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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

There have been numerous comments made on the internet by brothers and sisters pertaining to things that Mother has been saying, versus things that Father taught to us while he was alive on this earth. I believe that many of these comments were made out of a genuine sense of concern, amidst heartfelt pain and anguish. This is especially true as our members love both, Father and Mother, but they are now seeing many vast differences and contradictions in the things that are being conveyed and done.

Divine Principle teaches us that God is Eternal, Unchanging, Unique, and Absolute. As such, His purpose of creation and universal truths are also Eternal, Unchanging, Unique, and Absolute. For some, the things that Mother is teaching and doing today reflect things that Father is totally in accord with, as they ARE ONE, and, This is Mother’s era. Others say that Mother IS NOT ONE with Father, and that she has gone off track, contradicting many things that Father taught to us throughout his life

Are the True Parents really ONE with each other if they are teaching contradictory things? These are issues that my wife and I (like many others) have struggled with since Father’s ascension. It has given rise to something that was previously incomprehensible even to imagine.

The following materials (divided into 6 parts) convey things that Mother has said and done since (and before) Father ascended. Are we to have ‘blind faith’ in what Mother is saying today, with no consideration given to the logical flow of God’s historical providence as conveyed by True Father via the Principle?

According to Father, he had to find Mother and then raise her up and educate her. On numerous occasions he conveyed how extremely difficult that task was. Whether or not Mother would be able to ultimately fulfill that position or not, would depend upon her ability to understand and fulfill her responsibility at each stage of growth and development. Mother’s explanations of this process are vastly different from Father’s explanations via the Divine Principle. Therein lies one of the core difficulties for many members.

The long and the short of it (IMO) is that Father taught us the Divine Principle, which is logical and gave new life to each one of us. However, the current ‘new theologies” have caused great struggle and division within our Movement, and our effectiveness as a whole has suffered greatly. I believe that Father hopes that we will all carry his legacy forward in the truest sense, according to the Principles he taught us. We all need to pray for this, for Mother, the True Family, and for each other. God bless…


Mark J. Tobkin

Concerns with what Mother is saying/doing…
Part I

On True God’s Day 1997, Father told us: “Mother does not know the way of restoration.

Mother states: “Before I met Father, I already knew all about the providence of restoration and the Divine Principle. Therefore, it is not true that Father taught me.” (August 24, 2013)

In volume 394 (page 35-36) (October 6, 2002) Father said: Although Jesus was the only begotten son, was there the Only-Begotten Daughter who was supposed to be his object partner? The History of salvation is [the history of] restoration. Where is the Only-Begotten Daughter? She is a fallen woman. A fallen woman.

Mother says: “I’m the Dok-Seng-Nyu (the Only-Begotten Daughter). So, there was a providence of restoration through indemnity in order to find the Only-Begotten Daughter because God could not find the Only-Begotten Daughter 2000 years ago. So uniquely, for the first time in 6000 years, the Only-Begotten Daughter was born in 1943. And that is me. You cannot deny it! It took 6000 years.

Even though there were parents who gave me birth, but I grew up with the knowledge that God was my father. My grandmother and my mother also admitted it. Among all humanity, I’m the only one who was born to know God as the father. And Jesus 2000 years ago.

You only need to read Father’s profound explanations concerning how restoration has to take place in his speech with the title “The Meaning of the Day of Victory of Love”, and you can see very clearly all the falseness and anti-principled content of what Mother is now teaching.

When Father spoke on January 2, 1997 in São Paulo, Brazil about this theme, he started by telling the members: “You do not know the deep contents of God’s providence.” Unfortunately, that is also true for his wife, about whom Father stated that she does not know the Principle and even that she does not know anything. Based on her ignorance, she came up with her theology which has very little to do with God’s standpoint, about which Father explained on that day.

