 독생녀 독생자가 참부모 자리에 나아갈 수 있는 그런 환경을 만들어주셨어. 이 얼마나 엄청난 하늘의 축복인가를 무릎 꿇고 감사드려야 할 이 민족이 (박수) 이 나라의 기독교 기반이 청맹과니가 되어 앞으로 보지도 소리를 듣지도 못하고 계속 반복되어 오는 그러한 행동으로 하늘의 음성을 듣지 못하야 통일교 섭리는 60년간 힘들고 험난한 노정을 세계를 돌아 돌아 돌아 이 민족을 깨우쳐 반드시 세워야만 할 이 긴박한 이 시점을 놓쳐서 되겠나? (안됩니다.) 아버님 성화 후에 천일국은 누가 열었나? (어머님입니다.) 아버님은 성화하시기 전에 다 이루었다 하셨어. 그런데 무엇을 다 이루셨을까? 참부모의 책임은 지상에서 하늘 부모님을 모셔야 돼. 모시는 생활을 인류 앞에 보여줘야 돼. 나 요즘 조항조의 ‘고맙소’라는 노래를 들었어. 아버님께서 참부모의 입장에서 천상에 가시기 전에 꼭 나에게 해야 할 말씀이야.

참부모로서 남편으로서 아버지로서 해야 할 말씀은 다 이루었다가 아니고 부탁한다고 얘기 해야 돼. 그래서 나는 하늘 부모님 앞에 3년 시묘정성을 드렸다 했어. 나는 아니까. 그래도 지상에 내가 있으니 아버님이 못한 것 내가 다 해드리겠다고. 결심하고 또 결심했어. 너희들이 천승전을 오게 될 때 뭘 느끼나. 인간의 힘으로? 아니야. 내 나이가 적지 않아. 한치 앞도 볼 수 없는 그런 상황에서 한 발짝도 뗄 수 없는 그러한 몸상태에서 가야만 했어. 결과를 만들어내야 했어. 보여줘야 했어.

특히 통일교회 오래된 원로라는 사람들. 50평생 60평생 아버님만 바라보고 나온 사람들이 내가 독생녀다 할 때 받아들이지 못했어. 내가 60년을 참고 기다려 나왔어. 잘 참았어. 이제 나한테 고맙소 해야 돼. 나는 지상에서 하늘 부모님을 모시고 살았다는 환경을 만들어놔야만 하는 책임이 참부모에게 있기 때문에. 그런데 참부모의 울타리가 되고 뒷받침이 되어주어야 될 이 민족 이 나라가 아직 하늘 섭리를 모르는 상태에 축복가정만 축복의 자녀들만 천보에 입적했다 해서 그거로 끝나는 생을 마감해야만 하겠나? 아니지? (예) 내가 애타게 말했잖아. 참부모가 지상에 있는 동안에 78억이나 되는 인류 가운데 3분에 1이라도 하늘 부모님을 부모님으로 알고 모시는 천일국의 백성이 되어야 한다고. 매일매일 뼛속까지 사무치게 하늘 부모님을 기쁘게 해드리겠다고. 위로해드리겠다고. 그러한 삶을 살아야 하는 것이 축복받은 자의 도리인데 여러분만의 축복으로 끝나서는 안되잖아. 이 나라가 세계 앞에 크게 하늘의 축복을 받은 나라로서 세계 인류를 품을 수 있는 그러한 천일국의 백성이 될 수 있도록 만들어야 되잖아. 지난날 2019년 하던 대로는 안돼 2020, 2021년은 열매를 거두는 해가 돼야 돼. 반드시.

아까 본부장이 이 나라의 정치인들이 참부모 앞에 와서 무릎 꿇고 기름부어 주십시오 하는 환경을 만들어야 한다고 내가 얘기했다고 했어. 들었지? (예) 그렇게 하기 위해서는 여러분들이 책임해야 돼. 목회자들이. 43가정 못한 목회자는 내가 시간을 줄께. 100일 안에 2021년에 맞아야 할 성혼기념일 그 안에 반드시 해내겠습니다 하고 다짐하는 여러분들이 될거야? (예) (박수) 이제 대답으로만 안돼. 꼭 해야 돼. 그래야만 이 나라를 움직일 수 있어. 그래서 내가 여러분에게 그 윤활유 책임할 수 있게 430만원을 주겠다. (박수) 못 알아들었나 보다. 박수가 적어. (박수) 목회자로서 생활이 어려워서 못했다는 핑계는 대지를 말아. 알겠어요? (예) 할거죠? (예) (박수)

