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On February 15, 2020, at a meeting of elders of the Unification Movement, Elder Yong-Hyun Moon expressed his feelings of misery by exposing shocking facts, including what he heard directly from Father and from Mother.

Elder Moon is True Father’s younger cousin and a living witness of the history of the Unification Movement. He attended Father from the age of 19. True Father spent long periods of time in Yeosu before his Seonghwa ascension.  He often called Elder Moon to be with him in Yeosu, and due to this, Elder Moon directly heard from Father about his personal circumstances during his final years.

Elder Moon was always convinced that Hyun Jin Nim should be the one to continue the work of his father. Unfortunately, Elder Moon passed away on June 24, 2020, at the age of 89, about four months after this tape-recording was made. This is the final testimony left by Elder Moon in his own voice.

Below is a translation of the transcript of Elder Moon’s final testimony which was given in Korean.


True Father said to me, “I have done everything, but there is one thing I could not do.”

I asked, “What is that?”

Then True Father replied, “There is no one worthy of being the mother of goodness (Sun-Mo; 善母).”

I was so ignorant at that time that I did not realize what he meant.

He said, “There was no candidate worthy of being the mother of good, despite looking all over the world. Even if I want to find her, there is no way to find one.”

And I so foolishly smiled and said, “But aren’t there mothers of goodness, such as Choong-Mo*?”
(*Father’s Mother to whom Father gave the name Choong Mo or “Loyal Mother”)

Then Father would say, “Now, a terrible calamity is upon us.”,

These days, I am worried that this is the calamity Father was talking about.

Father would say, “A disastrous calamity is upon us. It is coming to Korea. Although the issue about the mother of goodness is also important, the more serious matter is that there is no one to stop this oncoming calamity.  In order to prevent this calamity, I cannot sleep. I have no appetite.” (As Elder Moon speaks, you can hear other elders weeping)

I would tell him, “Father. You have now finished fishing, so please get some rest.”

But Father would say, “If I rest, the damage will be so much greater.”

I now feel so sorry for our True Father.

Since I was young, I just followed Father. I actually did not know anything. But now, I have come to know this True Father. For people like us, there isn’t much that we have suffered through. But when I reflect about what Father lived through, I feel so deeply sorry for our Father.  He was such a poor man. While I was full of these thoughts, Mother called to see me. And she assailed me with such terrible words. (*please see part 1 of Elder Moon’s testimony for a translation of what was said during this meeting). So my heart has now departed from Mother.


문용현 회장 최후증언 3

– 선모(善母)감이 없다 –

문용현 회장은 2020 2 15일 통일가 원로를 만난 자리에서 아버님과 어머님으로부터 직접 들은 내용을 포함하여 충격적인 사실을 폭로하며 자신의 참담한 심경을 밝혔다.

문회장은 참아버님의 사촌동생으로 19세부터 아버님을 모신 통일운동 역사의 산증인이다. 참아버님께서는 성화하시기 전 여수에서 오랜 시간을 보내셨을 때 수시로 문회장을 찾아 말벗을 삼으셨으며, 이로 인해 문회장은 아버님의 내밀한 말년의 사정을 직접 들은 분이기도 하다.

문회장은 평소 현진님이 아버님의 대를 이어야 한다는 생각이 굳으셨고, 자신이 직접 듣고 목격한 내용을 현진님을 만나 전하려고 하였다. 그러나 안타깝게도 문회장은 이 녹취록이 작성된 뒤 약 4개월 뒤인 2020 6 24일 향년 89세를 일기로 성화하였으며, 이것은 문회장이 남긴 최후의 육성 증언이 되었다.


내가 다 해 놓았는데 한가지 못한 게 있다.” (참아버님)

그게 뭡니까?” 그랬더니

선모(善母)감이 없다.” (참아버님)

나는 그것도 멍청해서 그게 무슨 말인지 몰랐어요.

근데 다 이제 세계적으로 봐도 선모감이 없대요. 그걸 찾을래도 찾을 길이 없구나.

, 그래서, “아니 선모는 충모님도 있고 다 (있지 않아요?)” 이렇게 웃으면서, 저렇게 멍청하게.

이제 재앙이 오는데, 난 요새 그걸 이 재앙이 아닌가 걱정이 되요.

재앙이 오는데, 선모도 선모지만, 이 한국에 재앙이 오는데 재앙을 막을 자가 없다. 내 그 재앙을 막느라고 잠을 못 잔다. 밥 맛이 없다.” (참아버님)

아버님 이제 낚시하고 다 끝났으니까 편히 좀 쉬세요.” (문용현)

내가 쉬면 그만치 손해가 난다.” (참아버님)

참 이제 우리 아버님이 참 불쌍하죠.

그러니까 나는 어렸을 때부터 아무것도 모르고 따라 댕기다가(다니다가), 사실 아무것도 알지도 못하고, 이제 참 이제 그 아버님을 알게 되서, 이제 있는데, 결국 뭐 저()들이야 고생될 거 아무 것도 없지요. 근데 아버님이 살아온 거를 이제 이렇게 가만히 생각하게 되면 우리 아버님은 진짜 불쌍하구나, 불쌍한 분이구나. 이런 걸 이제 생각하는데.

어머님이 날데고(날더러) 보자 그러더니 말이요. 나한테 막 말을 퍼붓는데.

나는 그래서 이제 마음은 어머님에게서 떠났어요.