“In order to establish Abel, there must be a restored mother. However, in order for the restored mother to emerge, there has to be a restored father. The reason why the Lord of the Second Advent comes on earth is to establish the true mother through whom he can bring together the sons and daughters of Abel’s realm. Based on this foundation, the sons and daughters of Cain’s realm have to be saved…”

Yes, that is the correct way of restoration, the Returning Christ comes to this world in order to raise up a woman to become mature in her ability to love, whereas his wife came up with the theory that one time in human history an only-begotten daughter appears who saves one man from his original sin and makes him into an only-begotten son. That is what Mother is literally teaching now, the complete opposite of a principled viewpoint of how the restoration has to take place!

Father explained: “God had to first find Abel. The starting point is Abel. Through Abel, Cain has to surrender voluntarily, not by compulsion. We have to restore Cain by living sacrificially for Cain’s sake. Based on the unity of Cain and Abel through natural surrender, all the mothers of the realm of Cain have to be restored voluntarily, not by compulsion. This is the formula of the providence of restoration.

Mother’s unprincipled formula: God has to first send His Only-begotten daughter who will know everything about God’s providence, and the Messiah is destined to become the only-begotten son by marrying her. Through the “Marriage of the Only-begotten daughter” she is acknowledged by God as the Mother of the Universe, and from there she goes on to become the master of humankind. Yes, that is what she has been saying – even in her sworn testimony in July 2018.

Father made it very clear: “In order for Abel to stand, there must be a mother. In order for there to be a mother, there must be a father. That is why there is something called the Second Coming. Why is the Second Coming needed on this earth? He has to appoint the mother on this earth, join together the Abel children, save the Cain children and cut Satan off from the Cain world.” 

His wife rejects such a principled understanding and teaches the opposite, namely, that the arrival of the Only-begotten Daughter is more important than the appearance of the Returning Christ because she is the one who liberates the Lord of the Second Advent from original sin through marrying him!

Father’s explanation: “This formula should be fulfilled by the mainstream on each level, from the individual to the family, tribe, nation and world. The central figure of the family lives for the sake of the family, the central family lives for the sake of the tribe, the central tribe lives for the sake of the nation, and the central nation lives for the sake of the world. If God does not find Abel’s family, the Kingdom of God on Earth and in Heaven, which is God’s ideal of creation, cannot be established.”

Mother’s unprincipled view: There is no need for God to find Abel’s family because it is the only-begotten daughter who gives rebirth to humankind as Mother of the Universe, a position which she automatically reached on her wedding day. The purpose of restoration history was to send the Only-begotten Daughter as the Messiah and therefore her arrival is more important than the return of Christ as the Lord of the Second Advent.

Mother also denies what Father explained next: “The purpose of the Old Testament Age was to establish the foundation of Abel and Abel’s family. Things were sacrificed for the sake of the son, the son was sacrificed for the sake of the parents, and the parents were sacrificed for the sake of God. You should know that these sacrifices are made for the sake of the larger realms of restoration.” Accordingly, she felt justified to live like any other woman in the world, pursuing her own self-centered agenda without doing even one 7-day fast, without doing witnessing work etc. as Father deplored on July 3, 2005. (page 235-36, volume 499)

Next Father shared, “When England, America and France were unified through World War II, the worldwide realm of the Christian culture was formed. The cultural realm of Christianity is to unify the world, centering on God. What is the meaning of unification? Unification means that there are no longer two blood lineages or two nations. If the unified foundation becomes one with the coming Messiah, everything will be completed. Then, whom do we have to follow? The Messiah! Who can enter the Kingdom of Heaven first? Adam and his family should enter first, and then Adam’s tribe, nation, and world.”

That is the principled viewpoint which Mother rejects, claiming that the world needs to be united centered on the “Only-Begotten Daughter”. Even three years old children need to know about her. Unification of the world will be brought about centered on herself. For this reason, she rarely mentions her husband who is only secondary in restoration as he has failed already by marrying two times before meeting her. God does not use a person who has failed to fulfil his responsibility, as she emphasizes, which was in his case, to wait until he was 40 years old in order to marry. Yes, that is what Mother is saying now.