앞으로 우리가 나가는 길에는 하늘 부모님이 참부모와 계시고, 참부모, 지상에 계시는 독생녀 어머니와 하나돼서 나가는 데는 탄탄대로 축복이 영원할지니 그 열매를 거두는 중심인물이 되기를 축원한다. (박수)

여러분들이 알아야 돼. 성경에 중심인물을 하늘은 그 시기마다 선택하셨어. 아브라함. 조상이라고 말하지? 모세. 중심인물이야. 그런데 그 중심인물의 육신의 부모가 이러고 저러고 있었다. 그거 성경에 있던가? 없지. 그러면 참부모 섭리에 있어서 참부모가 인류의 조상이야. 하늘 부모님이 함께 하셔. 그러면 하늘 부모님 위에 무슨 조상이 있나? (없습니다. ) 바로 알아야 해. 여러분들이 헷갈리면 안돼. 참부모는 영원해. 이것을 바로 정리 못하시고 가신 분이 아버님이기 때문에 이상한 아들이 나왔어. 앞으로 섭리의 완성의 모델은 독생녀 참어머니다. 알겠나?

(예) (박수) 천일국 시대를 열었어. 과거 이스라엘 민족을 좀 들여다 보자고. 이스라엘 민족은 유목민이었어. 양떼를 거느리고 풀이 나는 곳으로 다녔어. 그래서 성경에 이런 말이 나오지. 새 술은 새 부대에 담아라. 그 몇 천년 전에 그 시대에 정착하고 살지 않는 민족이 떠돌아다녀야 하니까
더군다나….그래서 이제 그것을 생명의 물로 모았어. 그 다음 절기에 포도주를 담글 때는 이미 한 번 늘어났기 때문에 그것으로 담으려면 터질 수가 있어.
그래서 새 술을 새 부대에 담가라. 이해가 돼지.

하늘 부모님은 섭리해 나오시면서 구약시대 신약시대 성약시대가 있지? 그러면 그 시대에 맞는 말씀이 나와야 돼. 내가 말씀을 정리해야겠으니 너희들이 해봐라 했어. 내가 개입 안했어. 참부모경을 만들어라 했어. 그랬더니 그게 나왔어. 그런데 보니 이건 아니야. 이거는 아버님의 일기야. 이거 아니야. 경전이 아니야. 그래서 다시 해봐라 했어. 참부모부터 시작돼야 된다 했어. 그런데 거기에도 내가 아는 내가 경험한 하늘 부모님을 좀 부족해. 천년 만년 이 통일가에 대대를 위해서 하물며 불교 같은 불교만 해도 팔만대장경을 중심삼고 불교의 경전이 있어. 모슬렘을 가게 되면 모슬렘 경전이 있어. 기독교만 해도 성경이 있는데 이 기독교는 수 십 갈래로 갈라졌어. 중심인물이 없기 때문에. 그러나 참부모. 참부모의 새로운 시대 새역사는 천일국이야. 천일국. 후대에 많은 후손들이 인류들이 참부보가 지상에 있었던 때를 모르는 미래의 후손들이 영원히 사랑하고 존경할 수 있는 천일국의 경전이 나와야 한다. (박수)

내가 노파심에서 이러는데 지금 때는 여러분의 머리로 내가 하는 일을 이러고 저러고 판단하지 마. 태클을 걸지 마. 영원히 천일국과는 관계 없는 사람이 되니까. 내가 그러한 우를 범하지 않기를 바라서 얘기를 하는 거야. 6천년 만에 하늘 부모님의 꿈을 이루어드리는 지상에 아직 살아 있는 독생녀 참어머니야. 알겠나? (예)

아버님께서 많은 말씀 중에 정자의 길 이런 얘기도 있어. 생명이 탄생하는데 있어서 정자 수 만 마리가 나와도 난자를 만나지 못하면 소용이 없어. 그래 안그래? (그렇습니다)

이 간단한 것도 모르는 무식한 사람들이 많아. 이 과학적으로 증명이 됐는데. 그래서 복잡하게 여러 갈래가 아닌 하나의 천일국의 경전을 만드는데 있어서는 본부가 주동이 되어서. 언로를 열고 모든 준비된 사람들을 모아서 만들어내라고 내가 지시했다. (박수) 앞으로 기독교인은 물론이요 모든 종교계 사람들 또 통일교회 식구들은 물론이고 뭐라고 토를 달 수 없는 그런 일을 내가 하고 있다? (박수)
그러니 여러분은 목회자로서 각자 맡은 책임을 완수해야만 한다. (박수) 완수해야만 한다. (박수)
기다릴께 (박수)~~~