True Father’s explanation: “The Messiah does not come from the fallen Adam’s position or from the failures at the time of Jesus’ position. The Messiah has to come on the united foundation. The worldwide Eve nation, Cain nation, and Abel nation have to unite. By whom was the world unified? It was done by Jesus and God. Then who should be the owner of this victorious foundation? The owner should be Jesus and God. When Jesus becomes the owner, what shall he do? Based on the unity of this victorious foundation, he and God have to change the blood lineage. This is the conclusion of the providence of restoration.”

What does Mother say concerning ownership? In her sworn testimony she stated that she is the owner of the Unification Church/Unification Movement. Not God, but she owns everything because she changed the blood lineage – Father became liberated from his original sin through meeting her as she has told us. She is the conclusion of providential history as the one who made the Lord of the Second Advent into the Only-begotten son!

Father rightfully explained: “Even though the Lord of the Second Advent comes to this world and gives the blessing at the worldwide level, that does not change the whole world. Because the fall happened at the completion stage of the growth period, the Lord of the Second Advent had to start from that stage. Thus, a seven-year course remained.

This seven-year course was the period from 1945 to 1952. Why is it a seven-year course? From the viewpoint of the Principle, this seven-year course is the time to finish the indirect dominion of the completion stage and accomplish the five percent responsibility, opening the way to the direct dominion… Within seven years, all these things had to be completed. However, because Christianity did not receive me, these things could not be fulfilled, and they were postponed…”

What does his wife say? She swore in her deposition that there were no providential organizations before 1960. Accordingly, HSA-UWC, which was founded in 1954, wasn’t a providential organization until that year. The previous marriages of Father were not providential but Father’s mistake, etc. She does not believe in God having prepared the unified Christian realm which was paid for with the price of the blood of millions of people who lost their lives in World War II, with the victory being the condition that the Lord of the Second Advent could be welcomed on the worldwide level. She does not believe that everything could have been restored by 1952 had the Christian leaders welcomed True Father after the Second World War. She denies all of that providential history!

In his speech on January 2, 1997 Father answered the question, “Why does the blood lineage need to be changed?” with the following explanation: “The fall resulted in two courses. The fallen mother and son emerged, and the true mother and son have to be restored. Do you understand?” Does his wife understand? No, she does not. She does not believe in a fallen mother having to be restored as the starting point of True Parents. She has her own unprincipled belief of an Only-begotten Daughter being born without sin as the Savior of Humanity. Through welcoming her, the world will be restored.

Then Father spoke about the complicated process of the restoration of lineage whereby Tamar had been victorious: “Even though she did not know the deep providential meaning, she came to have a strong determination that if she received a revelation from God she would fulfill it at the risk of her life. Tamar did not know that God’s will would be fulfilled through her. Nevertheless, she absolutely obeyed God’s direction. She showed absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience to God. Even though she did not know God’s providence, she placed the right of the chosen people of Israel before her faith and love for the grandfather and grandmother. She absolutely loved and obeyed the God of Abraham and Isaac. There was no self-consciousness in her…”

That is the victorious course which Mother should also have gone in her life, but she failed miserably to show absolute faith, love and obedience towards her husband who has become one with God, based on Father’s own words about his wife. Instead of showing such a heart of absolute God-centeredness, she went off on her course which will definitely end in misery because there is only one Principle of Creation and re-creation, and not two versions.

Father asked, “What kind of position did Eve have in the Garden of Eden?” and explained: “She was both daughter and wife. Because Eve deceived the elder son and the father in Adam’s family, this had to be restored through providential history… At the time of Jesus, Mary was in the position of Eve in the providence of restoration. Just as Eve led Adam astray, who was her husband and God’s elder son, Mary misled her husband, Joseph, and her father. Her father had a dream that his daughter, who was engaged to Joseph, would have a happy family, but this was completely destroyed by Mary’s providential act.

The way of restoration cannot be separated from indemnity. Do you understand? Today’s Unificationists know the word indemnity, but they did not go the way of indemnity. Because I have passed through the entire indemnity course, unless you unite with me, you cannot pass through it. No matter what kind of position you may have, you have to unite with me.”

That applies also to his wife who unfortunately has rejected the Principle and refuses to walk the path of indemnity in absolute obedience to God’s Will, which is in her case, to be one in heart and mind with her husband. Instead of resonating with the heart of her eternal partner, Mother decided to pursue her own path, telling her husband, “You work by the Principle, but I do not!” Instead of walking the path of indemnity she decided to go the easy way of doing whatever she wants, what Father deplored in front of thousands of women on the occasion of the inauguration of the Abel’s Women UN.

Father shared: “As you know, Leah and Rachel did not exchange providential positions; Rachel was deprived of the position of elder mother and Jacob’s legal wife. Therefore, God’s providential history could not move into the original realm… At the time of Jesus, the same situation as in Jacob’s family reoccurred. Mother Mary had to restore the position of Rachel and Leah. Mary also had absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. These were the contents which God had revealed in Adam’s family. Unless the tradition of absolute faith, love and obedience is established, God’s will cannot be realized. Do you understand?

Thus, with absolute faith and love, Mary also loved her elder relative, Elizabeth. As Mary loved Elizabeth, she came to love Elizabeth’s son and Elizabeth’s husband. So, Mary deserved to be loved by Zechariah, Elizabeth and John the Baptist. However, John the Baptist did not fulfill his responsibility. All of them seemed to be enemies of love. For Elizabeth, Mary and Mary’s son were enemies of love. For Mary’s husband, Zechariah and John the Baptist were enemies. However, restoration cannot take place based on enemy feelings. Thus, you should know that if you have enemy feelings, the realm of Unification will disappear.

In Zechariah’s family, Elizabeth would have enemy feelings toward Mary, who deprived her of her husband. How much she must have suffered! In the end, she could not overcome this difficulty and maintain her love towards Mary. It was easy for Mary to fulfill her mission, because she took over the position of elder sister and her son. However, the position of the legal wife was the most difficult. Do you understand?

Mother also should have overcome any negative emotions towards the first and second wife of Father, but she did not. That is one of her failures. And she was not able to love Sung Jin Nim as her own son. From that point she went further and further away from a God-centered viewpoint to become more and more self-centered. Instead of overcoming her own fallen nature, her inability to embrace the son of Father’s first marriage as her own beloved son, she began to criticize her husband and separate from him internally! That is the objective reality of her life to which Father clearly testified again and again as has been shown with many quotations from what he has said about his wife.

What Mother has been doing is the same as the first mother of humankind, accusing her husband when she should have faced her own problem. Instead of dealing with her own inability to love the children from Father’s previous marriages as her own, she began to blame Father for having married before meeting her! That is the sad truth in respect to one of the core failures of Father’s third wife, who should have shown the standard of absolute faith in God.

It is very clear that Mother had not been listening to her husband but walked her own way separated from him so that Father had to even say: “Now, Mother is here too, but what the teacher is saying is that he wants to split with Mother and prepare for a new marriage. That is right. My God, she is still tainted! Of course, what I mean is not that I will form a family with someone else. What I am saying is that I cannot keep up my love for her. The slate needs to be wiped clean, and there has to be love anew.” (January 26, 2004, page 139, volume 433)

In February of 2004 Father admonished Mother once again and he warned the members: “So finally the True Parent came along and worked hard in order to become one with God and lay claim to the body for eternity. You need to know this. Mother needs to be re-created, re-made. There is nothing over which Mother can lay claim… Mother do you understand? You need to know your responsibilities and the responsibilities of Father.

You wretched people. Do you know what happens when you peddle Mother who hasn’t even succeeded in the divine right of kings? Satan will knock you down. In the United States the person who was the chair of the Women’s Federation was asking these kids, ‘Does Father respect or worship Mother?’ And this bastard was teaching the kids that Father ought to worship her. What about all these women coming to the forefront nowadays who are trying to rally behind Mother, thinking that women are the best, but what right do they have to rally behind True Parents? If you, you women, do not unite as one and serve Father on the path he must travel, you will become Satan in the flesh.

Hyo Yool (Peter) Kim! If you have public funds and secretly give them to Mother behind Father’s back just because she asks, there are going to be problems. You need to ask Father to make the final decision. Do you understand? When you serve Father together with Mother and report to Father, then I can become one with Mother. Wouldn’t it be the Fall for Mother to be at the center and Father unite with her? We cannot depart from the Principle.” (page 27-29, volume 489)

Father warned her again half a year later: “I have given Mother full authority over money but that does not mean that Mother can use it as she wishes. She needs to report to Heaven and use the money with consent from the Parent. If she does as she pleases with money, she will be caught. Mother should understand this well.” (August 31, 2004, page 246-247, volume 466)

Towards the end of that year Father had to speak about an incredibly sad reality: “The sperm and the egg are the starting point. It has been tens of millions of years since the sperm that has the loving mind of God began his journey. It has not settled yet into a true woman. It hasn’t been able to enter the house of the egg of the one he loves and grow there. Yes, the question is: Is there such a woman who can raise such a sperm in her uterus and have the loving mind of a mother to nurture it? I went even as far as divorce in order to find such a woman. Do you understand? That is why I might have a candidate trained to take the place of Mother. (December 4, 2004, page 156-157, volume 479)

On February 20, 2005 Father asked: “What do you think the teacher is like? Do you think that he has become completely one with Mother? We need to become one with each other first. We need to become completely united as individuals, like twins in the womb.” (page 58, volume 488) On that very day Mother told him: “You work by the Principle, but I do not.” When Father reported this to the members on the following day he added: Is there anything scarier that one can say? Right in front of me!”

On that day Father also shared: “Is there a center of the Unification Movement? Is there a family core? The teacher is enduring all these difficulties until now in order to overcome the tribulations that can only be overcome by properly establishing Mother… Unifying the world is easier than raising a woman and making an ideal wife of her. It’s even more difficult than the saying, ‘Learn to rule yourself before you rule the universe.’ Mother does not know about this. She should be listening right now. She should know this.”

Why is such a statement so very scary for the Third Adam? Because it means that his wife decided to lead an unprincipled life! Mother, who was supposed to restore the position of Eve, decided to live outside of the realm of the Divine Principle which God established at the beginning of creation, namely, that all people are meant to experience lasting happiness by living for the sake of others. Ever so sad but true, Mother became more and more centered on herself, which put Father into a very difficult situation.

According to what her husband has told us about his relationship to her, it has been more difficult for Father to raise her up than to go through the hard labor in Heung Nam whereby most prisoners did not survive much longer than a year or two. In other words, the deepest suffering which True Father has experienced in his whole life was in the relationship with his wife!

Why has Mother not been attending her husband so that she would be eager to know what he is sharing with brothers and sisters? In reality, she had no interest to do so and even told her husband after 49 years of her marriage to him, “I won’t listen to what you say.” as Father told us in 2009 (See page 310 of the original volume 607). As a person who has shown such a poor standard of attendance towards her God-given partner, she is now asking for absolute obedience to her own directions from Unificationists, insisting that she is their only master and the master of humankind!

What is the reason behind Father having to ask, “Is there a center of the Unification Movement? Is there a family core?” The answer lies in the sad truth that his wife did not fulfil her task to be a loving Mother for all members, who loves them more than her own children, just as her husband has been doing according to the Heavenly principle that a true Abel and Parent has to love those in the Cain position the most in order to win their hearts to also live fully in accordance with this timeless principle that unconditional Love is the key to resolving any kind of issues in relationships.

On March 2, 2005 Father clarified for Mother: “’Mother, you should not be mistaken about this. God did not tell Father to unite with Mother centered on Mother. There is no such law. You must place your husband at the core of your heart, along with God who has become one with your husband, and engage in absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience.’ So why is it that you like Mother more than Father? It is because you are hiding safely behind Mother. But you are tricking Father. Go ahead and continue doing that. All of that is going to be destroyed. Your descendants will have already been sentenced. You must receive permission from Father.” (page 222-223, volume 489)

Father has been speaking out against such concepts when he told her on March 22, 2005: “Mother should not be thinking that she can do things now as she wishes. You should not be thinking, ‘Father is also incapable of achieving completion without me.’” (page 247, volume 491) At the age of 40 when Father married Mother, he had already reached perfection and did not need her in order to achieve oneness with God, but she very much needed True Father in order to learn what it means to be a True Wife and a True Mother.

The self-glorification on the side of Mother has nothing to do with God’s Will but has everything to do with the desire of fallen people who want to be the center of attention without fulfilling the internal and external qualifications to stand in such a position.

The overall task of the person entrusted with the challenge of becoming the first True Mother of Humankind is expressed in what Father explained when giving the speech “The Providence through the Blessing”. On page 177 of volume number 312 we can read: “Mother also must have Absolute faith, Absolute love, Absolute obedience. It is not centered on self. Absolute faith, Absolute love, Absolute obedience to Father. Therefore, if Mother, who is present here, has her own thoughts and builds her own nest it will become a big problem… Now we entered the Completion Era and if Mother does not fulfil her responsibility, there are plenty of candidates.” (October 15, 1999)

According to how the Fall became a reality and in line with the principles of restoration it is clear that in order to correct the mistake of Adam uniting with Eve who had fallen with the archangel, the woman who is called to restore the position of Eve has to unite with the Messiah who has become one with God. Very sadly, Mother decided that she will not go the way of restoration, but tried to get Father to unite with her ideas, which is, for example, expressed when Father spoke about a woman having sown the seed of lewdness, trying to climb on top of man, noting: “Father takes Mother to that kingdom of lewdness and tells her, ‘You too, Mother, are trying to climb up from the teacher’s shoulders to the top of his head.’ What I am saying is I must not surrender to Mother’s words.” (Las Vegas, April 22, 2009) Why did Father emphasize that he must not surrender to what his wife was saying? Because she has not been speaking centered on God’s Heart and desire. To the contrary, she pursued her own agenda, doing whatever she likes!

Father said: “If I have chosen Mother and she is unable to climb the hill with me, I may have her replaced for the sake of the Kingdom. Mother needs to become completely united with Father by the time we enter the greater world. Mother does not know this. Until now, Mother has been just like any other woman in the world.” (page 235-36, volume 499)

How is it possible that even after 45 years of marriage with the Lord of the Second Advent, Mother did not know that she should not live like any other woman in the world but be wholeheartedly united with her husband? Let me ask you: Why did she not realize her responsibility to climb the hill of restoration together with her husband in order to qualify to be a True Wife of the Returning Christ?

“The Cheon Seong Gyeong has to be kept for tens of thousands of years for your descendants. If Christianity had the Bible which Jesus left, would they have sectarian fights? Because of this (Cheon Seong Gyeong), you cannot have sectarian fights.” (4/19/05)

“Also, I don’t want anyone newly changing [or editing] anything among the things I wrote. They don’t know why the content is the way it is. If they change the content without knowing, then they will be judged by everyone when they go to the other world. They will be charged for it. That’s why nobody should touch it without [my] permission.” (493-287, 4/26/2005)

Did Mother receive permission from her husband to make all the many changes which she undertook after his ascension, against the explicit directions of True Father? No, otherwise she would have made them already during his lifetime. Such a person lives just like any other woman in the world. The Completed Testament words are Father’s words. Father said repeatedly never to change or delete his words. He said:

“I am leaving behind eight textbooks and teaching materials for humankind to use for all eternity. Altogether, these are published in almost a thousand volumes. They are: The Sermons of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Exposition of the Divine Principle, Cheon Seong Gyeong, The Family Pledge, Pyeong Hwa Shin Gyeong, True Families: Gateway to Heaven, Owner of Peace and Owner of Lineage, and World Scripture.

These are textbooks you will have to read and study even after you go to the spirit world. They are not just teachings that come from the mind of one person; they are textbooks and teaching materials that teach the heavenly way that God has granted to His suffering children for their salvation.” July 24, 2010.

In “Exposition of the Divine Principle” page 184 it states that the Completed Testament words are given by the Second Coming of Christ and are needed by people to be able to resurrect to the divine-spirit level.